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  1. Those who keep bringing up his two children have conveniently forgotten that J Hoo was married with twins. That is four kids that were not born, that do not exist in this timeline. I do not think that J Hyuk thought that far in advance when he altered his destiny. He only thought that life would not be as hard as it was at that time if he made another choice. As I look at this drama, I wonder how many people, if they could, would opt to go back in time to change their circumstances? That is why I am not hard on HJ, for leaving his wife and children, not treating his wife well, and any other infraction he has committed. The drama explores What If and I love the premise. It also shows us the repercussions of not choosing your destined path. As I stated in one of my first posts... you never miss the water until the well runs dry. Once HJ chose another path, he realized how much he loved his wife, what made him love her, his failure to be there when she needed him, and his contribution to the failure of his marriage. Great drama.
  2. @mimii89 The world would be a great place if every one loved and cared for their spouse until death, and no one ever ran away from their marriage, no matter how frustrating, but stayed and worked it out. That is a fantasy within itself. Humans are flawed, we make mistakes, we sometimes run instead of sticking it out, (and sometimes it is because we love the person and feel it is the only way to stop hurting them.) We are not all skilled in communicating our wants, hurts, dislikes, loves and needs. I guess we are all selfish and cowards because somewhere in most people's lives they have chosen an unpopular path because it was the path of least resistance. This is a fantasy drama. I am sure that many people if they could go back, with their current knowledge and choose another path or handle a situation differently they would. In this drama, JH was granted that choice. It was offered at a time when he could not see a way to fix his marriage. His love for WJ is partly what set him on this path because, without him, she would be happy. Should JH treat his second wife better, I guess my question would be, is he treating her badly now? She does not know (YET) how he feels about WJ? He has not crossed the line with WJ. His current wife seemed to be happy when she found him vacuuming the living room. Why was he doing that, because he realized that his wife, should not do all the housework herself. Where did he gain that knowledge, from choosing to take another path; and on this path discovered, his bad behavior towards his first wife. Who reaped the benefits of that new insight... not WJ, but his current wife. When JH threw the coin in the river and apologized to LW, he made the decision to be faithful to his wife and let WJ go. About the lying. Honey... In another time or parallel universe, I was married to WJ. Although she has no memories of me, I have memories of her and our two children. Because of these memories I am still connected to LW Her mother, my mother-in-law in this alternate time, has dementia and is lost and I am helping WJ find her. Wife... "SAY what"? Another timeline, a parallel universe? What the ____ are you talking about? Have you LOST your mind? Come home right now and tomorrow your are going to see Dr. Shrink! In JH's situation the truth sounds like a lie. However, all ____! is about to break loose and I cannot wait. I love this drama, love Ji Sung's acting ability, which is why I decided to watch this drama to begin with. Han Ji Min is doing a great job also. Great writing, great directing and great acting.
  3. Wasn't Jong Hoo married with twins in the original timeline? I have to go back and check. I agree with your statement about Joo Hyuk going back to the original timeline and fixing his problems with his wife. I am of the opinion, that something must happen to make Woo Jin remember her past timeline with Joo Hyuk and also reflex on her shortcomings. Joo Hyuk has had a opportunity to see his shortcomings and reflex on how he contributed to the failure of their marriage. Now, something must also make Woo Jin remember Joo Hyuk and what made her love him and her mistakes that changed him. Something had to happen on both sides for them to go from point A (so much in love) to point B, (disappointment and escape) Woo Jin's soul still loves Joo Hyuk and remembers him although she doesn't consciously have any memories of him. Woo Jin told her friend that she did not have the confidence that she could take Joo Hyuk away from his wife...that statement alone told me her heart was drawn to him. Some of us are shipping Woo Jin with Jong Hoo (I call it the second lead syndrome); however, let's face it, she is not that into him. If she was honest with herself and if we were honest with ourselves we would realize that the only reason she decided to date Jong Hoo is to try to get Joo Hyuk out of her mind. Even without any romantic involvement Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin click, there is a magnetic pull. Many of us are so bent on Joo Hyuk being punished for wanting out of his marriage; what if we were punished for all of our mistakes and shortcomings without redemption? Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin belong together regardless of the timeline or parallel universe. Jong Hoo is nice; however, he is not for Woo Jin; perhaps, he will meet his original wife in this timeline and the timelines will merge and everything will go back to normal. Joo Hoo will be married to the original girl of his dreams and have twins and Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin will be happily married with their two children and mother-in-law.
