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  1. I loved this drama. It was well written and treated mental issues with respect and dignity. This is one of the few dramas that I watched without the need to analyze it or comment on it. I was greedy, I did not want to read others insights or offer my own, I just wanted to enjoy the story. I loved the relationship between the Moon brothers and how the relationship gradually changed, The relationship went from ST totally relying on GT to GT, near the end of the drama, having to lean of ST for emotional support. I was happy the writer gave ST enough courage to be able to live on his own and GT, who had taken care of him most of his life, being able to pursue his own dream and fall in love. I am sure that I will watch this drama again and recommend it to others. I thank the writer, director, production team and the actors, they all rose to the challenge, worked hard, and gave an outstanding performance. This drama should win an award. Great Drama!
  2. Very well put. I totally agree with you. I talked about their restraint with the person whom recommended this drama to me. I understand the writer's point of view, HJH is not officially divorced yet; therefore, as to not taint their love, they have not engaged in any scandalous behavior. It makes me route for them more, because their love is so sweet, pure and mature.
  3. Someone suggested this drama to me and I love it. Although it makes me sad and mad, that the main couple has had so many obstacles in their way from young adults until now. The flash backs are filmed beautifully and tell the story of their epic love and heartbreak. JS has maintained her integrity throughout. Although she is tough, she fights fair. She is just what JH needs to find his way back home. He has let revenge rule his life for so long, he forgot the ethical and righteous person he was. JS is there to remind him of who he used to be. I loved when JS told JH, (paraphrasing) I still love you; however, I am going to fight for what is right. she made him think and reevaluate why he was seeking revenge. The writer should have skipped having JH stabbed. Enough is enough. JH telling JS, he has thought about what she said and decided to change his direction would have been beautiful followed by a steamy make-up session; but no, the writer had to put another roadblock, another setback in their way. Although it is a great drama and actors are doing an excellent job, it is time to give JH and JS a break. Not during the last episode, but now. It would be nice to have some current beautiful moments.
  4. Quick Thoughts Episode one is actually the beginning of the end of the story. We see Lee Lim being interrogated and saying which he is 70 years old (that is his current age). He explains the legend of the flute and confesses to killing his brother. We also see Lee Gon, although we did not know it at the time, save his younger self. In episode one Lee Lim has killed his brother (again); however, we do not see the current outcome of Lee Gon. All the proceeding/following episodes are leading back to episode one and what happened after Lee Lim is arrested. The balance between the universes has to be restored; therefore, both pieces of the flute must be reunited. I also noted that before I saw the black sneakers of Lee Gon, I briefly saw someone in white sneakers, was that JTE? I think so. Did they go back in time again and this time arrest Lee Lim and retrieve his piece of the broken flute? The next episodes will be significant in answering these questions. I do not have the answer, but somehow the little boy is key to the restoration of the universes. It is possible that he keeps the balance between good and evil. When JTE encountered him in ROK, after he accidentally caused her to lose her badge(?) she asked him if he had a counterpart in KOK? His answer was no, there is only one of him, he travels back and forth. How? He does not have a piece of the flute. The next 3 episodes should be interesting. I am glad Lee Ho Min picked such a great drama as his first project to act in after his release from the service. All of the actors are doing a fantastic job. The fact that the chemistry between the leads is so potent speaks to their acting abilities.
  5. Hi all. This thread moves so quickly that I have not had the chance to to read many of the posts; therefore, I might be repeating something that was already written in a previous post. If so, please bear with me. Again I am working (on break), and have to think and write quickly. I watched episode 13 and these are my thoughts. Was Lee Gon was poisoned by Luna? I think Lee Lim asked Luna to retrieve the other half of the flute. What she does not know is that JY will be back shortly and save the king. I do not know if she will be successful in stealing his piece of the flute or not. (Knowing K-dramas, she might be able to steal his piece of the flute.) If that happens, I think JTE will be the one to retrieve it because she knows how important it is to saving both universes. Once the flute pieces have been reunited. They will be able to travel between the universes safety without any effects. I
  6. I watched episodes 11 and 12 this weekend and the story line keeps getting better and better. I did not have time to read the comments or analysis of these two episodes. I am going to add my not so knowledgeable opinion and go back to work. I think when Lee Lim killed the Prince, he unleashed the Lion within Lee Gon. LL said "I thought he was a benevolent king." He thought, LG would cower; however, he instead, roared like a lion. LL thought he could do anything he wanted to the LG and he would take it. He remembers, his nephew, but LG has grown into a wise a man. LL thought he made two mistakes. I think he made four mistakes, one was kill the Prince and the other was to mess with JTE and the third was to bring Luna to ROK, he was warned against it. I have so much to say and a little time to say it. I will just bullet point. 1. LG realizes that the rules of travelling to parallel universes have been broken. He has calculated that if they cross between the universes so much times, both universes will stand still. Somehow he must fix the imbalance. 2. The boy with the yo-yo - I think the yo-yo somehow represents the world and the red string is representing the imbalance, remember a yo-yo is two sides joined together to make a whole. The string, is the ebb and flow or the balance between the two. The red string means that the imbalance is getting critial. 3. The real Prime Minister might be dead because LL contacted her counterpart in ROK. When the Prime Minister ended up in ROK, I think she wanted to find out what was going on, not to team up with LL. Remember she wants to be LG's queen which could never happen if she teamed up with LL. 4. I think the reason LG, LL and others feel the fire like pain is because their counterparts in the parallel universe have died (been killed) before their appointed time. Since Luna is still living, JTE did not experience the pain, Like the yo-yo both halves make a whole. One might be destined to die before the other in their own universe; however, they cannot be killed, by someone in the opposite universe, then take their counterpart to a parallel universe. Remember LL killed LG's counterpart in ROK. LL's actions caused a rift or tear in time. 5. I think the time freeze started to happen because both parts of the magic flute was in the same time and space. The ultimate battle will be who will holds both halves and united them. Perhaps mending the magic flute will also mend the rift. (If this is anything like past drama LL will get it first and LG will have to battle for it) 6. I think LG's father and grandfather crossed into ROK because Lady Noh is from ROK. However, they did not break the rules and; therefore, she has not had any pains. Perhaps the book LG bought back for her was a book she read when she was a young girl in ROK. The former king or his father could have also written the book. Lee Min Ho is so good in this part. He has immersed himself in this character. I applauded all of the actors, they are the ones who have made this drama so enjoyable. The script is great and I love it. I love the surprises and the suspense. However, with out great talent the story alone would not be as phenomenal. Did I mention the kiss scene in episode 12 was sexy, playful, smoldering and right on point. When I get a chance I will come back and read your great insights. I love reading your theories and analysis. It is above anything I would think. I decided not to get too much in the back story; but enjoy the drama. That's my two cents, now back to work.
