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  1. I was looking through the thread listings for a different drama and was surprised to see there was recent postings for SLA. Of course I had to take a look because SLA is just that stunning.

    On 2016-04-16 at 9:03 AM, sunblind said:

    I had a strong case of second lead syndrome over Yoo Ah In when I watched Sungkyunkwan Scandal back in the days, but my love for him eventually tapered away as I got into other dramas and Fashion King didn't really appeal to me. Then recently I just watched Six Flying Dragons and it absolutely rekindled my love for him and I was busy hunting for his past projects, thus encountering Secret Love Affair. 

    I'm so glad that I did, because to call this drama a kdrama just does not seem to do it justice. Somehow, it doesn't fit into the common stereotypical imaginings of how a kdrama is like, and this is coming from me who had been watching kdramas for more than a decade already. The writing, the acting, the dialogue, the directing - everything seemed so precise and so purposeful that they all came together to form this piece of art that is worth marvelling over. Yoo Ah In's interpretation of a 20-year-old, from his basic mannerisms, the way he moved (awkwardly with his back hunched) just spoke of how much thought he had put into his acting. 

    Anyway, I'm sure that whatever praise I give this drama had been said in this forum already. I'm just rather sad that I discovered this beauty so late, but just felt the urge to drop a comment on this thread - as if to leave a proof of my love for this work of art behind. 


    Very well said sunblind. It is a stunning piece of art and rewatching it is highly recommended. There are ,more things to see every time I think. There are three articles over at k-drama today about SLA that I enjoyed.  Also the discussion is from people who mostly watched it later. The first one is http://www.koreandrama.today/review/secret-love-affair-series-review/

    It really is just so good. Now I immediately want to go watch selected scenes again. If only I could get my friends to watch but they just laugh at me when I try.


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  2. 17 minutes ago, giragira said:

    I don't think we're forgetting. There's some dramas that are fantasy, and some dramas that are not. But even when you a watch fantasy you still have rules within the fantasy world. This is where suspension of disbelief come from.  it's not a matter that the country is fictional, but humans would still use certain kinds of logic and physics rules.

    Exactly. I'm not forgetting either but it needs to follow some basic rules. And we each have those things we  have a harder time suspending our disbelief over. For me it is the timeline. I really feel the writer needs to invest in a calendar and use it when creating the basic outline. Clearly I am not the only one at least a little bit irked by this. I have seen several attempts to fit it together and for me they don't work.

    KMY gets back together with YSJ on his death anniversary. We know this because she says so and because she prepares the food for the memorial table. This is a rite that takes place on the annual anniversary of the person's death. (as well as some holidays) If there is another time that I don't know about please someone let me know. So this gives us a very solid period of time to work with. Adding this to the dates the show gives us and our timeline is unbelievable.

    We also know that November 30 2015 is the date Lt. Yoon transfered back to Urk (ep 15 ~38:54). and that is in the one year period somewhere

    Remainder of timeline:

    • Argus died March 3rd 2016 (seen on coffin lid) but lets say this is a typo and should say 2015.
    • Everyone returns to korea
    • Unknown amount of time spent in Korea. Our boys go to North Korea and then are running security. Then are injured and recover.
    • 3 month assignment that goes long

    (I reckon we must be in at least late June 2015 but likely later)

    • official date of death
    • 155 days hostages starts (22 weeks)

    (This takes us to beginning of December 2015 at earliest but could be months and months later)

    • our boys escape and some unknown time passes for them to get back to local HQ. They are still showing signs of injury including fairly fresh scars so its not a long time at HQ)
    • (missing time)
    • death anniversary that needs memorial table
    • 157 days (22.5 weeks) that Lt. Yoon in Urk after boys return to Korea.
    • March 25 2016 YSJ promoted (ep 16 ~29:35)
    • Lt Yoon returns
      (has to be before September 2016)
    • (missing time)
    • Mess Hall kiss and reads wedding invite. (said she can't break something of SDY as then he can't travel - so the reading of invite must be within a month or two of wedding. Really can't be much earlier than November 1 2016.
    • Daniel&yehwa wedding December 31 2016


    At least one of the missing time periods is quite large. Thankfully I will forget it as the weeks go on and I watch other shows but it bothers me because it is an easy thing for a writer to get dates correct and if they had done so this would greatly have improved my feeling for this show.

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  3. 10 minutes ago, soulgirl012 said:

    I'm probably a minority here or I have too high of an expectation...

    K writers really CANNOT write endings! This is one shitty ending! They really should have end it at that ep where the medical team returns to Korea.

