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  1. [花椒之味 Fagara] Behind the Scenes Featurette - Speak your mind Translations (by TheRatchetFool_1023) The relationship between Ru-zhi and her mother; they deeply love and care for each other, but don't know how to express it. It reminds us to talk to our loved ones! Megan: Ru-zhi is a professional billiard player. Everyone will think "Wow! Very reticent. Cool." based on her appearance. Since young, she has disliked bearing the expectations of others, which is why she wants to break the conventions of what a traditional female should have. Director: It's not easy for Ru-zhi to let out her emotions. That type of rage causes her to be stuck in a state of mental suppression. Megan: She knows, since young, that her father is not by her side. She doesn't get along with her mother as well. Liu Juei-chi: To her mother, Xia Liang [the father] is not able to provide a complete family. So the mother bears this inadequacy to raise her daughter. Megan: Mom will always tell her: "I married your stepfather in order to provide you with a complete family." This is the complete family that you should have. Is it not enough? Liu Juei-chi: Although she really really loves her daughter, she doesn't know how to express it with words. Liu Juei-chi (as Ru-zhi's Mother): Then do you want to play billiards your whole life? Megan (as Ru-zhi): I don't think of it as a job. I think of it as a career. You don't have a career, you wouldn't understand. Megan: Ru-zhi seems to hide herself, but she has always wanted to achieve success. She's very diligent; she wants to be seen and validated. Filming for the scene of the competition was very stressful. I had only two weeks of preparation. During the first shot of the game, I didn't even hit the ball! The director immediately yelled "Cut!", and then dashed over from a distance. She told me: "It's completely fine, I always fail to hit the ball." Because her self-expectation is very high. If she thinks she didn't do well, she will say this. During filming for emotional scenes, she will always say things- words that make you cry, or words that hurt you. Director: I'm already 30-something, I don't know anything other than pool. What else can I do? Everyone tells you that it's fine, but is it really fine? Liu Juei-chi: Ru-zhi appears to be very strong and rebellious, but deep down, she really lacks emotional security. Megan: Juei-chi jie has a lot of emotional scenes in this movie that are connected with mine. Liu Juei-chi (as Ru-zhi's Mother): What has he given you? Megan: When we are dealing with the emotions of argument, it is in fact a more difficult part. Liu Juei-chi: We have to capture the conflicting emotions between mother and daughter. Liu Juei-chi (as Ru-zhi's Mother): Don't you forget, it was him who did not want you! Liu Juei-chi: I'll describe- I enjoyed being tormented by the director, it was very satisfying. The director would analyse and dissect the thoughts and feelings of the actors. Liu Juei-chi: It's very hard... Megan: We really- hurt each other in the movie, but we really feel sorry for each other in real life. Liu Juei-chi: In one of the scenes, Ru-zhi forgets her cap. The director thought, when I give her the cap, it's like giving it to a lover. I think there is always this type of expression between mother and daughter. Megan: This fully expresses the mother-daughter relationship; "I hate it when I look at you but I actually really love you." Liu Juei-chi: The love is too deep, too deep that they don't know how to treat each other well. After acting in this movie, I always remind myself to learn to talk things through. Megan: I believe everyone will find a good starting point; for example, getting a fierce slap in this story about yourself. Liu Juei-chi: After laughing and crying... Megan: You will be embraced tightly.
