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  1. More stills released! Kim yeo jin in those robes is giving me strong Yi San flashbacks. And park ki woong has looked especially fabulous in all his pictures. Can't wait. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=408&aid=0000074565
  2. "I didn't want to live like a flower." *edit: her name is park ji hyun, not ji yeon. There's another actress with a similar name, whoops, lol.
  3. I thought it was really fun and clever how they had the titles of mbc's past sageuks crossed out in the first teaser. This looks good. I'm usually into more serious sageuks (hardcore recommend haechi for those who haven't seen it!), but now I'm just watching out for any sageuk. Such a sucker for this genre. Also want to add that cha eunwoo is smart for picking dramas where the girl is the titular/central character. Realistically, you have to grab lead role opportunities while you have them, but this way the focus on the actress while he establishes leading-actor status without having to "carry" dramas before he's ready.
  4. Not sure- I think I read somewhere he's going to be a scholar or something? It's just a cameo though. I like shin se kyung in sageuks (but again, those have written by the same hitmaking kim/park duo) and I'm personally a fan of cha eunwoo, so I can't give an objective assessment of the leads, haha. The writer's previous work was solomon's perjury, which is a very different vibe from what this drama appears to be, so maybe we can look forward to some surprisingly deep/serious motifs here. ETA: pictures from Singles: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=112&aid=0003177668
  5. Script reading pictures are finally here! source: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=609&aid=0000118073 Some bigger pictures here: https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=311&aid=0000998739 So excited to see the veterans in this show. kim yeojin, sung ji roo, choi deok moon... can't go wrong with these actors. Hope eunwoo learned a lot. There's been some question about the two leads' acting abilities but as always, I say it's not to late to judge after the drama starts airing, lol. I feel like it was a bit hard to pass complete judgement on eunwoo's acting with gangnam beauty given the character(a cold, stoic one is a tough one tbh), and international fans' complaining about shin sekyung is a bit ignorant given her best performances were consistently in sageuks. No doubt kim young hyun(who wrote all the sageuks shin has been in pre-goo hae ryung) is a top notch writer, but it's pretty clear she simply fits the vibe of sageuks very well too. Skepticism over the leads isn't unwarranted but I think this one is worth keeping an eye out for. I did love solomon's perjury so I'll be very curious to see how the writer tackles a fairly un-serious drama, and a sageuk at that. (of course, we'll have serious plot lines as well, but the general vibe is in the fluff-territory)
  6. Big hats off to the director, writer(yes, I love you again kim yi young), the production crew, and actors- so good, all of them. Thanks for following this drama guys! It was fun hearing everyone's thoughts. Can't wait to catch up with the last two episodes once I'm done with my exams, haha. Hopefully broadcast stations will keep producing more non-fluff sageuks!
  7. I wont get around to watching the actual episodes until later this week but...
  8. Next week is the last week! Gonna miss this drama.
  9. "Lee in jwa's rebellion" is on the naver search rankings right now Why 12 hours after the episode aired, I don't know(well, I guess people are awake now, lol), but it's fun to see people take an interest in real historical events after watching something.
  10. Hey all! Tentatively following this drama. Cha eunwoo is still a bit green, but I think he has good potential(IMO, gangnam beauty was a tricky role for a newbie, playing a super stoic/cold character), so we'll see. I am a fan of his though, so can't promise I'm not biased on that front, ha. Shin se kyung has had her best performances is sageuks, but they were penned by kim young hyun, a very strong writer. She does suit sageuks well in general, though, so there's that going for her. I'm definitely thrilled about park ki woong and lee ji hoon- they're both very good and quite a bit underrated? As for the writer lee ho soo, she/he did work on solomon's perjury, which was great(though it wasn't lee's original material, we have seen many Japanese to Korean remakes gone wrong, so kudos either way) . We'll see what she can do with a [fictional] historical. The PD, who did solomon's perjury with her, does have quite a bit of sageuk experience with sea god and kingdom of the winds, both of which I enjoyed. Nothing to worry here. Some more news- Ji Gun Woo, a rookie actor, has also been cast. He's from fantagio, the same agency as cha eunwoo, if anyone cares about that, lol. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=009&aid=0004340189
  11. @akhenatenWell, they involve the major characters, yes, but the the story arc itself isn't major. The romance feels very much just a "oh, yeah, by the way, that's kind of a thing, but anyways..." *cue main story line*. And we haven't seen them really confess anything more than the fact that they just want to protect each other, so... Well, enough back and forth on that. 39-40 was a great episode. And a most riveting ending.
  12. @akhenatenI just don't see the point of fussing over it so much when any scenes of affection are minimal in screen time and very background to the plot in general. It would be a different story if the actual premise of the drama was romance - but it's not, and they don't show a lot of it, hence I don't really care- it doesn't get in my way of enjoying the drama and its purpose. I'll watch something like 100 days my prince if I'm feeling up for a good sageuk romance. *shrug emoji*
  13. I hope I don't sound rude but, what do you even mean by unrealistic? In those days, it's simply not realistic for couples to hug and kiss, unless they are married and within the confines of their room. It's just a drama but the distance and any awkwardness makes more sense. Also, the writer and PD have made it clear the focus is on the politics/yeongjo's rule, so this isn't the drama to be watching for the romance.
  14. I love that the antagonists aren't one-dimensional, and the hero(es) are smart. Note to other dramas- you don't have to make your protagonists stupid for them to be realistic/human! Edit: In case anyone hasn't already heard, nielsen has been having a delay in ratings due to unknown system errors since a couple days ago.
  15. Unfortunately, crappy working conditions aren't anything new. Hope studio dragon gets their richard simmons together and starts treating their staff decently. AND I HATE THE NEW ENGLISH TITLE. Like what kind of funny romanization is that? So jarring since it's pronounced aseudal in korean, was called asadal in english, and then changed to arthdal? lol. I don't even... Negativity aside, kim young hyun drama at long last! And song joong ki in a kim young hyun sageuk! I am still convinced his role as young sejong in TWDR was his best performance yet.
  16. Kind of, in a way. They all serve the king (I mean, in different capacities, obviously; not "that" way, unless the king takes fancy), can't be married, obviously must be virgins, etc... the women of the palace are collectively the naemyungbu(내명부). Someone else can describe it a bit more eloquently... paging @gerrytan8063!
  17. Maybe unpopular opinion, but I think court lady is probably a better option, intentional or not. Frankly, as badass and capable as she is, she's held back by a damo's status. Being a court lady gives her an opportunity to actually gain rank and be more influential. Not expressed here, but the comments on the articles complaining about how "frustrating:" the story is right now actually cracks me up. Sorry folks, yeongjo's path to the throne(and stability thereafter) was not smooth sailing, lol. Edit: Oh man, this episode hurt. But lee in jwa! THE DRAMAAAA
  18. lee in jwa's rebellion, yeongjo, investigator park moon soo, park moon soo, lee gwang jwa, yeongjo geneaology are all in the top ranked terms on naver search right now. The power of history-based shows!
  19. Ah, finally we get yi in jwa's rebellion. Nice to see yeo ji again. Excited to see how the writer interprets this piece of history.
  20. Ep 2: hoooly crap, it was expected, but boy does this show make me mad
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