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  1. Good jump between the first and second half. First episode ratings really don't say anything at all, so here's hoping for a steady climb throughout the series.
  2. The first episode got me hooked; not gonna lie. It has that addicting element of hit fluff sageuks- mostly unserious/light tone, lots of pretty, engaging yet unstressful plot in a romantic historical background. I didn't really feel like cha eunwoo's acting was particularly bad like netizens have been saying. It went with the lighthearted, comedic tone of the first episode. Not sure what knetz were expecting. Not going to pretend I'm objective though; I'm weirdly biased when it comes to cha eunwoo. He's the most pretty-handsome dude I've seen since won bin and kang dong won's generation(who, funny enough, were also pretty terrible actors in their early days- it's not a new concept in korea to cast people for their face, people. LOL.) Park ki woong and lee ji hoon are awesome, obviously.
  3. Cast update: Lee Seung Hyo will also be in the drama! Seeing as he uploaded his first shooting picture just recently, he must be a character appearing later in the drama. For those unfamiliar with him, he was Alcheon in Queen Seon Duk and also Yi bang woo in Six Flying Dragons.
  4. Relationship chart! From the drama homepage on mbc's site. I'm a noob so I don't know how to make an english version, but I'll just translate some key points here: The king and the dowager are enemies. Right minister/minister min and the king cooperate- business relationship. Right minister is allies with goo jae kyung(hae ryung's brother) and song sa hee. Right minister is proud of his son, min woo won, while woo won(played by lee ji hoon) is ashamed of his father. min woo won and the crown prince are friends. minister min is the crown prince's father in law. Lee ji hoon cares about goo hae ryung as a department hoobae (junior). Unclear if there are anymore feelings beyond a senior/junior relationship. Song sa hee(played by park ji hyun), hae ryung's colleague, likes the crown prince. The crown prince and the king have an unsteady relationship. lee rim is a precious younger brother to the crown prince. lee rim is very precious to the dowager and has her sympathies. eunuch heo (played by sung ji roo), and mo hwa(played by jeon ik ryeong), are husband and wife. Yes, eunuchs actually did get married. It was usually the well off/higher ranked eunuchs, to be clear. mo hwa and the queen dowager are allies. So it looks like crown prince's people vs lee rim's people, with the princes being reluctantly pitted against each other. The king/right minister vs. the dowager, to be exact. Min woo won going against his father, possibly/probably, and song sa hee possibly against hae ryung (Nooo!! Keep the sisterhood alive!) A little concerned how much they plan to have min woo won like hae ryung, but no love triangle between her and the two princes, which is great! I'm glad the writer kept the problem between the brothers down to the political stuff. That's a headache enough without any romance issues between them. I'm most interested to see how lee rim will react to the political stuff. He's described to be a naive, sheltered(due to his dangerous status as 2nd to the throne) prince who learns about the world through goo hae ryung, so how he does in the gritty affairs will be intriguing, not only as lee rim is a bright character, but also in testing cha eunwoo's acting chops. He's done comedic and lighthearted very well in The Best Hit and had to play a emotionally unreactive character in gangnam beauty(which you really need a lot of nuance to not appear robotic- which ironically, robotic is a pretty accurate descriptor of the actual webtoon character. but I digress.). Like other fluffy sageuks(sungkyunkwan scandal, 100 days my prince, etc), the ending will probably be happy, but since the writer also made solomon's perjury(a very different drama in just about every single way) I'm even more excited and curious how the politics will play out.
  5. It looks like they showed it right before one spring night(current mbc drama) aired last night's episode. edit: 5th teaser. Okay, I'm very confused and intrigued at 0:34- that's definitely cha eunwoo/lee rim, and he's wearing the king's robes? Wonder what the context is behind that. This is looking better and better! We've seen a lot of comical/lighthearted stuff from lee rim and goo hae ryung; can't wait for the more serious political thrill from the queen dowager and crown prince as well.
  6. More stills released! Kim yeo jin in those robes is giving me strong Yi San flashbacks. And park ki woong has looked especially fabulous in all his pictures. Can't wait. https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=408&aid=0000074565
  7. "I didn't want to live like a flower." *edit: her name is park ji hyun, not ji yeon. There's another actress with a similar name, whoops, lol.
  8. I thought it was really fun and clever how they had the titles of mbc's past sageuks crossed out in the first teaser. This looks good. I'm usually into more serious sageuks (hardcore recommend haechi for those who haven't seen it!), but now I'm just watching out for any sageuk. Such a sucker for this genre. Also want to add that cha eunwoo is smart for picking dramas where the girl is the titular/central character. Realistically, you have to grab lead role opportunities while you have them, but this way the focus on the actress while he establishes leading-actor status without having to "carry" dramas before he's ready.
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