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  1. It's definitely not award winning writing, but if it were written and filmed in a manner that plugged all gaps, it would probably last more than 16 episodes, and poor korean actors and production crews wouldn't be working in such squalid conditions (which is something probably for another post on another thread). I'm alright with such gaps in logic because (1) they're not massive and do not disrupt the story development and (2) these are bit of comedy that need to be inserted to keep the tension high with pockets of release. Yes, that kiss with Yulmu didn't make much sense, but it created enough shock and confusion to throw everyone off before either Dongjoo or Aengdu could say or do more in front of too many people before the time was right. And yes, Aengdu should not have stayed with Nokdu, but given the circumstances and how she is a girl, it would make better sense for her to stay with Nokdu and potentially have Dongjoo babysit her, than for her to disrupt her father's plan to help Nokdu with more snooping. The only problem is Aengdu is anything but adorable and she's really starting to get on my nerves. I'll give the little actress due credit for that. I'm sure she's meant to be that obnoxious brat that she is. As regards the sexual tension that is hoped to have been achieved in the palanquin -- I do think it was already achieved in the cut in the preceding episode, which is what led to the kiss in this most recent episode. Realistically, in that situation, they probably didn't have enough time to be fiddling with each other in that tiny space beyond hurriedly exchanging clothes. As regards this, Jung Yoonjeo might well have lied to Nokdu about his birthdate since 19 Nov was clearly a date not to be associated with. I'm more curious as to why the king felt compelled to kill his son and why he said if only he had not been born on 19 Nov. What's with this date?
  2. Absolutely loved this episode, and so sad (still) that there was only one this week to watch! It was a laugh a minute, yet with enough of the weightier issues that's keeping me hooked onto the larger story — what’s the significance of 19 Nov that had the king desiring to kill his son then? Some kind of ill-will fabricated lore that had the king afraid? But has the king now regretted his actions and would save Nokdu and adoptive father, or is he out to “finish the unfinished” deed? And that last scene — OMO! HAWT!! With him casually walking into the room shirtless makes me think Dongjoo must’ve already seen him like this many times over to not flinch and avert her eyes at all. I wonder though — where exactly is the bath positioned in the compound that he would so casually return to the room shirtless? He’s so sure everyone has left for the Dano festivities? I don’t think they had en suite baths then, did they? And those walls can’t possibly be sound proof!
  3. Sigh... So disappointed that there's nothing to watch this morning. Was hoping to get the subbed episodes in the morning but alas... *sobz*
  4. OK... So I went to wiki and read up on Gwanghae-gun - in history, he was the Crown Prince and defacto ruler only because (as @bebebisous33mentioned) his father had fled during the Japanese invasion of Korea in the Seven Year War. His father, King Seonjo, had 2 consorts -- Queen Uiin, and then later Queen Inmok, known later as Queen Dowager Soseong. In the drama, she is already promoted to the title of Queen Dowager Soseong, and her son is Prince Yeongchang, the little boy with the dog. The Tale of Nokdu takes place in the period after the Seven Year War where Gwanghae was still ruling, but there were political factions in the royal court -- the Lesser Northerners and the Greater Northerners. Heo Yoon is of the Lesser Northerner faction which wanted to install Prince Yeongchang as king. Presumably then, Jang Yoonjeo was part of the Greater Northerner faction. Eventually, neither of these factions truly win -- King Gwanghae was eventually deposed by the Westerner faction and the son of Gwanghae's illegitimate brother was installed as king in his stead. Despite his having been deposed eventually and not accorded the respect of kings past, he is not written in the annals as having been a bad king. In history, there is no record that Gwanghae and his queen had any sons. We can probably assume that in this drama then, Nokdu will never assume any royal position since he is purely a fictitious character built into a historical fiction.