  2. [花椒之味 Fagara] Artistes Review Cr. Fagara Facebook page Translations (by TheRatchetFool_1023) After watching Fagara, artistes find moments in the movie that touches each of their hearts! let's watch the movie together~~
  3. 黃金。Golden Facebook Update with Megan Translation (by TheRatchetFool_1023) En, Rou you two are too blessed~ Mama is jealous Megan Lai treats En, Rou very gently
  4. [花椒之味 Fagara] Fagara Weibo Update 25.7.19 成长路上,每当我说到自己的梦想,就会听到很多否定的声音。试着不去在意,也还是会怀疑自己。但在我迷茫的想要放弃时,父母总会用行动告诉我,他们在支持我。 一起来聊聊梦想吧,我想听听你们的故事。 #爱要怎么说出口# #电影花椒之味# Translation (by TheRatchetFool_1023) In the process of growing up, every time I speak of my dreams, I will hear many doubtful voices. Trying not to mind, yet still having self-doubt. But when I'm in such a daze that I feel like giving up, my parents will still show through their actions that they support me. Let's talk about dreams, I'd like to listen to your stories. #How should love be said out loud# #Fagara# "Most people think snooker is a form of entertainment, and not a sport." Cr. Fagara Weibo https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/83197134.html?weibo_id=4398054649915828
  5. [花椒之味 Fagara] Fagara Facebook update Cr. Fagara Facebook page Director Heiward Mak will attend the sharing conference for Fagara. Catch the live broadcast to see what the director has to share about the movie!
  6. Megan's Weibo Update 21.7.19 《不要問我咩咩為何又接演比較中性的角色等你看了電影再告訴我你是否仍舊這麼認為之花椒之味之不是花不是椒不是味是枝不是之的我們來聊聊如枝》如枝的造型很簡單,幾個衣架就可以帶走她所有的衣服,常穿同一件外套,喜歡同一條褲子,住在城市裡需要走很長的樓梯的屋裡,堅持一份大部分母親不常支持的事業,覺得自己的血緣被分成兩半,但都不甚完整,用反世俗的眼光生活著才覺得活著,但其實她脆弱慘、超愛哭、很在乎,甚至可能喜歡Hello Kitty(筆誤!請忽略!)直到遇見第一個至親過世的重大事件,才逐一拼湊起分崩離析的生活、親情、事業與真正的自己。她有一個大姐,一個小妹,覺得夾在中間很有安全感,原來所謂的孤獨在這個三個人撐起的家裡並不存在,原來大家一起煮一鍋湯還多了另外兩種滋味,如果可以一直這麼生活著,輸不輸贏不贏還有那麼重要嗎? #帥是一定要的##哭是一定會的##笑是突然間的##念念不忘是永遠的##哈許是要有的##花椒之味# Translation (by TheRatchetFool_1023) 《Don’t ask me why Mie-mie is playing yet another androgynous character watch the movie and tell me if you still think so – Fagara [花椒之味] – not the flower [花] not the pepper [椒] not the taste [味] it’s “branch” [枝] and not “of” [之] - let’s talk about Ru-zhi》Ru-zhi’s styling is very simple. Her clothes can fit a few hangers. She frequently wears the same jacket, likes the same pair of pants, and lives in a house in the city that needs you to walk a long flight of stairs. She’s firm on pursuing a career that is not largely supported by her mother, and feels that her lineage is split into half, but not very complete. Living a life against the norm can only be considered living, but in reality she’s very fragile, loves to cry, cares a lot, and even likes Hello Kitty. (Mistake! Please ignore!) It isn’t until she encounters the life-changing event of losing a loved one, does she pick up her life, relationships, career and true self. She has an elder sister, and a younger sister, and feels secure sandwiched in the middle. It turns out, the loneliness that is known is non-existent in this family of three sisters. It appears that when we cook a pot of soup, there is two other tastes. If we can live on like this, does it really matter if we win or lose? #Being cool is a must# #Crying is a must# #Laughter is sudden# #Memories are kept forever# #Hashtags are a must# #Fagara# Cr. megan賴雅妍 Weibo. https://weibointl.api.weibo.cn/share/82248750.html?weibo_id=4396516414247352
  7. [花椒之味 Fagara] Movie Poster Cr. Fagara Official Weibo https://www.weibo.com/huajiaozhiwei?refer_flag=0000015010_&from=feed&loc=nickname&is_all=1#_rnd1563453680578