    Forget the last 2 eps being anticlimactic and too many cheessy scenes. Fine!  OK! I'll get pass that! But damn it, can't the production team do I little research? I am sitting in Vancouver watching this and THAT IS NOT VANCOUVER and WE DON'T HAVE VOLCANO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    The drama starts out so strong and I don't mind a happy ending (I was predicting a much dramatic sad ending!) but really.. this is personally an unhappy happy ending. And what's with the crappy editing when MY and SJ reunited? Did anyone see that?

    Sorry this has turn into a rant, but this ending does not deserve a 40+ rating. I'm sorry, but no.



    it is true that endings are not this writer's strong point. But it really could have been worse.

    As to Vancouver and the volcano I posted earlier on this and it really is silly. This scenario is farfetched. But yes there are 2 volcanoes reasonably close to Vancouver. Mt. Garibaldi being the closest but not likely to be a problem. That you don't know about Mt. Garibaldi is not really a surprise but surely you know about Mt. Baker? It is on the other side of the border but is clearly visible from Vancouver. Hopefully I can attach this nice picture of Vancouver and suburbs with the volcano in the background.


    As to the ratings - remember the 40% is the number tuned in not the number who liked it. You and i both watchd and if we had been in Seoul would have counted in that rating. But like you I am not completely sold. I think I give the series a 7 or 8 out of 10 overall. How about you?

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  4. They say there are no plot holes until the final episode and I think that there are plenty in this episode. The big one of course is the time they have been MIA. It really does not add up (and I think I may post about this separately)

    @giragira - you are dead on that the rescue thing is simply not explained well. Why is she in Albania? Is it the location of his kidnap? Or is it as close as she could get to Urk to volunteer in? I think we can guess Urk is close to Albania. But why not set the whole thing in North/South Urk? If we do that then we could guess that North Korea is maybe supporting North Urk. Yes that is a stretch but at least that would explain the North Korean Soldier.

    Another failing though is the lack of growth for YSJ. Not that growth is required for every story but I think for this one it would have helped. And it would have been easy to put in something. The man has been held hostage for 5 months. Surely that is enough time to do some serious soul searching about his life. I thought there was a tiny glimpse when he apologised to her once again that he might be saying it with more seriousness but it was never expanded upon.

    The above aside the episode left a generally favourable feel for me.

    - Seo Dae-Young and Yoon Myeong-Joo kind of stole the episode. Their reunion was lovely, had a kiss, words full of love and a very intimate time shaving with the straight razor.

    - The visit to Lt. general Yoon was moving and funny. Daddy has reflected and grown.

    -And of course the scene at the mess hall was stunning. SDY's will was beautiful, his recitation of it heartfelt and the two kisses perfect.

    - I'm glad they showed reunion of SDY and Kim Gi-Beom. Really highlights the brotherhood these men have. And Jin Goo rocked this scene along with the entire episode.

    - YSJ eating his memorial food was hilarious.

    - I liked the many suggestive comments between YSJ and KMY. I certainly agree with @maltball155 that the show has hinted they have been physically closer than we got to see. It would be unreasonable for them to not have been given their age and what they have been through.

    - Wish we had seen YSJ with his father.

    - Dr. Song and Nurse Ha - I love them! They should have their own spin-off with cameos from the rest of the cast.


    As to the show as a whole I am pleased. Far from perfect it was still very nice and really liked that we had no love triangle, no endless waiting for our couple to get past ridiculous and artificial problems. I liked our adult characters who actually speak their mind most of the time. I loved that people worked together and were not always tearing one another apart.

    Thank you all for sharing the last 16 episodes with me.

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  5. 11 minutes ago, Neintynein said:

    In Canada? Really?.... Huh!!!!! :flushed:, ok !!!

    well yes really.

    But I had to laugh at this choice for natural disaster in Vancouver. An earthquake is very very likely but they have already used that one. Large forest fire would be possible. Even a Tsunami. Perhaps a shipping or ferry accident. A bridge collapse. Much much more remote is a Volcano erupting. And even if one did erupt it would not likely require the help of our heroic team. Mt. Baker erupting would mostly cause injuries in the US unless it was an unexpectedly violent eruption. Mt Garibaldi is closer to Vancouver but dormant. Yes it too could blow but again not likely to cause Vancouverites injuries. The thing our wedding guests should be most worried about is their return flight as an eruption would certainly cause problems for flights.


