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  1. I was watching several dramas on DF when it shut down. When you find a legitimate site, please post it so that I can watch it there. As you stated the illegal sites have unwanted images and are virus ridden.
  2. I don't know...she is pregnant with another man's baby, that is an automatic death sentence. I think that the Crown Prince can forgive MY's sins, since the crown prince witnessed the murder of MY's father and family. The Crown Prince can understand MY's anger and the fact that he was manipulated by the PM. Since HS is the baby's aunt, they might raise the child as their own, but not adopt, if it is a boy; therefore, he would never be in line for the throne. In the past consorts and concubines have taken lovers with the knowledge that both would die if anyone ever found out. I am sure a few had babies that were not the King's; however, unlike in this scenario, they were at least sleeping with the King. The crown princess was reckless because she knew that her father planned to kill the Crown Prince and who would be able to dispute the baby's legitimacy. I think MY might love the crown princess; however, she does not love him, she does have feelings for him, but I don't think it is love. The reason for my statement is if the CP would have shown her a little attention, she would have been all his and against her father. I get the feeling that the PM was not loving towards his daughter but used her a a pawn. I feel a little sorry for the crown princess, but then I don't because she, out of spite and frustration, went along with her father's treasonous plots. To end any insurrection attempts, the crown princess, her father, mother, brother??? and his accompanists all should be put to death. It is harsh, but it is life.
  3. Right now, I am so upset. I was watching this as well as two other dramas on Drama Fever only to find out that their last day of business was 10/16/18. Time Warner, their parent company, for business reasons decided to shut down the streaming service. I can understand having business reasons for terminating a department; however, they should have let the content that was not completed run, restrict access to any dramas and movies that were completed, and not add any new content. Once the new dramas were over, then shut down the service. Now I am looking for a legal site to view content other than Viki. I watch dramas on Viki also; however, the dramas I was watching are not on Viki yet. What a boomer!
  4. I don't think that DW knew who he was when he came back from Seoul (modern name). I think that WD remembered who he was when SD shot the arrow at him. He remembered being presented with the arrows and other palace scenes. He was able to figure out he was the CP by putting together his scattered memories, along with the fact the SH's brother told him that people thought he was dead and if he came back many would loose their lives. Why would he choose to continue to live as WD? One he wants to be by SH's side and two, he does not want people to loose their lives. His only option at this point would be to assume WD's identity and live happily with Hong. Since he realizes that he is the target of an assassination attempt, he would not be safe in the palace. Therefore, he needs time to figure out who is behind the attempts on his life, develop a strategy, and find allies if he hopes to live. WD knows that eventually he has to resume his role as CP and go back to the palace because of the chaos and corruption abound in the palace and his father, the King is in danger. As WD he also has had an opportunity to experience how the citizens live and what they think of the CP; therefore, he needs to make changes to ease their burden. I look at episode 11 as the second half of the story where CP has to take charge and clean house.
  5. I decided to watch this drama Saturday night and completed episode 7 last night. Once the prince does regain his memory and make it back to the palace, I think that he is going to kick butt and take no prisoners. I think that he has to build a power base before he returns and, therefore; remains as Hon Shim husband until he can safely return to the palace. His experiences outside of the palace will alter his views of the people and the laws governing them. I hope that in the end, the crown prince takes Hon Shim as one of his concubines, later to be his future queen. (I wonder if the writer will have reveal of Hon Shim's real name and parentage)? I did not think that I would like this drama at first; however, it is good. It has it's light moments but also depicts that politics of the time. Watching historical dramas remind me that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Today, power grabbing is often executed in a different way, (without bloodshed), but the end results are the same. The most venerable are hurt at the expense of those who hunger for power. I am looking forward to catching up in the next few days.
  6. The only thing I have to say about last night is Ahhh! The final scene was great and well worth the wait. The actors were fantastic, so much emotion, they nailed it. The tear running down MS's face was the so moving. All-in-all, I loved this episode.
  7. I agree with you 1000% about the plot, GB needs to know the truth. My next remarks are solely based on my personality. After MS said he does not remember a few times and the way he expressed it, ( not flippant or sarcastic) I would have wanted an explanation. Yes, the first time, he said that he did not remember, I would have been taken back and hurt; however, after how he acted with the shoes and in other instances, curiosity would have gotten the best of me I would have started to question why he does not remember instead of getting upset. I cannot understand why GB is not curious. It is not normal, at some point, not to question why MS cannot remember. To all who will say, she lost her career and was accused of murder, yes, I know that she has been beaten down and humiliated by many; however, GB has spunk, and skill and she has a not going to give up attitude. Therefore, GB not questioning MS's lapse in memory does not add up. It is time for her to know the truth and move the drama forward.
