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  1. 53 minutes ago, adeleyam said:

    Yes.. the show is still ongoing but i think Hyo Joo wont come out again since she has presented.. 

    Anyway  i think there's something wrong with imgur.com which i normally upload my photos on, so i changed.. hope u guys can see the photos..

    And this photo is not posted right? 

    Behind the scenes and we see all 3 from BH.. with Han Ji Min and Choo Ja Hyun who just joined BH few days ago.. :D


    Thanks For Picture

    woow great Han Hyo Joo & Han Ji min in Mama 2016 

    i see ji min & hyo joo & ba soo bin 2015 wedding 




    & in 2013 hyo joo presented the ji min award :












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  2. 5 hours ago, kaz11 said:


    I would hope that there are no "best type of movies" for her. :) I understand why she gets a lot of offers to do love dramas/comedies... but gosh, I hope her next project will be just about life, or anything that does not revolve around love. Cold Eyes and Ad-lib Night, and even Ride Away ( I love coming-of-age films ) were all good, too. Love Lies was about betrayal, jealousy and regret. There are a lot of other roles I'd like to see her do. 


    It is also my wish


    like : Dong yi & Ad lib Night & Brilliant Legacy 


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  3. 34 minutes ago, kaz11 said:

    Actually, I do hope Hyo Joo is going to work with Director Hur in the future , but not for the Korean "The Notebook". I didn't like the movie and I liked Ryan Gosling in almost everything lol. It's a typical melodrama. But it would be nice if she could work with PSJ again because I loved them in BI, too. I loved their quiet chemistry and it would be interesting to see them in something different. 


    you alright 

    The Notebook is not good choice for her

    movies like "always" or "the beauty inside" or "bandage" is: normally & naturally acting is the best type movies for her

    the erotic scene in notebook i pray hyo joo do not act like that scenes on future


    It's my opinion about han hyo joo and personal choices of her

    It's my principles that do not change


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  4. [2016 BIFF Press Release] The 21st Busan International Film Festival Opening Ceremony Hosts Announced|

    The 21st Busan International Film Festival


    Opening Ceremony Hosts Announced




    The 21st Busan International Film Festival announces actor Seol Kyeongku and actress Han Hyo-joo as Opening Ceremony hosts. They acted together in the film Cold Eyes (2013), they will stand together again for the BIFF Opening Ceremony.




    Seol Kyeongku made his theater debut in 1993 with Run for your Wife. Seol showed his outstanding acting skills in the film Peppermint Candy (1999) and received high praise as a hidden treasure of Korean cinema. He has showed a wide spectrum of acting skills, from melodrama command to blockbuster appeal and his acting skills have transcended the bounds of possibility in each film. He has now firmly established himself as a representative Korean actor. He first came to the attention of BIFF in 1999 with the opening film Peppermint Candy (1999), followed up by the closing film Camellia in 2010 and Cold Eyes in 2013.




    Han Hyo-joo has shown remarkable achievement in her filmography and was honored with the Blue Dragon Film Award for Best Leading Actress. She started acting in the 2005 TV drama Nonstop and went into the film industry with the film My Boss, My Teacher (2006). Currently, she is still ongoing and active in genres of film such as Masquerade (2012), Love 911 (2012), The Beauty Inside (2015) andHaeuhhwa (2016). She has captivated audiences with a new character through her recent work in the TV drama W that merges the real world and web comics.




    Major filmography of SEOL Kyeongku


    A Petal (1996), Peppermint Candy (1999), Public Enemy (2002), Oasis (2002), Jail Breakers (2002),Silmido (2003), Lost in Love (2006), Tidal Wave (2009), No Mercy (2009), Cold Eyes (2013), Hope(2013), My Dictator (2014), The Long Way Home (2015)




    Major filmography of HAN Hyo-joo


    Ad-lib Night (2006), Heaven’s Postman (2009), Always (2011), Masquerade (2012), Love 911 (2012),Cold Eyes (2013), C’est si bon (2015), The Beauty Inside (2015), Haeuhhwa (2016)



    21st Busan International Film Festival will be held Thursday, October 6, 2016 to Saturday, October 15, 2016
    Asian Film Market will be held Saturday, October 8, 2016 to Tuesday, October 11, 2016
    Asian Project Market will be held Sunday, October 9, 2016 to Tuesday, October 11, 2016