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  6. 14 minutes ago, sanaeozora said:


    @EclipseWF: Thank you for posting your thoughs! It's always fun reading other people's points of view! Regarding the phone issue, I don't think he needed to have his phone physically with him. All he needs is to get a duplicate of his SIM card where he's got his dataplan and the rest of his account details that includes all received text messages. If for instance, your phone gets destroyed or gets lost and simply it switches off after the battery runs out, any messages, and sometimes even the calls that you receive while the SIM is not receiving signal, get stored in the carrier's server, ready to be sent to your device once the SIM is once again under mobile coverage. Of course, the carrier might decide to deactivate the SIM if it's not used after a certain number of months but we could argue that Shi-jin, due to the type of work he does, he probably has an agreement with the carrier not to disconnect his number if it's offline for a number of weeks/months. So yeah, THAT part was actually the most realistic of them all. I can also understand the walkie-talkie since the models she uses have a range going from 30 to up to 50 miles and even if she was in the middle of nowhere, she was on foot so she was probably within that range. But I have a hard time believing they would have mobile phone coverage in the middle of the desert...so how their phones managed to get enough signal to actually process the read-receipts from their text messaging app, that's a mystery to me...

    Deserts don't have to be large uninhabited places. So having cell service in one is not a huge surprise. Albania does not actually have deserts so not entirely sure if she is still in Albania or somewhere close. Urk is supposed to be roughly in that part of the world. But then that takes us back to a war torn country and one might think that cell service there might be rather poor. So I agree with you that this has not been thought out well

    As to the SIM card/phone issue - I am on the side of this not making much sense at all. Why would he have his phone for a mission where dog tags are not allowed? Why would he be allowed to text her from such a place? Why would his father keep paying the bill. Yes some parents do this but I'm thinking an army general is not so likely to do this, even if he actually had access to the account. Parents of teenagers who die can do this with ease as they often pay the bill. Assuming that Yoo Shi Jin pre-pays for months at a time because he knows he goes away for long periods, and assuming it was not actually a year then maybe his phone was still in service. But it is still a stretch. Then maybe he kept it safe. Getting a new phone that work with a Korean SIM would be hard in most places in the world and most certainly Albania or similar country. As far as I know South Korea uses CDMA phones as opposed to GSM phones.Since most of the rest of the world uses GSM getting the right version phone would be too tough. So I find the whole phone thing ludicrous but oh well.

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  7. I'm with the not very pleased group right now but am willing to be patient and hope there is some reasonable explanation tomorrow. Being in a coma for 11.5 months will not cut it for me. Nor will secretly searching for a missing Seo Dae Young . A year is a ridiculous amount of time to be missing with no contact.

    I am surprised there are some of you who did not notice the PPL. For you I am happy. For me it was very distracting. I recognize the need for it. Without the sponsors we would not have these expensive actors, gorgeous cinematography and beautiful location. so I am not bothered by most PPL. the coffee shop for instance is not problematic. I quite enjoyed their scene with the chocolate hearts. (I presume these are an item available at that particular coffee chain) and I am glad there was not a stunted subway ad yet again. But the almonds and candles were jarring.

    Even if the writer does have the story jump the shark in these last two episodes my take-away from this is

    • Thank god for excellent ratings. Let us hope this helps push more shows away from live shooting.
    • Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo can act (although I already knew this)
    • Really glad Song Joong Ki got a big hit because I know he loves acting and I want to see him in lots more stuff.
    • Got to watch me some more Jin Goo! (fanning myself here)
    • Need to go to Greece!
    • And of course, SJK looks fabulous dressed up or in worn out fatigues and a scarf. He can grace my screen any time even if it is schlock.
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  8. 4 minutes ago, estherlim said:

    Am I the only one? Since the 1st lead, 2nd lead, Doc Song, junior solider, onew are all taken up, I am starting to think that the Hospital Director is quite a good catch too! Like it when it is shown in ep 13  that he is realty concern about MY! He even ask her why she never board the plane that is send to pick her up.  Think he is a case of rich brat turns good.  I wonder if he will appear in the next 3 episode. :-p

    agreed. I think when the earthquake hit he felt like a real heel for having sent his people there and that is why he worked so hard to bring them back. His apology seemed genuine and he did not make her grovel for her job. in fact he gave her a very good position well suited to her skills instead of being the VIP doctor. I think the actor is doing a good job of making him seem like a human being. yes one with some serious flaws but not unbelievably awful which is what the dingbat surgeon is. I wonder if she is going to operate on our man and redeem herself?

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  9. 1 hour ago, ekin_hardy said:


    Hi.. Sorry to cut your post short...i only insert the part that i wanted to reply on...