  4. I have read several posts critical of Joo Hyuk's decision to stay with Woo Jin when she could not find her mother. Some post even suggest that he should have called Jong Hoo. Does Jong Hoo even know Woo Jin's mother? Joo Hyuk genuinely cares for Woo Jin's mother; therefore, his motives to stay with Woo Jin, had a lot to do with wanting to make sure her mother were okay. I would do that for any friend of mine, male or female. It they needed me, I would be there. Woo Jin needed Joo Hyuk and he was there for her. Of course one should not lie to their spouse; however, in real life many do, even if it is no more than having a drink with friends and saying they worked late. Life is not black and white; there are many grey areas. Many still insist on making Joo Hyuk the villain in his marriage to Woo Jin, and yes, he did do many things wrong; however, let us not forget she had some culpability also. I like the fact that the writer is allowing this character to mature and acknowledge his mistakes. According to the mother-in-law, Woo Jin was not an easy person to love, yet he loved her. She had trouble expressing herself and had violent fits and humiliated him in public. Many of you have forgotten that, but cannot forget the Joo Hyuk had the audacity to buy a game console, which Woo Jin destroyed. Can anyone explain to me the difference in earlier times when the husband came in from work, sit in "his" chair, read the newspaper and had maybe a drink or cigar, cigarette or pipe, and playing a game to relax? In both cases the husband is not helping the wife. I love this writer and I think the actors are doing a great job. Although this drama is a fantasy (time travel or an alternative universe), many of the situations are mirror real life. There are many marriages, around the world, where the husband and wife work; however, she does the bulk of the housework and take care of the children. If the tables were turned and Joo Hyuk was violent with his wife, everyone would champion the fact that she wanted a divorce, and wished to be married to someone else. Question to ponder, are we being just a little hypocritical?
  5. Playing the devil's advocate Is Joo Hyuk cheating on Hye Won because he cares for Woo Jin, or is he cheating on Woo Jin because he was married to her (first) in the first timeline? Just asking the question since many posts refer to him cheating on Hye-won in his heart. I, like you, think he should have a free pass. Considering the unique circumstances surrounding their relationship, I do not feel Joo Hyuk is cheating on his wife. Joo Hyuk has not stepped over the line with Woo Jin, unless you count the pat on the head. Because he finds himself in another timeline, does not mean he stopped caring for Woo Jin, when you care for someone, (even if it is not romantically) you want to be there for them in the time of need. It is natural. I like the fact that once Joo Hyuk realized, that while he was married, he did not help Woo Jin with housework, etc... when Hye-won woke up the next morning, he was vacuuming living room... so cute. Joo Hyuk had already come to the decision to make the best of his marriage because he cannot go back. Perhaps, Hye-won will divorce Joo-Hyuk over this and he will be free to pursue Woo Jin. ( I can only hope) Randomlee said As for lying to HW, I am not condoning his act of lying but at that moment, it was difficult to explain the full story and it is even more difficult to expect HW to understand and not take issues with him. Because he was motivated by his desire to be there for WJ, he opted for the convenient way out - which is to lie to buy himself that chance of being there for WJ in her time of need. It’s not exactly the wisest thing to do, I do understand. In 20-20 hindsight vision, he could have called Jong Hoo and get him to be with WJ instead. But in that moment, he was more driven by his own heart than by his head. @randomlee I agree with your assessment except for one thing. Jong Hoo does not know Woo Jin's mother and does not have the same affection for her. Joo Hyuk helping Woo Jin find her mother had a deeper connection. Yes, Joo Hyuk would be supportive of Woo Jin; however, he does not have had the level of concern that JH, (due to their personal history) has.
