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  1. Yes that's safer in this case. I thought it was official, it's been published on a usually reliable source on Facebook but I wouln't be surprised if it was fake news either.
  2. Not sure it's been posted already but the KK/Techno spin-off was confirmed today on Twitter! Still waiting to see how it's gonna turn between them in the actual show to decide how I feel about the news
  3. I can't judge the quality of the translation as I can't speak Thai but I was saying that even if Perth said exactly what the translation says, there is nothing wrong with it anyway.
  4. Even if the translation is bad quality, I don't see what's wrong with what he said anyway. He's an actor, when he kisses Saint, he simply does his job.He doesn't have to "feel" anything like - it's not his fault some fans seem to genuinely think he's in a couple with Saint just because their characters are.
  5. Kidnapping, tiying up and forcely kissing someone is more than being stupid. And it is originally rape and would have been clear on screen without ban. As for creative license, it's a cheap excuse when it comes to BL imho. I mean, let's be serious, Addicted is not exactly a piece of art and artistic license is made to skip mundane details from real life situations to make them look more exciting, not to condone rape cause everyone knows it makes the lead character so manly and attractive.
  6. Thank you for the information, I had no idea. I find it sad too that some fangirls (most maybe?) are only really interested in hot scenes. It's also why writers/directors don't care about whether or not there's violence, dubious consent or even blatant rape in a sex scene cause they know a huge part of the targeted audience won't even care as long as the guys involved are young, sexy and willing to do a lot of fan-service. However, I still think things won't stay that way forever. I've been watching Asian shows since I was a teenager and particularly in Chinese shows, I was already able to see that some things have changed. Some things which wouldn't have been such a big deal 10 years ago are not accepted anymore, or not perceived the same way anymore. And yes, I'm definitely waiting to see what the director has in store for KK/Techno! In hope he will make some significant changes to the infamous first night
  7. I have no doubt on that I just wish BL shows (and not only them) would make clear that i's extremely WRONG as there is no way you can be sure a drunk person consents to the sex.
  8. A girl got raped in toilets in my school too, by two guys of the same school. I knew one of them. We didn't see them for some months, then one day I saw him walking in the street. I learnt later that they had not been prosecuted, just reported to the scholl that had banished them for some time. This also happened in western Europe, in a so called developped country. Rapists uner 18 are never convicted anyway. Unfortunately, stories like these are numerous. It's why to see rapes being minimized always worries and saddens me. And I actually think it can be very damaging.
  9. But wasn't money invested in Addicted too? (that's a real question, I actually don't know the background of this show). As I said earlier, I don't think sponsors would be afraid to invest money in this kind of scenario as they probably don't see it as a rape. At worst, it's "ambiguous" (= exciting for a lot of people, and a lot of people = $$$$$$). I mean, it's not rape, but the sole fact that the writers though they had to have Ae trowing Pete at a locker door to make the scene hot and therefore please viewers speaks by itself when it comes to their business strategy
  10. Oh I know that, statistics for convicted rapist out of 100 rapes reported speak by themselves unfortunately. I agree with what you're saying here, but we were not talking in legal terms, or were we? I know there is absolutely 0 chance KK would be prosecuted for this as No would'nt report it anyway. Truth to be told, I don't even think Tar's was reported (I'd be surprised). This is not the question of either or not it would be easy to prosecute such a case, it is to ask yourself if it as indeed a rape or not. When you watch a show, you are the witness.You know what's happening (which obviously police, judges dont...unless they break the 4th wall ). And it's not because it would be impossible to prove in front of a court that it didn't happen, or that it's not a rape.
  11. Uh I'd like to believe that but how many sex scenes/scenarios with, at best, dubious consent, did we see in sponsorised, successfull BL shows?? Tee/Fuse is not exactly a great example to reassure me. The problem, in my eyes, is that many people (including BL writers) see rape only as a physically violent sexual assault, commited by someone who purposely wants to harm the victim. While rape is WAY more complex than that in reality and can happen in a lot of vatious contexts. This kind of rape is actually not even 5% rapes in my country. When someone is drunk, has sex and wakes up the next morning wih no memory and being horrified with what happened, it's difficult to claim they gave clear, real consent to sex.
  12. If they show the first night between KK and Techno the way it is written in the novel BUT address the obvious issue with it, I'll be more than happy. They are my favourite couple in the show, although it's in pending till we get that scene) but I won't support them if it comes accross as a rape. However, if the show labels it as rape and addresses wverything that's wrong about it, in that case that will be a good, much needed storyline. And I will be impressed in a positive way. ...Problem is I'm pretty sure that won't happen But let's wait and see, wait and see.. On a side note, you can have serious, mature content without depicting rapes, especially if it to dismiss it as drunken sex.
  13. Agree with everything! Especially with the fact that this attitude didn't fit Ae as we learnt to know him. He was litteraly treating Pete like a fragile thing in the first episodes (it was even a bit comical at this stage), it was not to throw him at a locker door and punch the next door in the following episode... And yes the way Pete's protest has been written/shown on screen was very clumsy to say the least.
  14. I don't think Ae's language is the problem here, the comment you replied to was referring to the way he behaves physically when he's frustated (and for no reason as he admits it himself afterwards on the top of things...weird scene). I wouldn't be able to comment on Ae's language anyway with my extemely poor thai
  15. I really hope they change the pacing too. In fact, I hope they will have sex in the next episode, then we can move to another storyline Episode 8 already kinda felt too long to me with all the interrupted moments (especially with these crap excuses every time). Felt a bit like a filler episode sometimes. Yeah I don't really know what writers planned for Techno/KK. In the 4 first episodes, it seemed like they were gonna get some screen time but then they disappeared for the 4 following episodes...Anyway, if they intend to keep their first night as it was written in the novel, I won't even watch the spin-off if it's ever made. I like KK's personnality too (so far). Yes, he schemes a lot but not in a harmful way and he sincerely cares for Techno. However, again, if the writers stick to the novel for their storyline, that will change the way I see him and there's no way I'll keep supporting such a character.
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