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  1. Even Little Orange is 3 years older than Ling Xiao in real life
  2. It's so sickening her behavior, first instilling the tremendous guilt he has to shoulder for his sister's death and now keeping him hostage using his half sister's love or dependence on him, which looks like it's being done against her will. The girl is obviously now old enough to know she's being used as a tool to manipulate her brother. She actually lashes out at the mother unlike her brother who keeps it all bottled up (hopefully he gets it all off his chest soon). I don't even think therapy will help her, some people are so set in their ways, I think only some type of other catastrophic ev
  3. Why am I seeing people commenting under video clips that ZQ and that rotten orange are endgame??? She's not even out of high school yet. I can't even bare the thought of her crushing on him. Writers, please stop adding scenes with them together. She needs to stop going to his cafe every single day and go out and make some friends her own age.
  4. Somebody put that woman in her place for all of our sake....she needs an intervention
  5. YASSSS!!!!! The thing I am most looking forward too, the writers better not let me down this time. After she stated she would pick ZQ over LX and how eagerly she was trying to listen in on MY and JJ talking about how his cafe is not doing so well, they are definitely hinting at things to come. Crossing my fingers.
  6. No, I think first people just like to hate...whether it's the character or the actor who plays the character that they are not fond of. Second, I think most dramas don't really delve deep into issues like this, the characters' deep seeded problems are usually glossed over. They also skim over his 9 year stay in Singapore so quickly to move the story along that it's easy not to take into account everything he's been through. Not taking mental health seriously is a problem throughout Asia.
  7. After the latest episode, I really want to see HZQ with TC together, and I have a feeling that's where the writers are going. It'll be fun to see those two go from bickering with each other to complaining about their problems to each other to consoling each other to finding out they actually kind of like each other.
  8. I stopped watching AvenueX videos a long time ago, mostly because I don't like her attitude. She has completely discredited many dramas that I enjoyed when there are plenty of good things to take away from them, and some of her subscribers take her word as gospel. Yes, most of the women are "bad," but I don't think it has anything to do with the writers being inherently misogynist. I always find her to be way too extreme in her opinions. Does it help the writers shine a light on how great of a parent dad Li is by pointing out all the other bad parents? sure, but that's not the only way they di
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