  6. I agree with you that Joo Hyuk and Woo Jin's mom were the highlight of episode 7. The writer seems to be showing insight into Woo Jin personality through the mother. We find out in this episode, through the mother, that it was Joo Hyuk that saved Woo Jin's life. I guess when her father died, she was so devastated that she found it hard to cope. We now know that she had to repeat her last year in high school and that Joo Hyuk was very instrumental in helping and motivating her to complete school. We also know through the mother that Joo Hyuk had to put up with Woo Jin's explosive behavior as a part of her coping mechanism...it took a special person, who loved her to deal with her personality. She is not comfortable enough to show this side of her to Jong Hoo, yes she is lonely and his does shower her with attention, but she does not love him. Tonight's episode should be interesting...however, I probably will not watch it until the weekend...I check back in on Monday to read everyone's post and/or react to the episode. I loved JH and WJ's first kiss. I think that WJ only said yes she would date JH because JH is already married and she is falling for him fast. (I would to the same thing in this case, to take my mind off of what I could not have) However, if WJ ever remembers they were married in a different timeline, after she "castrated" JH with her violent temper, all bets would be off, Hye-Won, best bet would be the student, because Joo Hyuk no longer be hers on any level.
  7. I cannot wait until tonight's episode. @nidcha202 I can understand how you feel; however, since this is a different timeline, I will call it the "what" if timeline, Joo Hyuk never married Woo Jin. Since he was transported from the original timeline, he remembers their love, their courtship, their marriage, she does not. In the "what if" universe, they never married; therefore, there aren't any children. So far we've only witnessed Joo Hyuk's shortcomings and how he contributed to their unhappiness, we have not seen Woo Jin's shortcomings and how she contributed to their unhappiness. I cannot take sides, because I do not know the entire story. What did she do to contribute to him tuning out of the marriage? We know that they once loved each other very much. They both had a responsibility to make the marriage work. Therefore, what is her contribution to the failure of their marriage? The writer has not revealed this to us yet. We do know that her mother said "paraphrasing" that Woo Jin was always snappy with Joo Hyuk. (My interpretation - she constantly nagged, and was impatient with him.) Perhaps Joo Hyuk felt that regardless of he did for WJ, he could not do anything right. As I see it both were suffering in that marriage. I am glad that JH could finally see he faults, his shortcomings, and remember when and why he loved Woo Jin. As I said before, I understand your point of view; however, I do not know think he should be punished or suffer. If two people who love each other can stay married, and find a way to have a happy marriage, I am all for it. If stepping into an alternate reality (a "what if" timeline) helps JH to see his shortcomings and remember why he loved WJ, my thoughts are whatever works. I am sure more marriages would work if the couples were able to remember why they loved each other. Cheer up, Woo Jin's life is not so unhappy, as she said her mother is adorable and instead being a caregiver for her mother, her mother is her caregiver.
  8. I apologize for cutting your post short. It was a very well written and thought out analysis. I loved it. You did not take sides or blame one over the other, but rationally looked at both sides. I do not know how the writer will have LW examine her marital issues; however, in order for them to be happy she has to reflect on how she contributed to the unhappiness in the marriage. Perhaps, her hearing his voice calling her in her sleep or the familiar touch of his hand on her head and the fluttering of her heart will help her to remember their marriage. We don't know yet, perhaps she also chose to escape her marriage to JH and they are both living in an alternative reality. I hope episode 7 will show her perspective. @lara2018, I enjoyed your insight into this couple...thank you.