  8. @2handsintertwined Thank you for responding to me. It is my opinion that we all do not have to think and feel the same way on any topic. All sincere and respectful opinions are welcomed. Who knows when someone will post something that will change one's way of thinking. May God bless you and keep you. I do hope that you will finish watching familiar wife. I think the ending, though it could have been better, will satisfy you. I hope to meet you again while watching a further drama. I used to watch K-dramas every night; however, I have cut back my watching to two dramas a week. I am now watching Devilish Joy and Mr. Sunshine.
  9. I loved this drama from beginning to end. All the loose ends were tied, and in this time line, HJ and WJ learned how to cope as a married couple. WJ still has a temper; however, now HJ knows how to handle it. In real life we do not get a do over; however, HJ was presented with the opportunity and it was a learning lesson. He thought if he did not marry WJ, their lives would be easier, only to find out, you cannot cheat destiny. Great writing, acting and directing. The chemistry between Ji Sung (whom I have liked since I saw him in Kim Soo Ro) and Ha Ji Min ( I've loved her acting since she starred in Yi San), was awesome. Both are veteran actors and played their roles well. I loved the supporting actors also, working together all made the drama a success. Most of all, I enjoyed your posts and will miss you and Familiar Wife. I hope to read your posts, insights and discussions on future dramas.
  10. I was thinking the same things also while I was watching last night. He remembered her the next day without writing it in his journal.
  11. I have not watched the last two episodes and will wait until the weekend to do so. My plans are to comment on the end of this drama on Monday. I have enjoyed the ride with all of you; great premise, great writing, acting, and directing. Kudos to the entire cast, writing staff, and production team.
  12. Yes, yes, yes! Please do not forget ep 21 and the underwater kiss. I think I might re-watch the two episodes again
  13. I loved this drama from the beginning to the end. This drama had several love stories that moved me especially the love between Wuji and Fuyao. They were honest in their love for each other and willing to give their life to save one another. The great cinematography, fantastic choreography, and wonderful costumes made the drama a joy to watch. My favorite scenes are the ones with Wuji and Fuyao "sparring" in his chamber. Who knew fighting could be so sensual.
  14. I would not be surprised if she was behind his "accident" three years ago.
  15. I hadn't thought about it; however, you are right, in twelve years, she would have liked or loved someone else since JH was not in the picture. When WJ stepped into this latest timeline, everything had changed. Her mother was healthy, and JH's sister does not know WJ does not have a restaurant nor is married. Therefore, as you so wisely stated, she would have had a previous relationship, or someone she loved, most likely from the second timeline. MMM...interesting. Now JH can feel the full effects of his choice to abandon WJ.
  16. For me, it is not necessary for the two children to be in this timeline, if JH and WJ get married, we can safely assume that children will be in their future. What I do not want to see is the last two episodes rushed, just to show their two children. I would rather have a beautiful wedding and rap-up with all the characters than a rush into the future to what, 2021 just to show the two children. Once we get them happily married, the children will follow. This story is not like The Throw Back Couple, in this drama, in the beginning only JH traveled to the future. Once he did not meet her on the bus that day, her future was changed without her knowing it. WJ does not have any memory of children; therefore, she does not miss the children. Only we (the audience and JH) know about the children. I am not being calloused in any way; however, they are not essential to the plot. If the writer can write them in without rushing the ending, that is great; however, if not, it does not change the drama's message...love transcends time and space.
  17. Hello all. This is my first time reading many of your posts; however, I am in stitches. I might not post much about this drama, but I see that I will be laughing a lot. It is good to laugh sometimes and not take things to seriously. @packmule3Thanks for the commentary...LOL Your comparison to Cinderella was spot on. @UnniSarah and @celebrianna I agree with you. I get a bad vibe from the aunt. I does appear that she does not like GMS and I would not be surprised if she was trying to steal his money and or company. It would appear that the hospital (children's wing) is loosing money. His aunt was probably his legal guardian and; therefore, controlled his money before he came of age. I don't think she like relinquishing the purse strings or having him making the final decisions.
  18. I've read several comments about JH being passive and spineless. JH's ego has taken a big blow and WJ understands that, that is why she is fighting so hard for him. JH has convinced himself that any woman he is involved with, he will make unhappy. WJ has had a chance to see a different side of JH, and feels he is worth fighting for. I commend WJ for not giving up on JH, it is easier to walk away and write JH off; however, love makes WJ fight for JH even when he will not fight for himself. As "passive" and "spineless" some of you think JH is, when WJ is in trouble or need, he is there without thought to make sure she is alright. Although he thinks if they marry, he will make her unhappy, he loves her and will put his "passive" "spineless" life on the line for her every time.
