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  1. If in English language it's a little weird I wonder it will turn out as lord of the rings or not?
  2. Me too I can't find any drama to take over Love and destiny. I haven't had enough Jiu Chen expressions Which I need an extra episode to wrap up my feeling
  3. Is there any video gather all Jiu Chen starring scenes in the the drama? His starring scenes really adorable and had given us a lot of laughter
  4. The links broken cannot join the page Are both links can view on smartphone or either I have to use laptop
  5. I just want to say Jiu Chen character and expression has more changes In within the story of the drama. Jiu Chen has more adorable expression than yeh Hua character
  6. Aska Yang makes my heart aches in the drama great melody great lyrics full of feeling Zhang Bitchen also makes me feel the same way touched my heart
  7. Bao qing is not ling yue legitimate daughter Besides she loved jing xiu since childhood
  8. Yes ling yue and ling Xi their fate were extremely short quite pathetic
  9. Somehow she's afraid jing xiu will kill ling Xi and destroy San Ling clan So she wants to end the resentment and hatred with jing Xiu by herself
  10. Just finished airing last week Main actor is Ma Tian Yu My Mowgli Boy 50 episodes
  11. I think Yang Zi is more better in the series my Mowgli Boy than go go squid
  12. When he comes back eventually the author created the biggest hint for the audience is they had spent a romantic night While ling Xi read the marriage contract that Jc gave her Actually she was expressed her happiness as his bride soon Finally she could marry him
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