  9. I agree with you. I like flawed characters also. As has been stated previously by, @Pam_Van FossenJH was married to WJ for years, long enough to have two children. He remembers falling in love with her, he remembers marrying her, he remembers her mother. With HW, he wakes up in a different bed, married to someone else. Although he is married, and I do not condone cheating, he does not feel connected or really married to HW. His head knows he is married to HW, but his heart does not. Cut the man some slack folks. He is flawed as we all are. This writer has allowed JH to step back and see his shortcomings and by simply listening, (something he did not do when he was married to WJ), JH has gained new insight into WJ. I can see this character growing and maturing, I believe JH and WJ will have a successful marriage once they both learn how to cope with stress and other relationship issues. To JH's credit, he tried not to feel the way he does about WJ, and part of him, because he knows and loves her, tries to protect her. By the way, I am in the minority also, I do not think JH should be punished. He ran into HW when he was most vulnerable, and what does she tell him... you know I used to like you. Okay, just like us flawed people, he starts to think of the possibilities, the what ifs. Unlike most of us, for whom it is just a daydream; a thought and then we go on with our lives, he gets the opportunity to explore the what if. I am sure he would have adjusted to the new life if he had not met WJ again. We all knew that life was not going to be that simple, JH had to face the consequences of his choices and see his mistakes, his shortcomings. I am enjoying this drama, next WJ must see her part in the failing of their marriage. JH played a huge role in its failure, but it was not him alone, WJ's temper was scary... after having a lobster claw thrown at you in a way to cause deadly injury, I am sure you would want a divorce also or at least not live under the same roof.
  10. I would recommend you watch Ji Sung in the "Defendant". He is an amazing actor, that is why I decided to watch this drama. Ji Sung has been picking great projects in the last 4 or 5 years. There is definitely room for you here. My thoughts on this week's episodes. It is the case of you do not know what you have until you lose it. As the saying goes, "you don't miss the water until the well runs dry." JH is now missing his water. I like the way the writer makes him reflex on his and WJ's life together (love the flashbacks.) He had forgotten what made him love her in the first place. He now has a deeper insight of how she thinks. For example, he knew she liked sad movies, but he did not know why. In this time line he has a chance to reflect and understand WJ. I loved the fact that he came to the realization that WJ was not a monster, he turned her into a monster. He only thought about the hard time he was having and never stopped to think that she was having a hard time also. JH also realizes that being married to HW, is not all he thought is would be. The grass in not greener on the other side. Granted in his old life at work, the manager was "breaking his balls" and his home life was chaotic, he now realizes he had a responsibility to make the marriage work, it was not all on WJ. Unlike others that think JH should let WJ go, I think they should get back together. Now that JH realizes his role in the unhappiness in their marriage, I believe he should have an opportunity to get it right. Although this is a alternate timeline, WJ's soul still recognizes, JH and their connection even through time and space. Other Thoughts Some have tried to make the comparison between this drama and Throw Back Couple, in my opinion, they are entirely different, the only similarities are the coupes in both dramas were unhappy in their marriages, neither knew how to solve their problems without divorce, and the time travel aspect. Everything else is completely different. Personally, I try not to compare dramas unless I am looking at a remake. I try to look at each drama as its own story. I think Joo Hyuk just got too much beef from some viewers. However, I like flawed characters. In the real world, there are many gray areas not just black or white. That makes it more interesting, and our characters more human. Through the drama, I see that JH saw glimpse of his failing marriage and his own doings. We should watch and support their own learning and discover to be better. I can't wait to watch ep 6 in sub. Woohoo!! I enjoy reading everyone's discussion too. Keep it up!!
  11. I really like this show. I think it is funny. I am surprised that more people are not on the forum...what a shame. It does not mean that people aren't watching,,,especially internationally, it means that people have not found anything to posted about. I keep hoping that this drama takes off, it is do cute and so far it is different from other rom-coms. I hope it is not cut short.
  12. I agree with you; however, I am going to play the devil advocate here (just a little). I understand that he should help out at home and I wholeheartedly agree; however, she has some culpability here. Before, it ever got to this point, WJ should have had a honest, calm, sensible talk with JH. When the first baby was born, things changed...she should have said, I know that I used to be able to take care of your clothes, and cook for you. Now that we have this beautiful baby that we've created together, I need your help. We need to take turns getting up at night, cooking dinner and I need help with the housework. If we work together, we will both have time for hobbies and recreation. The ground rules would have been set and in place before she had the second child. It would not be any need for violent outbursts, screaming and throwing things. The environment she created was not good for her, JH or their children; toxic for all. One of the marks of a successful marriage is open communication. Just because you are married, you don't develop telepathy. Because you love a person, you don't automatically know what they are thinking and what they want, those things must be communicated. Yes, yes, yes, he should help out; however, the way WJ went about expressing her displeasure was incorrect. When he came in, after being in a car accident, she never let him explain what happened. Had she let him explain and she took a few minutes to listen ; although she was upset, I am sure some of her anger would have dissipated. Perhaps both of them should find a few minutes for themselves each day when they find out about the other's day and reconnect. A wife should not be afraid of her husband, mentally or physically nor should a husband have to walk around on egg shells because of his wife. As you can see, love does not conquer all.