  19. Normally I like to speculate and theorize. This time, I am going to wait and see what happens in the next episode. I think at that time, I will have enough information to make a reasonable guess. As I read some of these posts, I am wondering if the same people who think that they will not meet on the bus are the same people who were so hard on JH? Just a thought. Even if JH and WJ do not meet on the bus, I am sure he will not go on a date with Hye-Won; therefore, Jong-Hoo can catch the cab to meet his future wife. That is as far as I go with the predictions...sometimes, it fun to watch and be surprised. The only other thing I will predict is that they will be together in the end. I do not know if they will be married or just dating; however, their hearts belong to each other.
  20. I just a have a quick comment. I love the WJ. In this timeline, she learned to be woman enough to be JHyuk's strength and not the other way around. Whatever obstacles they have to face, they will face them together. GO WJ and JH!!! She loves him enough to fight for him and he loves her enough to let her go. However, in the end, he loved her enough to follow her. As WJ said, whenever she needed him, he was always there by her side and true to form, he could not let her take the risk of going back alone and have something happen to her. He had to be by her side.
  21. @ymiss Thank you, well said. Marriage is a life long, until death thing, and it takes communication, compromise, and understanding to make it through. There will be bad days; however, there will be a lot of good days. When I was very young, about 20, a colleague told me that a good marriage was one where the good days outnumbered the bad days and that is true. For a marriage to work, both have to be committed to making it work. Congratulations on your twelve years of commitment, and the birth of your 6th child, may God be with you and bless you, your husband, and your marriage. Excerpt from Drama Milk "Now I understand everything. Why my heart responded to you like that and why it moved to you. But, why did you do that? Why did you make that kind of choice and dump me? JH – I am, I was really afraid of you changing like that. I am responsible for you for your entire life, I did not even know it was my fault. If I cared about you a little more, if I listened to you a little more, then you would be like you are now, healthy and cool. We could have lived like that. I ruined everything. I was selfish and I made a stupid choice. he gets on his knees at the table to apologize. And starts crying. JH – It is too late, but I am really sorry Woo-jin, really really sorry. Really sorry. Woo jin leaves, but she looks very affected. She stops at the door for a moment then goes back and stands in front of him. he is still on the floor. WJ – Okay, it is not only your fault, there is no one sided relationship. I am not the Seo Woo-jin that you dumped. I am not that weak. When I have a wave, I will survive, so I will give you another chance. You should recover and take back everything. Your sorry feelings….just don’t say them. You need to repay me, next to me, for your entire life." WJ understood what many of those who posted and shared their thoughts about this drama grappled with...there is no one sided relationship. Although she did not fully see her past actions, she knew that whatever happened in their marriage no one person (JH) was at fault. Also in this timeline WJ had a chance to see JH in a different light, he is an honorable man at work and he is a good friend. There is also a silver lining, because of JH making the decision he did, WJ had a chance to become an independent woman, capable of handling children and a marriage without exploding. Because of the decision he made that day, JH had a chance to see how selfish he was and how he contributed to WJ's explosive behavior. What looked like a disastrous move, might be a win-win for both of them. On Another Note: Did the mother go back in time to try to save her husband? Is that the reason she knew that JH was her son-in-law in this timeline? Tonight's episode should be interesting...thank you for the curve ball writer...I am loving it.
  22. @richelleIf I, while driving, turned left and had a terrible accident which caused someone to be seriously maimed; however, I was given an opportunity to make a different choice and the next time I turned right. Making the choice to turn right, I avoided the accident altogther. That means the accident never happened, I did not wreak the car or seriously maim anyone. Yes, I remember the old time line, I remember the accident, however, for everyone else involved in the old time line, it never happened. The same here, no marriage, no kids, no forgiveness is necessary. Let's face it, because they did not get married, she had an opportunity to better herself... Woo Jin is an independent woman and she works at a bank as opposed to a spa catering to spoiled and difficult rich women. Which would you want? In a way Joo Hyuk did her a favor... in this altered reality, she does not have to depend on a man for her happiness and can take care of herself. Perhaps, Woo Jin should thank Joo Hyuk. As for impulsiveness, Joo Hyuk was at his wits end, he did not know what else to do... I think his decision was made out of desperation instead of impulsiveness. @janinenana Great premise, supposed Woo Jin and her mother were also transported to this timeline but she lost her memory, which is why she kept having the dreams...I love it. This story is great, the cast, including the supporting cast, are phenomenal. As was said by one or more of you, this drama realistically depicts marriage and its pitfalls. Everyday (week, month, year) is not rosy; however, if you can just see beyond the now, and remember why you loved that person, then you can begin to repair or have a happier marriage.
