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  1. These subs still need a lot of work, some don't even really make sense for someone who understands Mandarin. The best by far are still the fan subbed videos on Viki where they go out of their way to explain things that usually get lost in translation.
  2. No, it's on Youtube. By the way, I think this is becoming more and more the way cdramas are going to get exposure. I actually prefer it not being on Viki, just let that site be predominantly for kdramas. Put Your Head on My Shoulder is actually the first drama that I am watching live streamed on Youtube Friday and Saturday morning in my timezone. I also noticed they have separate channels for English subs, Indonesian subs, Thai subs, etc. They put out so many bts clips and trailers for each episode on their channel as well. For a drama that I enjoy following, this is such a blessing. I've noticed an onslaught of Chinese drama fan made videos of dramas that I've never even heard of before (China makes 500+ dramas a year, so it's hard to know what's all out including obscure web dramas) and noticed that just about everyone is watching them on Youtube. The subs need a lot of improvement, but it's still nice seeing all these dramas being so easily accessible.
  3. What is this? Who can read Chinese here? All I got is 5/15 @ 8:00pm, are they giving us extra content???
  4. Poor guy was probably so nervous That "research" was so technical and dry, not sure what he could have learned to help him perform, but it's the perfect type of useful information he likes to store in that brain of his
  5. I need them to release all those deleted scenes Where is the scene where Si Tumo wears the goggles and Gu Weiyi shows her that teardrop thing from the previews? Where is the scene where Gu Weiyi is pulling Si Tumo on that toy cart with their kid chasing them from the bts?
  6. It's definitely not pulling in numbers like the big blockbuster dramas as the target audience for this drama is mainly younger females. The author has a pretty big fan base and both her works were adapted pretty well for their respective dramas in large part, because the author worked on perfecting the script so it's definitely popular for people already familiar with her works. It's also getting great word of mouth mostly because the male and female leads are not like your typical annoying predictable characters, I expect its views to keep growing even after it's done airing. On Douban which is a site where films/dramas get rated, its 8.1 score is almost unheard of for an idol type drama. China doesn't use Youtube so all the comments you see are from outside of China, they watch the show directly from Tencent's streaming site and I think the view count is pretty high for this type of drama.
  7. OH MY GOODNESS......I am not ready for this, Gu Weiyi not being awkward is
  8. There are many specialized schools for dance in China that train these dancers since they are young. A lot of them are hand-picked when they are kids for their looks and body proportions and there are a lots of famous actors and actresses that were once dancers. It seems like a natural transition for a lot of them. There are even kpop agencies that specifically scout from these dance school in China to become trainees in Korea.
  9. Not exactly inside the episode, but as one of those Easter Eggs at the end of the episode. Like the first one would have been perfect for the very last episode, now I'm anticipating what they have in store for that last episode.
  10. MUST WATCH!!!! Deleted Scenes??? Why are these not in the episodes? Translation for part in the store: GWY: Hello, do the heat packs have Doraemon designs? Lady: What designs? once you peel it, aren't they all the same? GWY: How about the hot water bag? Lady: No GWY: bye Lady: A grown richard simmons man, what's the point of picking designs? when it's dark aren't they all the same? THAT LAST PART......GWY being shady AF, how dare he keep Momo from seeing the love of her life
  11. Does anyone else feel like GWY is a quintessential second lead turned into the main lead in this drama?
  12. Did any of you guys notice that on his confession letter, the Doraemon that GWY drew was winking? Poor guy, all that wasted effort
  13. I loved this scene...the big red ball was the real hero of the episode
  14. Hi Everyone, I just started this drama a few days ago and am up to date, now the waiting game begins. I'll just settle in here and make this thread my home for the next couple of weeks. A few fun facts I'd like to share For any of you who are Idol Producer fans, the ending OST is sung by Li Junyi otherwise known as Uncle Junyi by fans Also our giant baby stiff genius physicist is actually a ballroom dancer in real life
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