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  1. Oh my good.. if Oh Yeon Joo marries to Kang Chul, then... what happen? will both of the world join into one?

    In the preview, the black masked man is trying to kill KC again.. I don't this this is Mr. Oh.. Maybe he is the one who persuaded OYJ to ask her father to continues the manhwa!

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  2. The first drama Jin Se Yeon starring in that I watch is The flower in prison. She is doing great job in this drama so far.. Her character - Ok Nyeo I notice that she has a (eh sorry) big dark spot on her lip.. At first I thought it was there because Ok Nyeo has.. but is it JinSeYeon's mark? I'm just curious.


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  3. What I liked about Bong Sun being in love with Chef was that her heart was pure.  For once she could have taken what she wanted, but decided it wouldn't be fair to the man she loves. Not only that, she also doesn't want to hurt Soon Ae. The bad thing about Soon Ae possessing Bong Sun's body (twice without her consent and against her will) is that she loses all track of time. She doesn't know how many days have passed.  She was shocked to hear all the things that Chef had learned about Soon Ae's likes and dislikes.  She had missed those events.  It was really big to let him know the truth.  It's really strong of her to let go and move on with her life.

    When you think about it, these things can also be said about Soon Ae. For once she also could have taken what she wanted and just straight away have sex with chef and thereby ascending happily to that happy ever after place above. Remember that epic ending in ep 09 where lots of people have different theories why SA suddenly went out from BS body? That emotion alone suggests she also felt guilty thats why she lets BS have her 1st kiss with chef. Clearly she also doesnt want to hurt BS thats why she is leaving and will just be going through that painful rite for the dead... And as bright as the morning sun these 2 ladies clearly for ME have pure hearts.

    Hi chinguzz.. for now I just watched to the EP that has the part that I marked bold & underlined above. I have the feeling that the reason Sun Ae suddenly ran away when the Chef started to unbutton her cloth is because she wanted to prolong this moment, and wanna possesses Bong Sun's body more. She does not want to enjoy what she's been thirsty for, and then disappear.

    So to me, it's not that Soon Ae doesn't want to hurt Bong Sun, but she is greedy for her love.

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