  8. [花椒之味 Fagara] Behind the Scenes Featurette - Three Sisters Translation (by TheRatchetFool_1023) Li Xiaofeng (as Ru-guo): Two hands? Sammi Cheng (as Ru-shu): Hey, I can't see clearly! Li Xiaofeng: The biggest reward filming this movie is that I got to know two good elder sisters. Li Xiaofeng (as Ru-guo): Sis! Sammi Cheng: I can feel that the three of us really like our characters. Megan: Is it not funny? Megan: I feel that our interactions and understanding of each other are pretty much the same in and out of the movie. Director: We tried our best to film chronologically, so everyone began from being unfamiliar with each other, to gradually becoming closer. Li Xiaofeng: From the first time we met for the script-reading, I realised "Wow, these two sisters are too easygoing!". Megan: I think Elder Sister, she slowly adapts to having these two younger sisters... Sammi Cheng: Actually, within a day or two, I could feel that we developed a type of chemistry. Megan: It seems that, slowly, we start being accustomed to each other's presence. Sammi Cheng: In one of the scenes, the three sisters find a cockroach in the house. Li Xiaofeng: We screamed for about three or four hours. And after every take, we would say: "Ah, it's very loud, very loud, we've really disturbed everyone." Director: These three sisters, from feeling shock and fear, and then into eventual longing, "Does Father really miss us? That's why he came back to see us?". Li Xiaofeng: When these three sisters are together, they find familial love that is lost. Megan: The day when we filmed the scene in the glass room... Li Xiaofeng: We cried, and cried, and cried, until the director yelled "Cut!", but we still couldn't take control of our emotions. Megan: ... I cannot... Director: They are bound together by blood, and even if we are strangers, we know that we have all lost a loved one. What sort of comfort should we give each other? Li Xiaofeng: The director seems to work magic. She's the type to quietly walk past you and whisper a sentence or two, and evoke the exact emotions that is needed. I don't know why. Megan: Because of the director's empathy, she can lead actors into a state of mind that we ourselves cannot even imagine. In the process of filming, there was actually a very strong sense of security. Sammi Cheng: When there are things I am unclear about, the director is often able to clear my doubts within a short period of time. Megan: Because she wrote the script as well, the details of each character she created are very well thought out. Director: Ru-shu's relationship with her father is one that cannot be returned to. It is a relationship of the past. The relationship that Ru-zhi faces is one that is in-the-moment, and one that she doesn't know how to deal with. As for Ru-guo's relationship with her grandmother - they both know they love each other. But how do we face loss in a future without one another? That's why the appreciation that the three sisters have for each other, just like meeting an old friend, comes from their respective imperfect relationships. Megan: I believe everyone has their own inadequacies that they regret and emotional scars in family relationships. After watching this movie, you will feel that you have been embraced tightly. 眾所周知鄭秀文(SAMMI)拍戲向來專業,今次拍攝《花椒之味》她經常需要留在廚房演出,幸好平時Sammi也時有下廚整返幾味,拍戲之時亦難不倒她。在拍攝期間,她更對兩位妹妹照顧有加,令兩位妹妹對她一直也心存感激。而且三人只要聚在一起,片場氣氛立即有所不同,她們經常也會自製笑料,然後三人無緣無故便大笑起來,在場的工作人員表示片場經常充斥著又長又尖的大笑聲,幾乎無停過。 