  13. After watching "What is Wrong with Secretary Kim", I was looking for something a little different to watch. With no expectations (because Secretary Kim exceeded any K-drama expectations) I started to watch this drama. So far, I am pleasantly surprised; I liked the first two episodes. I will stick with it for a while to see how the plot develops.
  14. I have not read the novel; however, if it was translated into English I would read it after the drama has ended. I found the translation for Ten Miles Peach Blossoms and read the novel; however, it did not take away my enjoyment of the drama. I noted the differences, and treated it as two separate works; which enhanced my appreciation of both. There are advantages and disadvantages to reading the novel first or along with the series. The advantage is that you understand the back story and usually have clearer picture of the characters their roles, or placement in the story. The disadvantage is that when the screen play, (and it often does), deviate from the novel, some get bent out of shape. I find the best way to watch the drama is to keep the two separate and use the novel as research or background information. Remember you can create any scenario you want in a book; however, when it comes to real life, some things cannot be reproduced, are too elaborate or hard to duplicate, or too expensive to follow the novel. Other times, to move the story forward scenes have to be rewritten, deleted, or added. Let's put aside the novel, as far as the comparison goes and enjoy the drama. I understand those who hope certain scenes are in the drama... and from the descriptions, I hope so also; however, if certain scenes are not included, it is not a deal breaker for me, because I am enjoying this drama, even the slow parts.
  15. Okay, I watched episode 16 and the venue was all of that and then some...it was gorgeous...every woman's dream. It was so nice to see the mother-in-law (more on the in-laws shortly) embrace her daughter-in-law and genuinely like her. I liked the line, (paraphrasing) I was so jealous of my friends, I only had two sons, now I have a beautiful daughter to go shopping and eat delicious food with. I was all smiles. I loved the fact that she wanted to shower MS with gifts because she was fond of her. The In-Laws were so nice and down to earth, yes, they have tons of money; have an opulent home, and live a lavish life style, but their money is not who they are. I loved the fact that they could apologize to their children and treat them well, ...no hitting, throwing things, or name calling...loved it. Even SY ended up being someone that I could understand and like. I like the fact that even though MS's family do not have money, they were not looked down on, but made to feel welcomed. Thank you writer! Here I go again, one of my favorite scenes, was when YJ could not stop his knees and hand from shaking while waiting to be married. Although we did not get the I do...what we got was even better...the kiss. I loved the flashbacks. This drama was written, directed and produced so tastefully. It will be one of my favorites for a long time....It might even bump my number one or two...City Hall and My Name is Kim Sam Soon. Thank you cast, writers, directors, production staff, stylist and crew for a great drama from episode 1 to episode 16. GREAT DRAMA!
  16. You wrote exactly how I feel about this drama all I can say is ditto. The drama progressed at a nice pace, the dilemmas were resolved fairly quickly. The cast was great, the acting top notch, chemistry between the OTP's was "hot" and I like that everyone had a happy ending... nicely done. This drama had just the right amount of everything. Thank you screen writer, director and production manager for a job well done. I will watch this drama again. I also agree with you and @ck1Oz that the stylist was great in this drama. I loved the clothes and the fact that they were not ill fitting. The characters were styled one would expect a real Vice Chairman and his assistant to dress.
