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First I would like to say I am not really much of a Kdrama fan and I didnt even know who Lee Min Ho was until I saw Faith... I love anime and manga and thus I usually watch Jdoramas instead... I've just seen Faith this mid 2015 and only because I ran out of things to watch and started looking at Kdramas. I only get to 1-4 episodes before I give up to look for something else (number 4 and 5 on my list below is the main reason why I cant endure most Kdramas) until I saw Faith. 

Faith is the best love story I have ever seen or read or heard my entire lifetime. And that says a lot because I’ve spent my whole high school and college life reading books and watching movies. Nothing even comes close to how beautiful this story is.

I understand though that others might have a different opinion as different people have different perspective on what a great love story should have. For me, Faith has everything that I want and more.

The following makes Faith the number one for me:

1.) A hero who puts his love first before anything but at the same time still doesn’t come off as cheesy. In Choi Young’s case it’s because of his cool and aloof attitude and his impeccable honor that makes him look super cool despite being crazy over Eun Soo.

2.) A heroine who understands the hero and supports him emotionally. She knows when she needs to push and knows when she needs to stand back and let the hero do his thing. Like the way Eun Soo understood Choi Young’s concern for the palace and pushed him to go back, but she immediately obeys when he tells her to stay every time he fights.

3.) A hero who is strong and seemingly invincible but has a weakness only the heroine can cure. I know this is nothing new but lets be honest… this is what makes the female heart flutter the most. In Choi Young’s case it is the need for someone to have faith in him and if you have read the novel about Choi Young’s feelings when Mae Hee hanged herself, you will totally understand what I am saying here, the guy is totally dying to have a Eun Soo in his life.

4.) A story wherein the heroes fight together against the plot (in Faith’s case its the time difference) so they don’t have to create the problem themselves (like jealousy, pride, ambition, lies, misunderstandings or even revenge). I hate those dramas where the main characters just create their own problems.

5.) Two people who believe in each other. This might be the last but its actually the most important to me. Like when Eun Soo decides to marry Deok Heung Gun, Choi Young didn’t draw away and waste time being jealous, instead he rushes to take her back and tells her he knows she did it for him. Or when Eun Soo keeps saying “Someone will come and protect me.” to Choi Young, expressing her faith in him. I mean jealousy is fine as long as you don't run away or make things worse because of it.

It’s actually funny how these two people are too confident about each other. Like when Eun Soo tells him that she is the reason his sword grows heavy and why he gets into trouble with the King. And then Choi Young goes and says he is the reason she runs away or goes back at the risk of her life. When Eun Soo was recovering from the poison Eun Soo could say with all confidence that Choi Young must have been so scared. They are never insecure about each others feelings which is something I envy. They basically believe that the other person’s life revolve around them. It would actually sound conceited if it wasn’t reciprocal.

Yes the title suits the story so well and its what makes me love the story so much.

But since this one is a movie and not a novel one more thing helps the story to be so awesome. CHEMISTRY. Man if I could make those two be together forever... ugh! What I would give for another drama with Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun. They were a match made in heaven.

-Add sweet sigh here-

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