  23. I am wondering why some of my fellow posters are stuck on Woo Jin having to (must) forgive Joo Hyuk; for what??? Woo Jin was not the model wife in the past, she also contributed to the failing of their marriage. Let us not forget, there are no kids in this timeline. The children are not in limbo or some orphanage waiting for their parents to return. They do not exist. I am in agreement with you. I hope the writer allows Woo Jin to reflect on their past love and marriage as she did with Joo Hyuk. Woo Jin will understand Jii Hyuk's actions better. She will understand her actions, reactions, and her culpability in the failure of their marriage. If anything, they will have to forgive each other. When watching a drama, although, all of us bring our life's experience and perspective to the table, I try to look at the drama from the characters' point of view. I guess that is why I am routing for Joo Hyuk and it is why I keep reminding others that both partners had a part in the marriage going down hill. We know from watching the drama that Joo Hyuk did not stop loving Woo Jin, he did not know how to turn the marriage around. Joo Hyuk thought that maybe Woo Jin would be happier without him. Yes, he was selfish, and decided that he wanted a life where he did not have to work as hard, and was able to enjoy the finer things in life. Be honest, how many of you would like to enjoy the finer things in life? I would! However; I also know there is a price for everything and the key is knowing whether I am willing to compromise my principles for those finer things or If I am better off without them. One of the things Joo Hyuk had to learn is that for a marriage to work, you can't just love the person, you must form a partnership, you must be sensitive to each other's needs, communicate clearly, be there for them, and help out around the house. Woo Jin needs to learn to communicate her needs and not expect that Joo Hyuk should automatically know them. She has to understand that he has pressures at work and need some understanding when he gets home not further humiliation. Every couple is different; however, we all need some "together" time, and some "me" time. One of my friends who has three children, the youngest is one, said her 'me" time is when she gets into the shower, in the shower is where she can think, and unwind. It surprised me, because that is where I have my" me" time also. The door is closed, it is my sanctuary, it is my time, no husband, no kids, no housework, no job, just me. Yoo Ji and Joo Hyuk needs to establish some alone time (when he can play a game.) and a few minutes each day when they have some "together" time without the children. It could be after they put them to bed that they spend some time together, finding out about each other's day, and catching-up on events in their lives. If they had that "together" time, it would have been the time, she could have told him her concerns about her mother. The writer has also reminded us that because someone else pasture looks greener than ours, it is not always the case. Once you've explored that pasture, it is no greener than yours; it has to be maintained and has weeds that must be pulled also. Go Woo Jin and Joo Hyuk!!!
  24. Very good point, I like your insight into her not really having any girlfriends. Many times women, when they are in love with a guy, because they spend all of their available with him, slowly lose contact with their girlfriends. Men usually don't do that. Girlfriends are so important. I understand the challenges of married life, especially when you have small children; however, just finding time every few months to have that "girls only" time is vital to one's sanity. You can vent, share stories and tips and just laugh and have a good time. I think that you are correct, she used Joo Hyuk to fill her emptiness after she lost her father. I remember her mother saying Joo Hyuk saved Woo Jin's life after her father died. Her happiness was so tied to Joo Hyuk. When they got married and he started working, he could not fill her emptiness and he did not have time to understand her needs, because he had other responsibilities she became resentful. Some of the posts mentioned Woo Jin marrying and having children too young. I think that was also a major problem, she never had a chance to figure out who she was as a person, or set future goals. I like the fact that in this timeline, she is a career woman, who has a decent job (not one in a spa), I do not want them to go back to the previous timeline, but realize their past and reconnect in this timeline. Woo Jin is evolving and becoming a better man, and will be a better husband, Woo Jin has had time to mature and be responsible for herself, she now can become a better wife. Now they are both ready to engage in a mature relationship and make a marriage work.
  25. Is it really all him??? Did WJ have any culpability in the marriage? I think so as @nubianlegalmind pointed out, "She should have experienced being married for a while before becoming a mom. She should have thought about who she is as a woman, and what her goals and dreams are first." I think both of them were naive and expected different things from the marriage, that is why I hope that the writer shows LW her mistakes also. There is blame to go around, but in their hearts, they still love it other. I am in the minority because I think the original marriage should be saved. I think the writer is affirming that marriage is hard work and it takes both parties to make it successful. Once they both get on the same page, learn how to communicate with each other, listen to each other and find a few previous minutes together each day the marriage will be better. They will still face problems, but they will face them together. I am fighting for HJ because, I think he has grown as a person and as a man. Since WJ was the recipient of his neglect, shouldn't she be the recipient of his growth as a man and husband and enjoy the fruits of his new found wisdom? They don't necessarily have to go back to 2006, they can find happiness in this current time line. It is not too late to start that family. I am glad that in this timeline she also works in the bank. When she looks back on their marriage, she will better understand why he did certain things and the stress of his job. Great move writer.
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