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    It was sorta predictable that they will cut Sunmi's voice out of the album after she has decided to leave the group

    i'm so sad....T_T

    i wish they would leave a couple of songs with Sunmi's voice and have them as bonus tracks or something

    she's my fav WG member....i wanna hear her with the WG for one last time (until she decides to go back)




    I was so amazed at how good SBS Gayo Daejun when i was watching it.

    The stage, special perfs etc were all excellent. definately entertaining.

    OMG.....KBS Gayo Daejun was so boring. As most said it's just like watching Music Bank

    Hopefully MBC would b beta than this....but to beat SBS is gonna b hard



    hey guys, i'm going to taiwan this summer and i found out from the skinfood website that taipei, taiwan has skinfood stores!!

    so i want to try out their products..most definately nail polish, but i was wondering how the quality of their eyeliner and mascara are? expecially the white eyeliners they have. do they smudge easily? also, is skinfood expensive in taiwan?

    sorry for all the questions! and thanks in advance =)

    Skinfood in taiwan will be slightly more expensive than it is in korea cause they have to add shipping fees n stuff like that

    some products are pretty cheap but some are expensive....i think the new skinfood products are more expensive but still at an okay price


  4. home mad facial masks..........yoghurt

    and also some products on sales will help too

    so far......my fav facial mask is home made with yoghurt

    it helps control ur skins old and make it look brighter and whiter

    u need yoghurt(plain), a lil bit of olive oil and a lil bit of egg white

    mix it 2gether and put it on ur face for bout 15 mins and then wash off

    u can put da leftovers in da fridge for da next day....

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