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    Eating a big bag of potato chips (preferably chilli) and watching loads of drama. I'm not partial to any particular genres provided that there are good acting as oppose to good-looking actors who can't act.

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Hi there and welcome to my short biography.

I'm rather an ordinary person. I like to carry around a positive attitude and when it rains, an umbrella. When asked which animal best describes me - a panda because it eats and sleeps a lot.
More specifically, I do love an excellent brewed coffee and/or very strong cup of tea.
Interests: reading, watching foreign films, eating junk food (I'm particularly partial to potato chips), looking out the window when it rains and best of all - sleeping in.
Occupation: To save the world and do my taxes on a Wednesday!
I live in Australia so it's particularly lovely when half the world is asleep while I'm awake watching more dramas :)


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