    If you notice the NK guy said that he wont be there in SK for the nxt round of talk as he will be off duty.

    Then u notice YSJ and SDY look at each other with weird face....this is because they think it is weird for special forces to be off duty when the meeting is such an important and high security level event. Even SK have all their Alpha, Bravo n Charlie team on duty.

    That is why YSJ and SDY look at each other with suspicious face. They smell something is not right. And true to their instinct..the NK make a surprise visit during the rehearsal. 

    About them having meal..maybe that is when other team is on duty. So its okay for thrm to go and eat.

    Just my 2 cents.


    Thanks Ekin. I actually was referring to an earlier part of the conversation and just now went back to re-watch it so I could explain my confusion in more detail. But the translation has changed since I watched it earlier and now my confusion has been cleared up. And yes i totally agree with you about the odd vibe that both of our boys picked up on.

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  10. I have so many questions!!!

    Does anyone know how they have managed to adjust the story for the Chinese market without the NK part? It seems to me that the story would not make a lot of sense with the NK parts gone.

    I also really did not understand the warning the NK soldier gave at the noodle house. Anyone able to explain? In fact that whole scene seemed off to me. Perhaps more was itten but knowing they would need to cut it for China made them limit it? How on earth do body guards get to go to a meal while the people they are guarding are not there?

    They keep talking about the boyfriend rumour at the hospital. Is that going to turn out to be important?

    Similarly what is up with the baby doctor telling Lee Chi Hoon and his fiancee not to have sex? Not medically sound advice if all is normal, especially with only 10 days to go. And even if it was good advice why was it shown? Please let us not have anything happen to the baby as I don't want to see Onew cry again.

    and not a question but oh my did I love the scene with the 4 of them at the coffee shop! Almost made up for all the awful PPL going on (and yes I know the $$ help make the show look good but they are not blended in at all well)

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  11. 11 hours ago, saenain said:


    I agree with you, I'm actually happy with Joong Ki pronunciation, can't say it's perfect but it's okay and I can understand him. We can't expect he speaks like Henney (if you know what I mean). When English is not our native language why should we ashamed that we're not that good? That's what think~

    I am thinking my original comment was misunderstood. Please let me try and explain my thoughts again. First off I am always impressed by anyone who can communicate in a second language. It is a skill I really don't have. And I would never think anyone should be ashamed for not being the best at it. I appreciate anyone who makes the effort to write or speak in English so that I can understand them. I feel like they are doing me an honour when they do so.

    I also have had hundreds of students who were not native English speakers. Most of them from assorted Asian countries. I can not recall a single one of them who spoke super slowly pausing between each word. They might stop to think of a word but it was never this slowed down speech that I only see in k-dramas. It is not just SJK. It is a lot of k-dramas. So my feeling is that this is what the directors are asking for. They must be telling the actors to speak in this artificial way. I bet that if SJK were speaking English in real life he would not go so painfully slowly, and that it is only his character that does this thing. I wish that the directors would stop this as it always sounds terrible and fake. 

    Does that make more sense?

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  12. OMG I have so much back reading to do. That is what I get for being away for a week. You people are3 on fire!

    My very quick thoughts after watching episode 5:

    - The kiss in the kitchen was lovely but not so realisitic because who on earth could be in her position and turn away from that Yoo Si-jin?

    -Why do K-dramas have actors who really can not speak English well speak it super slowly? That just extends the torture. Listening to Song Joong-ki speak like this makes me sad. But I bet if he were speaking at a normal pace it would really not be so awful.

    - Loved the bit where she is listening at the door and Lee Chi-hoon (I think) comes over and asks "Is it very sick?". Was funny and a good way of the writer getting Kang Mo-yeon out of the situation.

    -Could not watch the scenes with the walkies talkies. So embarrassing. I have a hard time imagining anyone acting so unprofessionally.

    - Love the little thing going on between the two older members of the medical team. (Ha Ja-ae and Lee Sung-joon I think)

    - Also enjoyed the conversation between papa Yoon and our super sexy Seo Dae-young. I mean I am pretty certain that papa will be won over but so far I like the way this is being written.