  17. I have not posted much during this drama; however, I love it. The cast is phenomenal, YJ and MS's wardrobe is nice, no crazy, outfits. I think I read somewhere that Park Seo Joon said he owned one suit, and I can see that; however, he wears suits well. I like that the jackets fit just right, and the pants do not need to be lengthened. Park Min Young looks professional in her beautiful blouses and skirts. I cannot say enough about this drama, it was the whole package. The things I liked the most...(it is hard to choose.) 1) I liked the fact that they did not draw out the kidnapping saga too long, it was resolved early enough that we could appreciate the family healing process; therefore, when YJ and MS get married, the family togetherness will not feel forced. 2) each character grew, especially YJ. 3) NO LOVE TRIANGLE, when SY found out that he was not the one that was kidnapped, he backed off. 4) NO OVERBEARING MOTHER TRYING TO BUY OFF MS. Although, YJ would not have allowed it. 5) The supporting cast...It was refreshing to see MS co-workers taking up for her. 6) For all of of YJ idiosyncrasies, when he found that one love, he did not let go, but made changes he needed to make it work. 7)The bromance between YJ and PYS. Some of the advice was really good. 8) I loved the bulldozer line. 9) The ROMANCE, Park Seo Joon is a great actor, his conveys many different emotions with his face and eyes. The YJ character shows great tenderness with MS, the kisses are gentle and sweet, and at the same time very steamy. I am going to stop here, because I realized so far, I have enjoyed every episode, the plots, and all the characters. This drama has made it to my top 10 romantic comedy list along with Because This Is My First Life, My Secret Romance, and Something about 1%.
  18. Wow, I am not used to reading a C-Drama forum with this much interest, over 1700 replies so far. It is great!!! I love the story line, the characters and the cinematography. The chemistry between Ethan Ruan and Yang Mi is off the chain. They convey sensuality with a look. The sword fight/flirting in his chamber was awesome. After that, I would have said "take me." The only problem I have with some of the posts is the constant comparison with the book. In many instances screenwriters change or delete sections of the book. I know this drama is based on a book; however, for a better experience, put the book aside (lose the book) and enjoy the drama. So far everyone involved is doing a fantastic job. The last C-drama that I watched that had this much interest was Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms, which, by the way, Yang Mi starred in.
  19. Yep, she was not kidnapped... but that event made her also as a prisoner 'cause that woman was crazy after all. I agree that the woman was crazy; however, a prisoner is legally contained except in cases where the person is taken captive by their enemy, such as a prisoner of war. I have not read the webtoon or the novel; unless MS walked into the place where YJ was being held and stayed with him voluntarily, although she was not tied up, she was there against her will. Therefore, if the lady single her out either intentionally or on a whim, MS was kidnapped because she could not leave on her own. The definition of kidnap is as follows: to take (someone) away illegally by force. synonyms: abduct, carry off, capture, seize, snatched Perhaps in MS case, the kidnapper may have thought MS saw something and could report her, who knows. I hope we will find out more about the circumstances surrounding the kidnapping in the upcoming episode.
  20. I will look at those scenes again; and it might mean that her power is returning; however, I thought it was a part of her disguise in order to enter the senior prime minister's (not his official title) household to look for Seven. My reasoning is that when she is not in disguise, she does not have that mark on her cheek. It might also be a tribal mark since she was impersonating someone else.
  21. Right now this is my favorite romcom. I love the chemistry between YJ and MS. In fact, the entire cast is fantastic and have me in stitches. I also love the fact that MS is mature and did not want any misunderstandings between her and the YJ. Kudos to the writers for writing the script this way. As for the kidnapping, I have not put all the pieces together yet; however, YJ was definitely kidnapped. How did I come to this conclusion: 1. He has scars around both ankles 2. He is afraid of zip ties 3. The bright light from MS's cell phone startled him 4. He has nightmares about the woman 5. He loves caramel candy 6. He is sensitive to the cold 7. He hired Mi So...just because she was Mi So For me the jury is still out whether SY was also kidnapped. Perhaps he witness the kidnapping and did not do anything to help his brother. Perhaps he felt guilty because he sent his brother to get him something to drink and he never came back (because he was kidnapped). The mind has various way of coping with trauma; therefore, SY could have adopted part of YJ's story out of guilt that he could not or would not do anything to help his brother. It also could be feeling guilty because he was angry his brother never came back with the drink only to find out later, his brother had been kidnapped. I hope they keep this couple together no matter what happens that they can lean on each other and solve their issues in a mature manner. Sidebar: I love the way they dress these characters. She wears the most beautiful blouses and his suits are professional and he wears them well.
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