久違的溫情港片《花椒之味》將落實於9月12日香港及內地同步上映。由許鞍華、朱嘉懿監製,麥曦茵導演及編劇,改篇自張小嫻的《我的愛如此麻辣》原著小說,並由鄭秀文(Sammi)、 《等一個人咖啡》賴雅妍、《芳華》李曉峰三位中、港、台女演員領銜主演。電影由寰亞電影製作有限公司、北京拉近影業有限公司、大地時代文化傳播(北京)有限公司、英皇影業有限公司出品,寰亞電影本港及海外發行。 #花椒之味 9月12日 #賞味人生 #鄭秀文 #賴雅妍 #李曉峰 #任賢齊 #劉德華 #劉瑞琪 #吳彥姝 #許鞍華 #朱嘉懿 #麥曦茵 #人生滋味 #五味陳雜 #重拾溫情 #寰亞電影 鄭秀文 Sammi Cheng 賴雅妍 MeganLai @ PTT 任賢齊 Richie Jen 劉瑞琪 Heiward Mak 麥曦茵 寰亞電影 Media Asia Film Translation (by TheRatchetFool_1023) As everyone knows, Sammi Cheng has always been professional on set. This time in Fagara, she is always in the kitchen. Thankfully, Sammi also cooks from time to time, so filming such scenes is not a challenge for her. While filming, she often takes care of her two younger sisters, which they are very grateful for. Just as long as the three are together, the atmosphere immediately changes. They would also lighten the atmosphere by joking, and the three would burst into laughter for no reason. The crew members also observe that the set is always endlessly filled with bright and resounding laughter. The long-awaited heartwarming film Fagara will premiere simultaneously on September 12 in Hong Kong and China. With producers Ann Hui and Julia Chu, directed and written by Heiward Mak, adapted from Amy Cheung's novel Wo De Ai Ru Ci Ma La, it stars Sammi Cheng, Megan Lai (Cafe. Waiting. Love) and Li Xiaofeng (Youth) in leading roles.
  9. Megan Lai 賴雅妍 Personal Information Chinese name: 賴雅妍 (Traditional), 赖雅妍 (Simplified) Pinyin: làiyǎyán English name: Megan Lai Given name: 賴彥戎 Other names: 뢰아연 (Korean), メーガン・ライ (Japanese) Nicknames: Girl (女孩), Big Brother Lai (賴大哥), Mie-mie (咩咩), Emperor Nuo (諾皇) Birth date: 5 December 1979 Birth place: Yonghe, Taipei County (now New Taipei City) Family: Father, mother, an elder sister Astrological sign: Sagittarius Blood Type: A Chinese zodiac: Goat Height: 172cm-174cm Weight: 50kg BWH measurements: 32B-24-35 Legs measurement: 111cm Head-to-body ratio: 1:9.5 Languages: Mandarin, English, Taiwanese, Japanese Interests: Coffee-making, Painting, Dancing Talents: Mirror-writing, Coffee-making Career Occupation: Actor, model, singer-songwriter, television host Debut: 1999, Guess (segment "Do not judge a book by its cover") Talent agency: Star Ritz (2001-2018) Record label: Moreear Entertainment (2015-present) Notable works: Mars, Silence, Time Story, Miss Rose, Cafe. Waiting. Love., Bromance. Awards: 2015 Sanlih Drama Awards: Best Actress Instruments: Vocals, Piano Education High school: Taipei Municipal Datong High School Alma mater: Shih Hsin University (Bachelor's degree in Information Communications) Ming Chuan University (Master of Arts in Design Management) Fun Facts Favourite colour: Purple Favourite celebrity: Andy Lau, Gong Yoo Pets: 3 cats Acting Credits TV Series (2018) Meet Me @ 1006 (2015-2016) Bromance (2014) High Heels and a Scalpel (2013) Jiu Jiu Nv Er Hong (2013) Two Fathers (2012) Miss Rose (2011) Next Heroes (2011) The Invaluable Treasure 1949 (2010) Rice Family (2010) Because of You (2008-2009) Time Story (2007-2008) Wish To See You Again (2007) Sweet Relationship (2006) White Robe of Love (2006) Silence (2005) Good Beautiful Clinic 2 (2004) Starry Night (2004) Mars (2003) Love Storm | LINK (cut version) (2003) Hi! Working Girl (2003) Spicy High School Pupils (2002) Meteor Garden II Film (2019) The Last Thieves (2019) Fagara (2016) 10,000 Miles (2015) The End of Love (2014) Cafe. Waiting. Love | LINK (Abusi cut) (2014) Proposal (2012) Jumping Boy (2011) You Are The Apple of My Eye | LINK (cut version) (2011) Will You Still Love Me (2009) L-O-V-E (2009) Taipei 24H (2008) Clinic (2007) Motorbike on Fire ! | LINK (cut version) (2006) Auctioning Off A Corner of the World (2005) Chocolate Rap | LINK (cut version) (2005) Ashia's Dream | LINK (cut version) (2005) How's Life (2004) Free as Love | LINK (cut version) Theater (2019, 2017, 2014, 2012) Crazy Idol Soap (2016) More Than Words (2015) Crazy Television 3 (2012-2013) The Goodbye Girl (2011) By the End of the Flora Season (2010) Seventeen Year Itch (2009) Fools Music Videos (2017) Think of You by Bii | LINK (2017) Ai Ni Wu Mu Di by Wu Bai & China Blue | LINK (2012) Love Forever by Princess Ai | LINK (2011) Let Go by Cindy Yen | LINK (2010) Pisces Love by Huang Pin-yuan | LINK (2010) Give Me A Reason To Forget by A-Lin | LINK (2004) Queen by Faith Yang | LINK (2002) Hotline for Help by Vic Chou | LINK (2002) Men's Fault by Eason Chan | LINK (2002) World of Us by Yang Kun and Chen Lin | LINK (2001) Deny by Chiang Yu-heng | LINK (2001) Kite by Stefanie Sun | LINK (2001) Future by Sammi Cheng | LINK (2001) Firework Live by Tiger Huang | LINK (2001) There's No Ugly Woman by Shunza | LINK (2000) This Is by Shino Lin | LINK Awards and Nominations Acting Awards 2015: Sanlih Drama Awards: Best Actress (Bromance) - Won 2015: 50th Golden Bell Awards: Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film (The End of Love) - Nominated 2014: 49th Golden Bell Awards: Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film (Proposal) - Nominated 2013: Sanlih Drama Awards: Best Actress (Two Fathers) - Nominated 2013: Sanlih Drama Awards: Best Kiss with Weber Yang (Two Fathers) - Nominated 2011: 46th Golden Bell Awards: Best Actress (The Invaluable Treasure 1949) - Nominated 2006: 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival: Best Actress (Chocolate Rap) - Nominated 2006: 51st Asia-Pacific Film Festival: Best Actress (How's Life) - Nominated 2005: 42nd Golden Horse Awards: Best New Performer (How's Life) - Nominated 2005: 40th Golden Bell Awards: Best Actress in a Miniseries or Television Film (How's Life) - Nominated Other Awards 2016: FHM 100 Sexiest Women in the World (Taiwan) - 3rd Place Books 2015: F.A.C.E. Short Novel (e-book) | LINK 2005: Taiwanese Dae Jang Geum's Beauty Collection: Megan Lai's Oriental Beauty 《台灣大長今美容寶典:賴雅妍漢方美容》 | LINK Social Media/Websites/Fansites Facebook - 賴雅妍Megan Lai @ PTT Weibo - Megan Lai Wikipedia English Wikipedia Chinese Baidu (Chinese) PTT BBS Forum - Megan Lai Facebook - 賴雅妍 雅口。吾妍 Megan Lai Fanclub Facebook - Star Ritz (Megan Lai's former agency) UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  10. I remember these posts! pretty much what made me a bigger fan of Ji Won! it's amazing how your points still hold true till this day!
  11. Hello! It's been so long since I last logged on to soompi, these forums don't seem to be very popular nowadays lol I've been getting JiWonnie updates from twitter since I'm there for most of the day. Also time for an Empress Ki rewatch!! Someone happened to post a compilation of Jiwon's action scenes and I thought I'd go see EK again... also, she was in Malaysia a month or two ago, and I missed it since I had an event. Ugh what are the odds. I saw pictures though, and she was glowing as always... That's all I have now, but hope to drop by more often!!
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