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  13. 2 hours ago, shuwei said:


    the book definitely have better flow. it has 300+ chapters and was written in an omnipresent 3rd person pov so every thing is explained. if cjd doesnt have a transition scene, then she would just move to a new chapter and start the paragraph with a sentence indicating how much time has passed. which is typical to do in novels, but you have no one narrating in the drama...

    one instant that made me think cjd made dramas as a novel montage is the bruise on bly's foot in ep 13. in the novel, the chapter describe in detail who caused this bruise, why did he do it, and bly's immediate reaction to it. so you would think if they didnt want to film the part when bly got the bruise, they should have ommitted the bruise all together. so i half suspect cjd just wanted a live-action scene of gh kissing bly's foot. so i think its hard to say if she's gonna let anyone else make screenplay changes to the story 


    This is exactly where a good screen writer come in. The person in charge of the story (in this case cjd) can indicate which parts they prefer to leave in and then the screen writer tries to make that happen. If bits get left as orphans like the foot kissing they either omit it, change the reason, or add back enough of the omitted material for it to make sense. The point of view can be changed or the method of presenting it can. There was a decent amount of GH's internal monologue but not as much of BLY's. A narrator can even be incorporated into the story or added on top. Time shifts can be done with titles and/or transition scenes. 

    While I thought the flow was bad I have to say after reading the translations provided by @alvinboi I am glad she cut out much of the sex scenes. I would be curious to see what they filmed but my bet is that it is not much more than topless kissing. Queer as Folk only showed what it could on tv but it made it entirely clear what was going on without actually showing it. I doubt cjd went that far. My reason for thinking this was a good choice as I don't think she could have pulled it off in a realistic manner. And I think that where the show was really good was making us believe in their attraction, sexual explorations and growing love. unrealistic sex scenes would have detracted from that.


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  14. On 3/4/2016 at 4:49 AM, shuwei said:

    this also just my theory but from my experience watching  the uncut version of her previous drama counterattack, i think cjd made these dramas to be montages of her novels. addicted is actually much less disjointed and better filmed than counterattack; imo the latter in no way can be a standalone while addicted can maybe pass. the dramas are for fans of the novel and also for ppl who will become curious after the drama and boosts her novel sales. so i doubt addicted's uncut will have anymore details than the kiss scenes and some sexual dialogue.


    On 3/4/2016 at 5:03 AM, alberto123 said:


    Is it possible it was 48 minutes long, then seperated into more episodes. Hence we have 15 eps now?

    because it doesnt make sense that literally half of each ep was cut in production. Or am i just not used to webseries and how they operate in china?

    i dont really care so much about the sexy dialogue or kissing scenes. I just hope the episodes are composed to 48 minutes so theres less plot holes in each episode. Non the less i still love this show! 

    either way! Thank you to both of you for helping out!


    On 3/4/2016 at 5:24 AM, shuwei said:

    there were other reports about the number of episodes as well, but the final product is what is it. i wont deny the possibility of the uncut version having 48 mins eps tho. just unlikely bc that means either the 3 confirmed sexual scenes add up to THAT much of footage, or it means the production team has been cutting away half of their footage (even before the ban!).


    After being away for 5 days I came back to an explosion of posts. The above quoted conversation was the most interesting to me. (Although the posts on the role-playing episode was a pretty close second).

    First off let me expose my biases a little: I love film and television drama. I watch stuff from all over the world. I do my best to adapt my expectations to the style of the country of production or to the genre of the story. For example the extreme number of coincidental meetings found in k-dramas would drive me nuts if they were in a Canadian show, but I can enjoy them in the Korean show. I am not into BL in any way, so while aware of its existence I had no idea about the narrative norms of the genre. I also really dislike (governmental) homophobia and persecution.

    I have watched very little from Mainland China but somehow Addicted showed up on my radar. I watched all but the last episodes in one go and then watched those as soon as they were subbed. I found it to be a decent drama. Not a favourite by any stretch but quite engaging and worth watching. The two leads doing a mostly excellent job of acting, the cinematography and music quite good. The adult family members well portrayed. Especially BLY's father. I felt that YQ and YM character's were not properly defined. Not fully fleshed out enough to be secondary leads. But where I felt the show suffered was in story flow. Some things just made no sense. For example BLY suddenly living at GH's. 

    Only then did I come read this forum. @alvinboi's episode by episode comparisons to the book were very helpful. (thank you sir *bows deeply*). So for me @shuwei's theory about the web drama being meant as a montage is quite interesting. It certainly works that way. But even if this is purposeful I think it is a poor decision. I can't even wrap my head around the idea of filming 48 minutes and then cutting it back so much. Whatever the truth of the matter this indicates to me that the author is not a good enough screen writer (yet). If the script leaves massive plot holes and story jumps there is an issue. Similarly if the raw footage has to be edited down heavily that is also a failure in the script.  My impression from the bits and pieces translated and posted here is that the book has better flow. Can anyone who has read it it comment on that? And assuming that is the case I wonder if it would make sense for any production company that takes on series 2 to hire a different writer to do the screen adaptation. 

