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  1. After that last episode, I'm even more excited for next week. Especially yang dong geun(bae jung tae)'s involvement.
  2. Well, the first episode was a big yes for me, to no surprise. She just has the midas touch when it comes to picking projects. I'd prefer no romance, but so long as it doesn't become the focus of the drama I'm not too bothered either way.
  3. Highlight The drama hasn't even aired yet but seeing this, I know once again, Nam Jihyun won't disappoint. She by far and away my favorite actress under 30, at least for TV. It's one thing to be able to transition from a successful child actor to a leading adult, but quite another to continue to choose solid project after another. Both phases of her career has been chock full of great dramas- Queen seon deok, giant, what happens to my family, 100 DMP...just to name a few. Here's to very likely another one added to that list.
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