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  1. Really disappointed..... I wait nearly a year to see MOA and have patience to watch every ep. I cannot accept such finale... this writer does not deserve to have HB and PSH as the main lead, it is totally waste of their talent, our time and expectation. Yes, HB and PSH pls have another romance drama....
  2. wow..... finally the kiss kiss kiss.... can't breath....I can deeply feel it when HJ drops the umbrella...
  3. Both HB and PSH is my favorite actor and actress. Honestly, if the main lead is not either of them, I may not watch this drama. The pace is too slow and it's seems not much progress after 8 episodes. It's a waste of HB and PSY pairing up without any impressed romance. The writer develops the female lead so week that every episode is the solo of HB and AR games levering up. HB acts really good and extremely handsome without doubt. Unfortunately, I cannot see any breakthrough of PSH as the character in this drama is so weak that she cannot acts a lot except crying. It's too bad for her as I really like her. If she will play the role of Emma, Emma should come out in the earlier episodes, now it's too late....
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