    As I mentioned I really hate that the Chinese government has banned this show. I never vote for any of the assorted drama polls but have been this time simply to add voice to the anti-ban sentiment. Similarly I am considering purchasing the DVD if there is a region 1 option simply to give the Chinese government the finger. (or should that be 5 fingers??)

    @sohocomo  My son is close to this age and I had to upvote your comment about being the 1% that did not desire to be sandwiched between our lovely two leads. So I laughed extra hard at your "not dead yet" comment. Just because I would never want to sleep with a man in his 20s doesn't mean I can't enjoy looking at one ;)


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  15. 1 hour ago, mojobobo said:

    Hihi!!! First time posting in here, hope I'm welcome hehehe. 

      Reveal hidden contents

    I'm running back into the arms of mainstream broadcasting after being burned by TVN (TWICE!! ARGH!! WHY? R88 and CITT) =_='''


    I just wanted to say that I really liked yesterday'd ending scene. I loved how prior to it Shi Jin pointed out to Mo Yeon clearly that she's changed and she had to acknowledge it. Then at the ending scene, he was gently helping her to find herself and nudging her to make the call on whether she chose to be the "New" Mo Yeon (i.e. the Dr Kang that only tended to VIP patients) or the real Mo Yeon whose passion lies in saving lives regardless of the patient's background and returning to the operating theatre which used to be where she felt most at home in. 

    when he saw that she made her choice, he acknowledged it and did something he would never do - he disobeyed orders. This is in light of what he told Mo Yeon before, that he doesn't have the luxury of making the call and just follows orders. Also, he acted against his own personal motto of not doing hardwork (i.e. writing memos haaha) because he surely knew that disobeying orders would mean he would need to give a longggggggggggggggg report and be put in detention. He can probably forget about the promotion he was slated for too. I'm so touched that he would do all these for Mo Yeon. he loves her more than he realises it himself hahaha.

    Also, was I the only one cracking up at Myung Joo's and Dae Young's first meet? The both of them are so hilarious, especially when she offered to go with him to ruin his ex-gf's wedding :D

    I also loved her condition and Dae Young's response of having Dae Young tell Shi Jin and she and Dae Young are dating. 

    "He's not my style, too dandy."

    "Ok. I like your reason." 


    I sincerely hope this drama stays good till the end. Show us the benefits of pre production please! My heat cannot take another blow T_T


    Love this post.

    - I hear you about tvn. sigh

    - I agree that SJ is helping push her to who he knows she is despite her words to the contrary. Perhaps an alternate title for this could be "How Mo Yeon got her groove back".

    - I hope it does not take her too long to understand just how much he sacrificed in order to help her.

    - It is kind of amazing how many of us are so delighted it is pre-produced. Are there people out there, other than sponsors, who like live shooting? Personally I think it is inhumane and gives rise to pathetic endings and lack of overall cohesion.

    - I think the Viki translation for MJ's reason for not wanting to date SJ had something about him looking to much like a girl. Which was hilarious. And really as much as I like SJK (and I really really really do) in some ways I find it quite odd that the writer apparently specifically wanted him for this role. His looks do  *not* scream "army man extraordinaire"

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  16. @samscheetah  Would it be possible for you to please edit that post you made with all the pictures and either delete them or put into spoiler tags. It really does eat up peoples data if they are suddenly having to load all that. And I know you tried so please don't take this as me being a pill. In fact I quite like how free and easy this thread is. We have been violating all the soompi rules but its too friendly to care about it normally imo.

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  17. 10 hours ago, leedonghaek said:

    I've been wanting to ask this question since eps.1. A serious question. :)

    How do we measure the level of chemistry between a male and female actors?

    Since I don't watch a lot of K-dramas (probably less than 15 dramas since 2002), so I'm not really sure how we can determine whether they have chemistry or not.

    As long as the actors don't look awkward together...then it's good enough for me. But of course for someone who rarely watches K-dramas, my opinion is kinda invalid, isn't it? :)

    I'm having some formatting issues but now that I have caught up on the thread I have a few responses. I snipped a few to keep the length down.

    I don't think the number of k-drams you have watched in any way effects the validity of your opinion. if you like the couple great but if not well that is fine too. Personally I think Song Joong-ki is knocking it out of the park. He looks smitten in every way. I'm less convinced by Song Hye-Kyo. In the last weeks episodes I was more impressed with the so called chemistry. My guess is it is not a lack of skill on the actor's part but in the writing. Her character is not being allowed to show the warmth at this point. I feel confidant that will change.