  5. @bebebisous33 I agree with @angrytomatothat while Heo Yoon is possibly a villain, I'm not so sure he's a "big" one. Actually, I'm not so sure yet what I think about him. As for who Nok Du really is also, and Heo Yoon's role in the massacre of Dong Joo's family, I'm also not too sure. I think the confusion is because of how the various ages line up (or don't). • Nok Du is older than Dong Joo - but if he is the baby that Jung Yoon Jeo carried away during the war, then that means many years must have passed before the massacre of Dong Joo's family because she was quite old already (at least 9 or 10) when her family was killed. • If that follows, then Dong Joo's family's massacre was a separate incident, not during the war. • Nok Du is at least 20 years old? If he was born in the year of the snake and Dong Joo in the year of the goat/ram, that will make her 2 years younger than him. 18? Sounds about right. So her family must have been killed off some 8-10 years ago when Nok Du was about 10-12 and already living away on that deserted island. The young prince looks about only 10-12 though. So he must've been conceived round about when Dong Joo's family was killed. Was it mentioned anywhere that he was the previous king's son? If the previous king was King Gwang Hae's brother, that cannot make his wife the "Queen Mother". She would have been killed off in the coup already. The only way she could've survived the coup and lived on in the palace is if the previous king was Gwang Hae's father, and this "Queen Mother" was a young concubine who became emplaced as "Queen" for whatever reason. So who is this prince if not the Queen Mother's son? *Royally confused*
  6. Just watched episode 3 (or 5&6 if you're counting in 30 min blocks) and am loving this show! The pacing, the storytelling, the background intrigues and the humour! Jang Dong Yoon is totally nailing it with his cross-dressing and trying to convince (as he is meant to) the women around him that he is one of them! I'm also loving that the women there, suspicious ones aside, are all starting to take to his Lady Kim alter-ego and slowly bringing him into their community. I do wonder what would happen when the great reveal to the entire community of women takes place. Will they start to trust men more after they've encountered him? Or would they feel absolutely betrayed by him? It's difficult to say, considering the women are all there because they have been betrayed by the men (and their families) in their life. Not everyone's gonna be pleased when they find out that he's actually a man, though at the same time, it does look like not many know that a significant sub-community in their midst serve the bidding of powerful men in their society. And that's where the intrigue is really being set up very well. I like how seamlessly they are pulling all the people and connections together, giving us some idea of how people are related, but dropping only hints of the nature of each relationship such that our interests are now piqued as we join Nok Du vicariously through our TV screens to solve his mystery. As it stands now, this is what I think could be going on, but who knows, ya? • The current king does not seem to have been at ease since his ascension to the throne. He does not sleep well and seems threatened by that young prince that is with the woman the king refers to as "Mother". That's a curiosity in itself because she certainly looks too young to be his mother, which can only mean she must be the wife of the previous king he must've either deposed or inherited his title from. Does that make that young prince his half-brother? But if King Gwang Hae ascended the throne at the same time the baby was born, and that baby is Nok Du, then how is that young prince his brother? Not possible timeline and age-wise. That prince is too young to have been conceived by the "mother" from the previous king who must have died in order for the current king to have taken over. UNLESS • King Gwang Hae and his queen were expecting the baby before the war that killed many, including Dong Joo's family. Dong Joo is younger than Nok Du, and her family is massacred (which we see in her flashback memories) when she was still very little. That must have been the war that placed King Gwang Hae in his seat. BUT • Nok Du's "father" supposedly died during the war when Nok Du was a baby. If Nok Du is older than Dong Joo, but was a baby at the start of the war, then perhaps this was a long drawn civil war and Dong Joo was born later, with Nok Du being born at the start of the war? • Nok Du's "father", Jang Yoon Jeo, clearly ended up in a camp different from Minister Heo. But he was holding onto baby Nok Du and Minister Heo let them both live. Was it because he ultimately could not kill them but also did not want either of them to survive and hence current regrets leading to attempts to kill Jang Yoon Jeo and his family now? From yesterday's episode, he clearly is the one who is commanding the female assassins. • And so I'm thinking, perhaps King Gwang Hae was not the one who was after baby Nok Du's life. His queen talks about it and he is upset about it being mentioned, but he is not angry per se. He asked Minister Heo again if the baby did indeed die, but perhaps not out of malice, but lingering hope? The other court officials who were in the shrine mentioned that the King lacks an heir, but is threatened by that young prince who is with the young woman King Gwang Hae refers to as "Mother". Is he the next in line to the throne if King Gwang Hae passes on without an heir? SO • Did Minister Heo pretend to be on King Gwang Hae's side all this while because he had seen that during the time of the revolt, King Gwang Hae's faction was definitely to win and so to ally himself with the winning party just to stay alive? Because clearly, he is not a fan nor true loyal subject of King Gwang Hae. Maybe Jang Yoonjeo was that true loyal subject instead which Minister Heo spun lies against, telling King Gwang Hae that Jang Yoon Jeo killed his son and therefore Minister Heo killed Yoon Jeo. I'm still waiting to see how Dong Joo's family is connected to all of this though. What if it turns out that her family is of the faction that is against Nok Du's family? Afterall, she wants to kill the king, so clearly he has something to do with her family's death. I for one don't believe that Hwang Tae is the actual royal baby. I do think Nok Du is the one. But Hwang Tae had to change his name and live under his current pseudonym instead of Jang XX (which was what his mother tried to say at her death bed). The family had to give up the family name "Jang" cos of Nok Du, cos clearly, the King for some reason wanted Jang Yoon Jeo's life, and it's Minister Heo that wants Nok Du's life.