    Busan International Film Festival http://www.biff.kr 
    Email: foreignpress@biff.kr



    maybe tommorow thursday hyo joo withSeol Kyeongku in the show festival in KBS

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  5. 3 hours ago, starfield said:

    HJ said in an interview that as she was at the time going through a rebellious phase (late bloomer???), she really disliked the bright persona of the character so what we ended up seeing in the movie was HJ's revised version.


    i don't understand whats film she talking about dislaked bright persona?

    i thing she does a best perfomance in this type of roles like yi soo & dong yi & eun seong & always & heaven and earth in character ji su 

    and originaly personality of hyo joo is very pure & calm & Funny and chaste According to my impression for 10 years were i am fan of her from first imresion in Ad-lib Night with Famoust Director lee young ki

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  6. 2 hours ago, chyantrils25 said:

    in as much as i wanted to feel happy for our girl winning that award i honestly feel rather burden & i'm pretty sure it'll put more burden on Hyo Joo ...i've already seen some backlash and expecting more to come(sigh) i would've been extremely happy(literally jumping up & down) if JongJoo couple bagged the best couple award!:phew:

    still congratulations to our girl..


    On a happy note yay! @adeleyam you got us all so envious but honestly so happy for you cuz you got a chance to see our Hyo Joo in person again!..we'll be relying to your paparazzi skills!:lol:....

    welcome back

    And you always beautiful words about Han Hyo joo@chyantrils25

    2 hours ago, ohnoitscindy said:

    I was quite surprised to hear that she had won honestly :sweatingbullets: Not because I don't think she deserves it, but because the character OYJ has been constantly overlooked and underappreciated by fans and by the writing itself. Like the writer said, it is a very sacrificial character, which unfortunately means that it's not going to be an exciting or well-written character. OYJ going through so much in so little time, and with the incredibly fast pace of the drama, means that it's going to be difficult for any actor/actress to slow the narrative down for the viewers in order to emote and translate the intricacy of emotions the character is feeling. I'll admit that sometimes she doesn't get it right, but there are numerous times where she does. While I may constantly express my dissatisfaction towards how little character development there is and how weakly written OYJ was, there are a lot of character traits of hers that are well made and established by Hyo Joo's portrayal. I think Hyo Joo did a tremendous amount of character building on her own to make up for the blandness of OYJ and to humanize a character that is thrown into so many crazy situations while still retaining her sanity, as well as making her relatable and likeable at the same time.

    Other people or fans may disagree with me, which is fine, but there should never be a need to spout out and spread so much hatred and anger towards a person because the results were not what you were hoping. Please remember that unless proved otherwise, it is not her fault that she won (meaning there were no politics involved). The acting portion of these awards are votes casted by a committee of persons. So if one disagrees, please keep in mind that there was a committee and that a majority of them agreed on the results. 

    Whether she won this award or any award for W or not, I think W was such a great project for her to have been a part of. It's gained her so many new fans and its popularity has turned many people's eyes and attention towards her. More exposure can sometimes mean that not everyone will like her for whatever reasons, but that's the tradeoff. Not everyone will like something or someone and no matter how loud these people can get, remember that there is so much more positivity.

    Being Hyo Joo fans, we are used to this kind of animosity though. She, herself, is often underlooked and underappreciated when it comes to her acting but she's proven time and time again that her work is worth being awarded (Daesang for Dong Yi, Best Actress for Cold Eyes, and now Top Excellence for W). Let us fans ignore the hostility that we may chance upon and continue showing support for Hyo Joo, something that she herself cherishes more than winning any awards. 


    Your speech about the true actress award for Our Hyo joo

    Thank you

    24 minutes ago, kaz11 said:


    I think I failed to say welcome before, but, welcome to new Hyolics (whether you have posted here or are still lurking)! Thanks, Indonesian fans for welcoming her warmly at the airport, she looked so happy. ^^

    Another reason why I prefer the movie industry is this: there are more male film critics and film journalists and thus, evaluation and reviews and opinions are much more balanced, compared to the drama-writing community. I think I could tell if Hyo Joo's going to be nominated for a particular role, it's when she is critically acclaimed not only at home but internationally, too. So I am not surprised that she got a grand slam Best Actress nomination for The Beauty Inside. Just read all the existing film reviews.

