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  1. Oh dear oh dear oh dear... I'm so nervous waiting for the live recaps here tonight. I've postponed watching Episodes 13 & 14 thus far, wanting to avoid a cry-fest, until a feel good & happier Episodes 15 & 16 come about (I hope!). The problem is, I watch Kdramas mainly for escapism (real life is already stressful at times.. moan.. whine.. grumble..) and I steer clear away from the ones with sad endings. Because of this, I have a stash of unfinished sad Kdramas that I chickened out from watching their endings. Those of my friends who are avid Kdrama addicts always argue that I lose out on the top quality dramas with this kind of behaviour. Well, to each his own I say. I may be a chicken but the sad endings really really pain me despite the protagonists being mere fictional characters. Having said that, I thought Encounter would be different. It made me squeal happily mostly, from its very beginning. With each watch of Encounter, Episodes 1 to 12, I became more and more invested in Soo Hyun & Jin Hyuk's love story and I felt happier and happier seeing their growing love and the positive effect it had on them both. But after reading the reviews on Episodes 13 & 14, I can feel my "I'm a chicken" mania coming on and I don't think I can take it if the ending episodes this week lead to their permanent heartbreaking separation. So if the upcoming episodes did go down that way, (sob, splutter,) then this will be added to my stash of unfinished dramas. - Patiently awaiting the live recaps with fingers crossed -
  2. It would be great if after JH's efforts to save CEO SH's situation in public there, both Driver Nam & Sec Jang step up and acknowledge JH in a polite & friendly manner to show the public they already know/met him and then the four of them leave together. Like a team. Maybe it can help stop the bad rumours or speculation. Or is this hope too simplistic & not the accepted culture for people around CEO SH like Driver Nam & Secretary Jang to do.
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