  7. Thanks for this post. Agree, agree, agree... I feel like the weak storytelling is totally squandering the talent in the cast. I find that every other character (save MDC and GMR perhaps) is just overacting, probably through poor direction because I've seen them in other productions before and that's not how they've carried their other characters before, even in comedies. There are pockets of good comedy delivered purely through good lines, but by and large, the director seems to think that the only type of humour audiences would respond to is low brow slapstick. It's very disappointing, really. I wonder how the Korean audience is taking to this as well.
  8. Help. I’m trying to get into the show and I will say the storyline is interesting — I want to know what the mysteries surrounding the cryogenics project and the killing in the US were about, and I certainly want to know how they will resolve this matter of hypothermia they’re experiencing now — but the storytelling is so sloppy! If they were to reduce the amount of slapstick (very cheap humour and unnecessary overacting) and be clearer in their flow and sequencing of events, it would be so much better! The scenes don’t flow well, resulting in many knowledge gaps. Again, I’m lamenting — how can this be JCW’s comeback??
  9. Am loving the show!!! This is a wonderful follow up drama after the (IMO premature) end of Rookie Historian. Another light hearted enough sageuk romcom with enough of an intriguing backstory and plot. Jang Dong Yoon is totally killing it as a gwabunim. Found myself totally laughing many times throughout the show! Can’t wait for the next episode. Am wondering how long before Dongjoo finds out who Nokdu really is and works with him to solve this mystery of his past and actual identity.
  10. @nrllee "Buried in slapstick" is right. Now don't get me wrong. It's not like there's nothing in this show that's interesting. It's just not grippingly interesting. I'm sticking around really cos of JCW. If it had been anyone else, I'd have dropped this already. There are just so many things that don't seem to flow as you would expect in a mystery: 1. How did they even find Prof Hwang if everything he's doing is so hush hush? 2. Prof Hwang 20 years later - What's with his sudden waking up, sudden thawing of GMR and MDC and not the other 4, the siren going off (for who and what?), dropping the syringes and then he himself dropping on the floor back into a state of unconsciousness. What was that all about? 3. The 2 of them - MDC and GMR - get out of the pods round about the same time and they didn't encounter each other? If no one could find them in 20 years because they were supposedly hidden underground, how did they find their way out? How did they find their belongings? There was no one there with them cos Prof Hwang collapsed after reviving them. Neither of them saw Prof Hwang? 4. I still don't get GMR's motivation to eventually join the project -- they shot it to look like it was cos of her brother, but he hasn't quite got an illness per se. He's autistic. I'm not so sure I like how autism is potentially being discussed in this drama. We've seen JCW in comedic instances (Healer's Bong Soo - loved him!), and for sure he can handle any role given. Of that I am confident. But the story telling, oh! The story telling! I hope it gets better for JCW's sake! He deserves better!
