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  1. Hello, It's a long shot but hope it won't be in vain. Sorry,just desperately trying to find the story. I read a goguma fanfction a while back I am trying to find the links to the chapters and story. A brief summary (of what I remember): They are both filming wgm and are filming the episode for the wedding pictures ft island, girls generation and the rest of the cn blue member go. On the down low yonghwa is dating seohyun and gives her a ring while filming the weeding scene on the beach with the rest of the member acting as brides maid and groomsmen. Something happens that they end u
  2. Hello, I am trying to search for a fanfiction that was written a while back... it was a goguma yonghwa and seohyun fanfiction but I am unable to find it as I did before. Where can I search for it or what if the link does not work?? As I believe I may have found it.
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