    8 hours ago, flo_oni said:


    And YSJ. The face that launched a thousand noonas. 

    That made me laugh. Perfect re-doing of the famous quote that suits the locale. well done.


    7 hours ago, Adwina Oltariani said:

    <snip>. Oh and the villain is hot, and thank god at least he could act. not like other foreign dudes who shouted awkwardly in some of the scenes :P <snip>

    yes, yes and yes. I had all the sames thoughts. If we have to watch him for more than a minute I will be real glad he can act without me cringing.


    7 hours ago, ck1Oz said:


    Weird though. Every volunteer medical mission teams I know had swarms of locals. And did massive immunisations for the children. This is the most deserted medical mission team I've seen on tv..

    it is pretty odd all around. Their reason for being there seems quite unclear. I am chalking this up to the fact they have not set up fully yet.

    6 hours ago, SeGafanlady said:

    Indeed... but that's why it is made.. it's a drama to feast the fans eyes.. give me all that beautiful things because that's why I pay VIKI premium for the last 8 years.. and what's the point of watching a drama when all we do is finding flaws in it? better hit the road soon pal...

    those who wants reality or near it.. watch National Geographic please.. :D

    Normally I really enjoy your comments but I can't quite get past this. What is the point of having discussion if only one point of view is allowed. Some people, myself included, like critical thought being employed. I am not really interested in collective panty wetting. But I would never in a million years suggest that a person who is only writing about how hot she finds SJK should get lost.  First because I don't feel that way but also because that would be exceptionally rude of me, no matter how many happy face emoticons I added.


    2 hours ago, marie67 said:

    Though I liked todays episode, but it's still not clear to me WHY KMY is so fierce with YSJ. I mean he didnt reject her or humiliate her, so what's her problem? <snip>

    I also wonder about this. I was glad we got some voice over from her so we at least know she cares about how he treats her. my only guess is she misunderstood about the love triangle.

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  18. Just finished watching the episode and not yet read everyone's comments but here were my initial thoughts:

    -Once again I am in love with the cinematography.  Doesn't hurt that Greece is beautiful. A bit surprised they chose buildings with pretty clearly Greek architecture but I don't care because it is beautiful.

    -My prediction about the scarf was a bit wrong since he did not walk past her specifically for that but still it was a nice scene with him handing it to her.

    -Surely the medical team would have been given a briefing on things like not being able to take pictures. I thought that was clumsy writing and served little purpose.

    -Yoo Si-jin taking the package in and then collapsing against wall and looking at her through the mirror was so well done. My heart ached for him at that point.

    -The female medical staff ogling the soldiers running was priceless.

    -I enjoyed the method used for telling the history of Seo Dae-young and Yoon Myeong-joo. Better than just a straight flashback. Although his ability to just decide to take a side trip seemed a bit odd.

    -When they were at the ship wreck and she is holding the rock as she tells him basically that she is not interested in pursuing things with him I took the symbolism to be that they would be back at that place as a couple later. probably returning the rock. Anyone else see it that way?

    - I wonder what she was thinking when he made the dig about tv doctors. It was mean but it also showed that he had been keeping tabs at her from the other side of the world.


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  19. 7 hours ago, enzek said:

    just for fun-my own dialogue:


    scene 1:

    captain yoo shi jin: it's time for some sweet revenge! back off man, get off from my way!

      Reveal hidden contents


    credit to the owner

    scene 2:

    dr kang mo yeon: wuuu! bunch of sexy guys. but why did it feels like i know one of them?

      Reveal hidden contents


    credit to the owner

    scene 3:

    other guys:what should we do now sir?

    captain yoo shi jin: keep calm and keep swag guys! let me walking towards them alone.

      Reveal hidden contents


    credit to the owner

    scene 4:

    dr kang mo yeon: wow he walking towards me. felt like a dream!

    captain yoo shi jin: (said to himself) keep putting a serious face and be calm man.

      Reveal hidden contents


    credit to the owner

    scene 5:

    dr kang mo yeon: hmmm, this sexy guy looks like....ohhh!

      Reveal hidden contents



    credit to the owner

    scene 5:

    dr kang mo yeon: that's totally him! i'm so sure about it!

    captain yoo shi jin: keep calm man, just walk straight and keep calm.

      Reveal hidden contents


    credit to the owner

    scene 6:

    captain yoo shi jin: just ignore her, ignore her. i'm sexy and i'm know it.

    dr kang mo yeon: WTF?

