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  1. @melkimx @soomp

    Hi guys how does the '___ new' notification really work?

    Before, as long as I haven't read all the posts, it wouldn't 'reset'...

    What happened to me was, I still had a ~243 new for the Nice Guy thread, then I looked at two pages... I expected that the new posts would still be around 200, just like how it worked before, since I haven't read all the pages yet... but what happened was, the notification got reset to the number of posts made after I visited the thread (regardless of what I've read)... Now I can't keep track of the pages I haven't read yet unless I remember the page I last visited since when I click at the thread link, it goes to the 'newer' posts...

  2. People. Learn to backread. Is it to hard to click the link to the last page? Page 93? 92?

    Don't keep on asking us to send the softsubs to you by PM. YOU WOULD HAVE KNOWN PEOPLE HAVE BEEN WARNED ONLY IF YOU HAD BACKREAD! This is clearly spoonfeeding but hey, because a lot don't read, they miss it.

    Of course because a lot don't backread, they don't know that a moderator, @lyra_brillantez, already reminded us of a soompi rule. :)

    But of course, it doesn't end at this because people will not even read this... Why do I even bother?

    Now I feel this thread should have been locked in its heydays (hmmm, how about during the airing of episode 16?) so the people would have learned their lesson.............

    lyra_brillantez said: PLEASE BE REMINDED OF OUR SOOMPI RULE # 2
    Do not post request for Subs. Do not request for Vids either. Just download them from what the other soompiers provide you.
    I updated the first page appending soompi rules as a reminder.  Please do follow. We don't want this thread to become a sub-request site. 

  3. There's a fix, you know? We have days to download the raw, no matter how slow our internet is (heck, I downloaded a batch torrent of an 11-episode Jdrama back when I was in dialup!), we can protect your computer with Microsoft Security Essentials if we're worried that we'll get viruses from torrenting or downloading and we can't pay for paid anti-virus programs, and the subbed episode isn't here yet so we still have time, are we hurrying? Not finding them on the illegal streaming sites is not an excuse or a reason for us not to watch. If there is a will, there's a way... Does it not occur to all that maybe now is the time to stop streaming from these sites that monetise links? We never know what can happen.

    We can't do anything about CJ and Dramafever DMCA-ing certain sites, it's their prerogative to protect their interests.

    Please don't keep posting pages after pages asking people to PM the subs to you... That is tantamount to spamming the thread already which is against Soompi rules... o.o

  4. WOOOPS. Editing, I thought I placed this inside the spoiler... I'm so sorry for those who didn't intend to see them...



    In YJ's gathering, he said to the girl employee that he likes girls who can hold their liquor... Later, he scolds SW for drinking too much in a separate get together (with SW's workmates) ;))


    SW sends YJ away after YJ accompanies SW home... but YJ returns. He guesses SW's door lock 'Tony Ahn's birthday' And the rest happens...





    YJ introduced himself as the husband after running... he went inside... SW was cursing while birthing... haha. Baby's name is Yoon Seungho (named after Tony Ahn)


    More more...


    Putting the couch to good use!


    Friendly closure... :) [this is when JH was leaving]

    They showed the scenes we didn't see before:


    It was YJ who grabbed the caramel mocha. ;)) He totally devoured the whipped cream.


    Mom and dad comes with the firstborn... [omg dying as SIG carries the kid]


    With hyung's girlfriend? LOL. Haha, TW and doctor married first.

    Info bits: Hyungsoo (older brother's wife) is the DBSK's fanclub's president... ;)) Cassiopeia president LOL. Seriously. There was even a part in the drama wherein some girls were singing Hug. I totally died in this scene since I'm a fan...

    And she was the one who bumped TW in the record store...

    Images credit: Nate

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