    Now, I am surprised that she won this award for W, too. I wish she did not. There's already enough of that negativity thrown at her and it's not even her fault that she won. Girl cannot catch a break from netizens. Do I think she deserved the award for W? No. It's no secret that I am not a great fan of the drama and especially the character Oh Yeon Joo, it's all thanks to her that I was able to enjoy a few of Yeon Joo's traits, but, Hyo Joo was not in her best form as her. I thought her overall performance was a downgrade from her back-to-back stellar film performances. Perhaps some of them are right, she does not suit such a passive character which Yeon Joo turned out to be for the most part.

    So my wish is for her to carefully select next project..



    The same as my opinion about Han Hyo joo and received the Award
    And I hope next selected for its project is prepare a naturally acting like The Beauty inside Or Dong yi 

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  7. 4 hours ago, bellalizzie said:



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    thank u @adeleyam for sharing 

    i'm very happy for all fans hyo joo in Most countries that I love ( indonesia ) 

    Waaawoo our hyo joo always she look :

    Chaste appearance and  in here Dress , she always Elegant & gorgeous & and do not exaggerate like some celebrity dress in In public life loool 

    fighting unni ,I respect you and love you so much





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  8. The movie The Beauty Inside in SBS 18.09.2016 and trend 01 after Show in Naver


    many & many article about it , and the possitives comment of our hyo joo & the Movie


    i am very happy for here


    translate not correct exactly, bcs by google services: 


    Movie "Beauty Inside 'scenes, one of the 13 names kissing behind ... Han Hyo-joo Lee, Jin - Wook Yoo Yeon-seok Park Seo-joon Lee Dong Wook who is one of the best?

    Articles, enter 09/18/2016 23:41 Article Source Comments 143

    [Herald cultural team] movie "Beauty Inside" that soaks moisturize the last day doorstep holidays the doorstep. 

    "Beauty Inside 'was organized by Bon specialty films from 18 nights SBS. 

    Han Hyo-joo starring Park Seo-joon Lee Dong Wook Seo Kang-joon Lee, Jin - Wook Kim Joo-hyuk Yoo Yeon-seok, etc. the 123 people work supporting actor received rave reviews from the audience as "Beauty Inside 'is a unique setting and calm emotions appearances. 

    sleep wake story of a man Woojin and he loves women earn (Han Hyo-joo) that look different is the beauty of love leaves a lot to put lingering sadness. 

    Han Hyo-joo at the time of completion of the film opening station will showcase the gods "in the last scene kiss 13 men and 123 for the station opponents. "Tell that attracted attention. There again twice in my life kissing scene 

    Yet" was standing at the time the actors are waiting for God to kiss a long line in front of the toilet. Everybody says Kara-Khitan Khanate, holding one hand on your toothbrush, "he has preached the story behind bars. 
    comments :
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    31 %man
    69 %Woman
    20 %10
    17 %20
    28 %30
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  9. 59 minutes ago, wilis2451 said:

    guys i wanna ask something

    what's wrong with han hyo joo that make almost all korean netizens hate her ?? i read all of knetz comments in korean article. im so sad because there are many knetz saying that they wont watch the drama because of han hyo jooㅠㅠ sorry im out of topic.. im just curious. i think han hyo joo is pretty and talented actrees

    this is the link... if you want to read it too http://m.entertain.naver.com/read?oid=468&aid=0000164466



    All suspected is pointed on brother of actress but not the actress Hyo-joo

    But many Koreans still live in the mentality of the Joseon Dynasty 

    They blame the actress because she did not apologize 

    And because she did not talk about personal things about her family

    And so some people ignore the actress and even negative comments attached


    But there are many who are supported in Korea

    For example, the video of the drama BTS W

    All comments positive and encouraging Han Hyo Joo welcomes her return to the drama land after 6 years From

    Dong Yi : Jewell In The Crown

    look all Comment 



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  10. 3 hours ago, i.am.bugz.funny said:



    or should I say JongJoo



    they are like a married couple...kyaaaa 2iur 60 + Super cute dog girl chat emoji gifs images are downloaded dog emoticons dog emoji


    yes , Hyo joo couple Photos Always show Serious & Innocent and Pure Chemistry between actors 

    its Very Good captured 

    maybe from Photoshot after Section Tv on mbc




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