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  1. @dahae2006 Thanks, everything is fine it’s a bit hard  to log in and leave comments but I will be around lurking and liking. ^^ I loveeeeed all promotional material so far. So freaking pretty :flushed: It feels surreal that there is just one week left. Like I’ve said before I will enjoy this  no matter what. I have seen some bits of long teaser and press conf. I am glad to see Bogummy in good condition. He is such a good speaker. (I can’t help but say this everytime hehe) And awww I got emotional when I see Jin Hyuk hugging his mom. Finally he has mother and loving family in this drama. :bawling:


    Thank you for updates everyone. :wub:

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  2. Bringing this back don’t misunderstand lol hopefully he cuts his hair or style it like Min.




    I just want to add Hye Kyo will be the prettiest mother omg wonder who they will cast as her child maybe a baby girl >.< 


    @thesunset  Seriously missed talking with you all hope we can be all good friends with everyone here too also with many more to come next year.

    I read it will be preproduced so we will need to wait few months more before they release anything.  For now let’s hype it as healing romance :D 

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  3. @dahae2006 You recognized me  >D 


    I agree , Bo Gum will be able to show different charm I have faith in him. Out of all offers I somewhat have good feeling about this but didn’t want to speak soon so when I said I’m looking forward to it, I really mean it :D 



    Now there is song song shippers :D It’s fine I’m not fazed by those issues as long as he is healthy, successful and maintain good relationship with others. I will be happier if noone discredit him and be more accepting but if not, it can’t be helped. I am tough and will enjoy drama anyways lol 


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  4. Ah...finally I’m really happy with news if he passed on this one he would have to wait till next year which wouldn’t be wise. Although writer is not stellar I really hope that this is slice of life kind of story and his character is just ordinary young man with flaws as promised. It’s pity no matter how much effort they put for chemistry it won’t be appreciated bec it’s always like that with pairs with age difference and viewers might not be able to separate their private lives oh wells I’ll support Bogummy and only look at positive side of things lols

    Shall we start with hitting upvotes 


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  5. 2 hours ago, kokodus said:



    @Dhakra That was too easy. Lol. I was going to name all the ladies in this thread. Hahaha. Looking forward to reading your drama. Will forward it to the kdrama directors and writers if I see potential, because I'm kinda starting to feel that k romcoms are too boring and cliched. Sigh. LOLOL





    You’re late :D

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  6. 766

    I’m watching Life On Mars too so far so good. Characters are not all that likable but suspense is good enough. 

    WSK mostly watching OTP moments idk I see nothing wrong with Miso but father and both brothers all delusional lol TVN has best kiss scenes btw have I said this before :D


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