      Reveal hidden contents


    credit to the owner


    to be continue:P



    Well this made me giggle. I like how you paired it with the gifs. And the highlighted line is actually appropriate to both of them. They have both commented on their own good looks several time. Too bad "I'm sexy and I know it couple" is too darn long :)


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  20. @Ahpheng thanks for yet another good c-strip. I definitely predicted that he will get the scarf for her. He is smooth like that. Plus he has had time to settle down his nerves and prepare himself to charm her out of her lab coat.

    Maybe it is just me but the still photos of SJK don't really make him seem more than cute. (and he *is* super cute don't get me wrong). For example when I look at the first photo in your strip he just looks like a cute guy dressed up in a man's uniform. But when actually watching the show he comes across as very masculine. I'm really really liking it. I suspect you are too ;)

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  21. 1 hour ago, Jonathan Oon said:


    I strongly recommend Life is Beautiful too, but I have to warn viewers that their plot was kinda narrow. There are no other gays in the storyline. And they do not even have any other gay friends, no matter how handsome they were. Forget about any physical closeness between the two male leads, but seriously, they were eye-candies. 

    Be prepared to cry at Episode 19 and 20. I shed my tears unshamelessly. 

    Totally agree about episode 19 and 20. Coming out scenes always make me cry whether fact or fiction. But these episodes were especially moving.

    For me how one's family reacts is so very important. I feel dramas like these can give parents an opportunity to think about this issue and maybe react better if they are ever faced with this situation. If a drama family rejects the child and shows how painful this is that is one lesson, while showing how to be accepting is another lesson. I understand that later parts of the book for Addicted do have our couple telling their parents. If someone has those translated I would be very interested in reading them. My guess is that BLY's dad is an example of love and acceptance. I certainly hope so. (and was I the only one who thought he was very attractive?)

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  22. 3 hours ago, Spectra Pride said:

    I've gone into a post heroin depression stage:tears: I need more episodes. This show was really addictive. I need Johnny in my life.  Any other suggestions on gay webseries that I can watch? Please I need something to fill the void


    I see you have suggestions already but I will de-lurk to offer another although it may be too serious a commitment for your liking.


    Quote from the wiki page: "Aside from scoring ratings in the mid-twenty range during its run, the series is notable for its sensitive portrayal of a loving, openly gay couple in a Korean drama on primetime network television".

    This is a long family saga k-drama. I was not sure about it for the first episodes as many of the characters had very strong personalities that were a bit much for me. But in the end I realised how important it was as they represented the different reactions to finding out a family member is gay. This is not the only story in the drama but it is one of the main ones. I would say the main pairing in the show is the step-mother and the gay step-son. Their relationship will make you cry. I don't want to ruin it for anyone but I was so moved by them I rewatched the entire 63 episodes just to see their scenes and follow how their relationship changed. And this is not BL. These are two adult men who love each other and have consensual sexual relations. There is family rejection and some family acceptance as is realistic I think. This was a prime time show so there is no shown kissing but it does not shy away from the facts of them being together physically. And yes it has a happy ending. If you watch one episode a week perhaps season 2 of Heroin will be available :)

    aside: as to The Lover (I am guess this was the one suggested - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Lover_%28TV_series%29  ) I liked parts of it but as a whole it was a little flawed. The 2 boys are really sweet and I liked their story the best but there was not enough of it and it was mostly used for gags and not to explore a deeper relationship. If you do watch this make sure you watch past the credits on the last episode. It is important)

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  23. @sanaeozora your recap of episode one was fun. I don't normally read those things but with the number of positive comments I thought I might give it a try. Sure glad I did as it is quite cute. Like @inshara2000  I am also imagining SJK saying "Score!". And "Former Thief, Now Puppy Kim Gi-bum" is the best character name. Am I alone in wanting to see more of him?

    @enzek I have not seen all the shows you listed but for the ones I have I agree with your comments 100%. Do you know anything about the other writer? I have not seen any of the shows I see listed for him. Would love to know your opinion of his work if you have one. (Or anyone else too)

    Like you I am also really hoping that the pre-production with such a great cast will give us a polished story without the drop off in quality common to live shoot k-dramas. At least so far the editing and cinematography seems to be of stellar quality. Crossing my fingers that the story also manages to stay suited to a mature audience. The hair pulling scene had me a bit worried on that front but I am willing to ignore that for now.

    (edit - it will not let me link inshara2000. I notice this issue frequently and it does not matter whose name it is. Can anyone tell me a solution to this?

    edit 2 - now it lets me link. It really is finicky)

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