  7. I am not a great theorist like many of your are this is my humble opinion. Since Luna only has months to live, she doesn't need to replace TE in ROK. I do not think Luna has parents in the KOC; therefore, TE could bring her father with her. I do not know which episode it was but the Lee Gon has already made her his queen. I would have to go back and watch several episodes to reference the one I am thinking of. It was the episode where she wanted to know his name. He said , paraphrasing, I can tell you my name if you were my queen. Then he pronounced her queen, but did not tell her his name. I using the theory that if the king's word is law, then when he said to TE that she was his queen, is a legal. So far this script is very well written. I love the suspense, but it also have romance and funny moments. Questions to all: Who is the trader in the palace? Who is putting the messages in the book in the book store. I think that in a small way, Lee Lim has admiration for Lee Gon, because he considered his brother to be weak. However, he knows that his nephew, Lee Gon is not weak and Lee Gon feels that he is a worthy opponent. I heard in his voice when he told Lee Gon, he finally sounded like a king.
  8. I love reading everyone's theories. Some of your analysis are very insightful. I decided that I would sit back and enjoy the ride. I have not had time to read all 350 pages, however, did anyone have a theory on the fact that both Lee Lim and Le Gon have issues with their skin when it rains? I think that the more times each cross into another world, the more their DNA is altered. Remember the road or the place where time does not exist? I think that is where Lee Gon disappeared to. If there is one alternate universe, why can't there be other alternate universes? It is theorized that time is a continuum; however, in real life you cannot travel backward or sideways, only forward. I noticed that there are some Dr. Who fans on this thread. I have been a Dr. Who fan since the reruns of the first doctor. However, I am trying to keep the two separate and not apply the time travel rules from that show to this show. At the end of each episode, I have more questions than answers, that is what is so great about this writer, when I think I have it all figured out, there is another twist. I also realize that some subplots are red herrings and are added to keep us guessing. I wish that I did not start watching this drama in real time, because I have to wait until the end of the week for the next installment. Keep theorizing it is fun to read your posts. Maybe at end Lee Lim will self destruct and that is what his brother knew... a grab for absolute power, trying to rule both worlds, would ultimately destroy the holder of the magic flute.
  9. This is my take on Shin Jae. He was originally from Corea; however, he was forcefully taken to Korea when he was a little boy. Something happened that caused him to be in a comma for a year. Was his doppelganager killed in Korea killed? From the conversation in the restaurant between Shin Jae and his mother, I believe a switch was made, but ,maybe she does not know it because she called him her miracle. Shin Jae has suppressed most of his memories; which is why he is seeing a psychologist. He has been slowly piecing together his memories and writing them in his notebook, thus the drawing of the Corea crest. If you remember the scene where someone favoring his mother was looking at adult pictures of him and crying, I believe he was taken away forcefully as an insurance policy that one of his loved ones would either keep quiet or do what Lee Lim wanted them to do. My other thoughts I think that when Lee Lim pressed the magic flute into LG's neck, some of the power from that flute merged with his body, I think that is why his back glows and pains hie when there is lightening. Although, both have parts of the flute, I think the flute recognizes the rightful owner. What we don't know is if LL knows about bridge. Perhaps the bridge is a portal between the past, present and future. PS I love LHM in this role. He has such presence. I love to watch the way he walks, the way he handles himself and how he wears his clothes. LHM is perfect for this role. Some want the King to act out of character; however, I do not. Although he has a Prime Minster and Parliament the King has a lot of power. Therefore, I would not want to see the king involved in scandals,or punching people out. If you cannot control your own emotions, how can you control an empire. Being crass and reckless, does not mean having depth.
  10. Wow, I have not posted anything on this forum since Crash Landing on You; however, after looking watching Eternal King, I had to express my pleasure on Soompi. I did not know that I would walk into a conversation about the possibility of JY being gay. JY has known the King since they were children, he knows his pain and heartaches. JY has one of the most important jobs in the kingdom, the protection of the king. A. he does not know this person and; therefore, does not know if she is a threat. Where did TE come from? Is she a spy or an assassin? Will she break the king's heart? JY has all of these questions and more. He is not jealous, but on alert as any good bodyguard and also worried. Not only is LG the king, but he is also a friend. The reason they were raised together was to ensure JY's undying loyalty to the king, as his father before, had to the previous king. We all worry for those we care about whether another male or female, we want the best for them and we do not want to see them hurt. Great imagination!
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