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  1. 1 hour ago, ccl82 said:

    K. I just thought of something in the shower :D


    GI is listening to the wiretap recordings


    If there's a parent-relationship here, it could actually be DH-GI!


    Through his words, he can show GI (whose real father is an a**), that there's good in this world and guide GI to do what's right. 


    @ccl82 This is a nice thought :)... I also thought could GI be jealous of JA sweet talking to Ahjussi and realised that it should have been GI in the first place when things were better and he loved her. Or was it a kind of screwed up admiration he had for JA for how good she can be in moving her ahjussi with her words after all she has gone through in GI's hands...it was actually difficult to decipher the exact emotion in his expression when he was listening to the recordings. :mellow:

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  2. Did anybody notice in the preview that Myung Woo confronts Eun Joo and tells her all this happened not because of Hye Ran but because of her? And then they show a school girl with short hair which could be Eun Joo (remember HR had long hair) ?


    So maybe we could know what was Eun Joo's relationship with the jewellery store finally, and how MW EJ and HR were related during school days. (just some thoughts)

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  3. 1 hour ago, triplem said:

    That is plausible.  

    But wow the preview....is it okay if I don't care who killed Kevin now? :tongue:  One whole week till we see this....





    @triplem - I hope this is finally a 19+ episode :wink: ^_^

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  4. I just hope TW does not get into trouble later into the series for destroying evidence (formatting the memory card on ES's laptop)


    I feel this could be possible as ES goes crazy in episode 10 and probably could inform the detective that the memory card was formatted by TW - as for the evidence probably his fingerprints on her laptop as they show a lot of scenes of him clutching the laptop and crying...

    (even though this could be hard to prove as TW could just simply say that he used her laptop the other day to help her with KL's contract...)


    *biting nails*


    Brain in overdrive - I am just praying that HR and TW are united in the end - I would not be able to take one of them being imprisoned or separated. 




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  5. Anneyong Chingus ^_^, to begin with, I am digging this drama like crazy.


    But just to share my thoughts here, now that we are almost halfway through this show with episode 8 done, we still have not seen how TW takes up HR's case and defends her. Now that she has been arrested, could this be the point where the REAL action starts :ph34r: ?! , I mean she needs an attorney and I think this is where TW confronts EJ hopefully after smelling her tricks and like really takes on HR's case from Ep 9.


    I hope to see some brilliant investigation and defense by him and some great courtroom drama....:tongue: Oh and not to forget the Romance. Oh how I just hope HR just opens up from now on :wub:


    Cant wait till Friday.

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  6. On 10/17/2016 at 2:52 PM, willenette said:

    K-Drama Manes Of Glory: The Good, The Bad, And The Ugly


    ide-swept bangs


    Let’s start with a few manes that sport the side swept bang. Some of them have a bit of a curl like Lee Joon Gi’s ‘do from “Scarlet Heart: Goryeo.” These manes highlight the swoopy bang and the rest of the hair can be pulled up or left loose to run over the shoulders. Here his bang accents his sexy mask. Lee Joon Gi is the king of manes of glory and he doesn’t disappoint here. Rawr.


    (skipped unrelated.....)


    credit : soompi news

    Btw, could you please tell me who is the other actor in this post? thank you :)

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  7. 54 minutes ago, hiluna said:

    Yes, I think he is the kind of person that likes to show affection with hugs, handshakes etc. with everyone around him. I have noticed at public interviews and appearances with his leading ladies that he is more restrained than with the guys (recently the premiere of NSG movie in China) and it is probably to show respect for their boyfriends, OR to avoid a possible black eye :P. He doesn't seem to mind giving hugs to his fans either *sigh* wish I was one of them :wub:

    I so totally agree with you.

    LJK is the epitome of 'physical expression' ^_^

    His whole body is so animated that it conveys exactly what he is thinking. He likes to physically express himself by hugging, touching and giving handshakes etc which I find so attractive. It's difficult for guys to be expressive but I love it because LJK is so good at that, and his energy is just so...omg...:wub: I love his boyish carefree attitude...but he can be serious and diplomatic at times as well. I love the mix and versatility of his personality.

    How can he not have a girlfriend or how can a girl not want to date him, he is going to be so much fun to be in a relationship with .

    *sigh* :wub:

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  8. 5 hours ago, qwenli said:

    Iu is so sweet. What I find funny,was after finding the page for ljg, she used her hand to Pat his chest area like comforting a baby :D:wub: she will be a good mummy. 

    I truly think ljg was temp distracted while lying on her. Lol:D


    I have been trying to find this part of the bts but not able to find it :(

    Can you pls post the link to this? Thank you :))

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  9. 1 hour ago, Evelyn C said:

    Hong Jong Hyun must be doing a great job as a villain - I just wish his character would spontaneously combust each time he opens his mouth! :angry:

    You are right Chingu his acting is really good as the villain. We can say an actor is really doing a good job in a villain's role when we start to hate the character even though its not real. And this is the case with Hong Jong Hyun. I hate his character on screen but that's just proof how awesome the acting is :blush:

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  10. 14 hours ago, ilovekorearocks said:


    Since I can't quote your image lemme post is below.. 

    Is it me or the scar is very lightly visible? Or my mind is playing tricks on me.



    I think the scene in the preview where WS is sitting and HS removes the mask for him is exactly the scene when she tries to do the makeup for him...I bet on this 100 percent :blush:

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  11. 2 hours ago, finebyme said:



    Was this an out take??? It looks like it might have been an amusing scene to watch... 

    Chingu this scene is soo awesome :blush: thank yo so much for sharing ! But i dont know why they have not brodcasted it and was edited out.. :bawling: It wouls have been so nice to see this...I wish they make this scene as a flashback in a future episode...

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  12. Btw, I found something interesting....This is the video I found of Ruoxi x 4th Prince from the Chinese drama 'Bubujingxin' which is the story Scarlet Heart Ryeo is based on ->

    What is more interesting is the ending ! She goes back to the world she came from and finds the 4th prince there...Holy Moly! Like a re-incarnation....only thing is he does not know the whole thing that happened. Holy Moly. :flushed:

    I dont know if the Korean version will do a similar thing to this. What are your thoughts? 


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