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  1. I see a tragic accident in Eun Seok's future. He is head over heels with Jenny and wants to marry her, going against her mother and his grandfather's wishes. There is no way shady mom or Man Su are going to allow that to happen. I think we will be seeing an amnesia plot soon for Eun Seok based on his accident. That will take up at least a few (40 or so) episodes in order to keep things going. I can't think of anything else to keep the story alive at this point.
  2. I was thinking that the man that was killed (and seen by Man Soo as a child) was Man Soo's father. Eun Suk's father was a Policeman and was also killed by the Black Rose, I thought they may have been the same man. This is my assumption and based on how twisted kdramas usually are, it is highly possible. Then again, I may be totally wrong.
  3. @Lmangla, so far I am liking the drama. I do feel they made Jenny a little bit too dumb to be a famous designer. It is probably the after affect of the brainwashing her supposed mother has done to her. I sure hope she gets stronger and fights for her freedom. She is an adult and doesn't need her mother for everything. She is already famous.. I am loving Eun Suk, he fell in love at first sight with Jenny and is determined to protect her. I also love Dong Joo, he will be the perfect husband for Song A now that she is divorced from Young Man. Not sure what she saw in him to begin with. Also, his daughter is so cute and mature for her age. She is wonderful with Song A's mother too. Others have thought that Young In, Dong Joo's sister may end up with Young Man, but I think she deserves much better than a man like him. His mother is also another character that I dislike. She thinks Young Man is so great but he is nothing compared to Eun Suk. He has had a chance to run the company while Eun Suk was in Japan and he messed it up. Now, the grandfather, whom I love, is not going to let him have another chance. I sort of like Man Soo because he is interesting and mysterious. I do think he has been watching and trying to protect Jenny without her mother knowing about it. After the incident at the fashion show in Japan, it showed him immediately trying to find out what happened. He did the same when he heard about the pick pocket incident. He is handling it discreetly because he doesn't want to anger Jenny's mother. I think he is just collecting all the evidence against her to someday get his revenge. I do believe she is his biological mother and he feels she is responsible for his father's death. My only concern with this is that it may make him half brothers with Eun Suk. There sure are a lot of twists and turns in this drama so far. I am enjoying watching and catching up with all of you on here as we watch together.
  4. Did anyone else think that Jenny’s mother may try to make Jenny think she is mentally unstable after seeing the preview today? She has hinted at it to people before but when Jenny questioned her in the preview I felt she was going to tell Jenny that she is imagining things.
  5. Yes, I was, very surprised. I was also shocked that she died. It kept showing her laying there in a pool of blood, but I was still surprised.
  6. Good to see you too. I also don't understand Man Soo. I can't think of any reason he would want to marry Jenny. She pretty much ignores him. Since her "mother" has always sheltered her from life, I guess she thinks that is how it is supposed to be.
  7. I just finished watching Women in Dignity. Good Drama but is not like Suspicious Mother. I like Suspicious Mother so far and am on Epi. 10. I also started watching Mother of Mine which is a weekend drama and it is pretty good too. I have been watching for about 10 years and there have been so many good dailies. They are my favorites. I love watching the ones that were complete so I could binge watch. Very little sleep for me during those dramas, I can't stop watching.
  8. Im sorry you are sad. I really thought they may let him live since he basically repented and apologized to everyone. Hugs.
  9. I think her mother wants her to actually believing that she will get hurt if she doesn’t listen to her. That’s why she makes sure she has an accident each time she goes off on her own. Eventually Jenny will realize what a controlling person her mother is.
  10. I also really liked the ending. Just started watching Suspicious Mother-in-Law and it looks promising. Hope to see you all there. I have enjoyed watching with you.
  11. That’s for sure. For someone who says he wants SJ to be happy, he is not doing a good job of making that happen. His character is so irritating.
  12. I tried to watch today's episode but just couldn't, after seeing NJ with OSH and PSH so upset. I really didn't want to see Gun crying for his mom. I may have to wait til the last episode and then finish it. I really am not happy with the way things are going right now. It is ridiculous considering how OSH and NJ drove into the water and now they are back with new identities. I will wait and check this forum for the updates. Thank you all for posting.
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