  11. Am reading all the comments so far about the premiere episodes and I think the sentiments are somewhat similar -- there is that tad bit of disappointment at how the scenes have been shot and edited so far, making it come across (if I might bluntly put it) as potentially cheap and crass storytelling. I know many of us are here for JCW and given that this is his comeback drama after MS, we've got lots of expectations. We've seen him in many productions and his acting has always been top notch. And the cast for this production is not new or young. There are many well-known and very experienced veteran actors in this production, so we're expecting good acting. And truly, there's nothing wrong with the acting at all! But the scene edits... I have found the story telling so far choppy and not particularly attention grabbing (I could multitask without having lost much information at all), and scenes spliced and put together in a patchy sequence that seems to hop about. And as many of you have pointed out, so much slapstick (a la Jim Carrey style which I really dislike) that it hides the talent of the cast. I sincerely hope this changes soon. This cannot be JCW's comeback, especially when he's done so much good work in the action/serious drama genre so far...
  12. Actually, no one knows for sure if Rim gave up his royal status. We only see that he made the request to his grandmother to be allowed to relinquish his title but never saw her give her permission nor the king issue a decree saying he had approved it. We only saw that Jin took on the kingship, presumably because his father abdicated. Abdication would be the most logical thing that happened since if the king had been found guilty of treason, Jin would not have been able to ascend the throne. My guess is that since Rim had already reached adulthood, he's allowed to request to live outside the palace (in fact he must if he is not the crown prince), so he was granted that permission to move out. Seeing how his grandmother suffered so much and used that to implore him to take up the crown, the likeliest position of compromise was to agree to retaining a title but be allowed otherwise to live outside the palace. Jin has no queen, and might possibly never marry seeing how his personality is. Who knows? Perhaps he will wait for SaHui's term of exile to end, by which time Rim might be well ready to return to the palace (having made up for his lost youth through his travels across his land) to take on the throne. By that time, the Queen Dowager might also have warmed to the idea of Rim marrying a commoner for a wife (seeing as how GHR is associated with the late King's Seoreowon project to see a new Korea) and allows for GHR to be queen. A new, more modern monarchy is established under Rim's rule and palace rituals begin to see westernisation perhaps? Under such a constitution, GHR will become a more worthy queen. Jin moves into the countryside to live a simple life of a commoner now with SaHui, and all will be well. I guess them ending the show on this note is giving way for endless fanfic possibilities!
  13. The fact that we’re all still trying to fill in the gaps on our own goes to the fact that there really could’ve been more episodes added. @lsylviais right — the pacing wasn’t right for a 20 episode show, though I wonder if that’s to do with the writer or the director. As regards their not getting married, I do think too it’s cos she would not be able to work in the palace once she marries, and Rim would not have wanted that for her. Oh well, a good attempt nevertheless on a fusion-type sageuk. I wish Jin had more air time too and the brothers had more of a story together... hoping the cast can come together for another production sometime. Cha Eun Woo has my attention now. For an idol with an extremely pretty face, I have to say I found myself comparing him to L when I found out he’s an idol-actor, and Eun Woo by comparison is a much better actor. I think this young man can really do well on the small screen if he continues to study well under veterans.
  14. I can’t say I liked the ending, not because it didn’t tie things up the way a HEA story wraps up — it did. Whoever was to die, did. Whoever was supposed to get together (which is our OTP) did. But like @jimjim1704, I felt like the story could have taken at least another 4 episodes to tie up properly. There was so much set up as a story, and just as we reached that point of tension, it felt like everything suddenly got so easily and neatly tied up with simple and overly convenient ‘explanations’. For example, I thought after all that trouble taken by Jin to confine Rim in Nokseodang, Rim and GHR practically skipped out of the palace onto the streets. And SC’s execution was so simply presented through the Min siblings in mourning clothes. Even Rim’s renouncing of his royal title and returning to life as an author was so simplistically laid out in that scene with him talking about his one travelogue. So much potential for good story telling, whittled away into a rushed wrap up which had us filling in the gaps of explanation — thank you @lsylvia! All those explanations and expositions could have been dramatised.
  15. If the Second State Councillor is proven guilty of high treason, he will be executed along with his family, which means the Crown Princess will be executed too, or at least deposed if she is found to be not guilty, but not worthy to be part of the Royal family anymore. Likewise for Historian Min who might not lose his head but could well lose his job. Then comes the king - he will also lose his head, and Jin will not be able to take on the crown because he would be the son of a traitor. Which means the crown must then pass to Rim. But I don’t think Rim will want the crown, although the might have no say in the matter. In which case, he certainly cannot marry Haeryung, because all the more the Dowager would want a political marriage for him. This does not sound good. Meh.
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