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  1. Now when NS human wake up I feel like story get a new start. I dont think NS human is a bad person he just have some scars in his heart like So Bong used to have, but his scars are bigger and more deeply than her. Maybe I am wrong but I think we might be watch NS human healing difficult road starting from next episode. I am curious what role get So Bong in his life now. He will be try get close to her? If he will try, that will be because curiosity or jelous or something else? NS3 friendly mode towards So Bong change to love mode? This is even possible? Even if is possible this is count like a real "feeling"? About kill switch I don't think it is over, I don't trust chairman at all. For now he might be need NS3 but things could be change...
  2. BTS from AYHT Seems that SY have really fun with co star while they filming https://www.vlive.tv/video/78926
  3. After watch last episodes I wasn't too surpriced about NS mother plan against to NS3. I just feel that something going on when she start avoid him and lie to him. She doesnt act carring towards him after real NS back to her even if he is a coma right now. We know that she created NSIII to replece her real son, because she missed him that much, so she transfer all her love for NS to NS3. But when NS appeared everything change and when NS wake up, NS3 will be useless. She said that once-" I do everything for my son" and her only son is NS. For her point of view they can't be two of them, this might be too dangerous when someone found about NS3. And now she want to be with her real son, so she can't be with NS3. Knowing how he is attached to her she might be think that he can't live without her. He can't be alone too because who knows what he will do. He is still AI after all. Everything is possible if we talk about NS3. I wasn't surprice So Bong reaction too. That was predictable. She scared NS3 and feel disgusted towards him( I dont think that last one is 100% sure or she only said that). I think she reacted that strong because she spend some time with him before she knows the truth. He look like as a human and act like a human. She become likes him, and he move her heart a little too. Maybe even more than little So knowing that he isn't real person but robot was really big shock for her. And she get confuse how treat him now, like a real person or what? I think if someone introduce him to her in firts place something like : "This is NS3, he is a robot, he can do that and that..." her reaction will be diffrent. Something like she do when she deciede stay with him. She started ask question and do some research about his nature. But they put that bomb suddenly so she just need some time to think about this, and getting use to that. After all she agree to help him and accept him. My question is how NS3 react if he found out about mother plan? He show us that he is really unpredictable, but I don't think he will be waited calmly for death... btw Lie detector is the best! That wink killing me every time and his joke about Superman power...
  4. SY in Thailand- BHEntertaiment. What can I say... I just love her thank you for translation BH ps. I want Seungyeon TV!! please...
  5. @bebebisous33 thank you I wait for that scene with personal robot too I think after she accept him as who he is their relationship become cute friendship like we see in the trailer. And him asked her to be friends sounds like he is talking to vaccum cleaner I think she also will be only one who not only treat him as a person even if she know who he is and his pure and gentle change her heart. I think story become more warm now- I trully hope so
  6. SY went to animal shelter again She has so beautiful heart Really nice that some of her fans donate food. She must be proud. Good job!
  7. From the first episodes I didn't fully understand motive SB, and I don't talk about take a pic and sell them, but her feel wronged towards NS that he used her spying. She dosn't have even one positive aspects in her character. Shameless, rude, liar etc. Nothing likeable right? So I decided to wait longer to see what is her story to full judge her or understand her behavior. And we get that story in 2 last episodes. Because some scumbag she lost opportunity to be fighter, their broke her leg and accused her for cheating. She don't even want to clear herself because even if she won, she still can't back to the ring. She lost what she loves. she lost her identify. Who she was... Like she sad Game over. She take a lesson and lost of trust to people. So after that she start play the same card like that scumbag, because everyone is cheating liar and the most powerfull thing is money, right? And we back again to NS used her. I think she was somehow okay with slap and lost job because she thought that she deserve for that. Everything change when she find out that everything was set up. "So rich, spoiled kid use her and because of that she lost face and job, and he dare hiding from the public his real face."- something like that I think. She want revenge and expose his true identify. that was her motive. For her this is hard to believe that he has pure motive to hug her when she cry or when he save her live. She is greatfull but still something going on. And then Mr. Seo show up- he seems good father, who worry about daughter happiness and of course he pay a lot of money. I notice that NMIII and SB have something to common. Their both lonely. SB dad loves her, but he use to treat her ruthless without warming heart. Her only friend is that reporter who sold her to NS. The only person who might be show her love was a mom and she missed her a lot. So she has no one. NMIII also become lonely. He was happy when he was with mom, he was her son. Now real NS become more important. They likely cut from him and start talking lie. After their treat him like a person, he sadenly become AI. You know what I mean? The scene when he talk with his mother was so sad... I am more and more growing with his character. And he has that special smile when no one see and he talk with vaccum cleaner I am happy that after all SB saw the truth in NMIII actions and decided to quit. This was big break for her character. I am quiet surprice that she will know the truth so soon. Thats mean that she will fall in love in NSIII knows that he is AI not a human. Interesting Now I am see this trailer in diffrent way...
  8. I was thinking about violance scene after read about reaction views. Maybe I am wrong but I think this not becomig big issue only becouse GSY get real hit. mostly, but no. I think that man slap woman created more problem. If this will be that critical scene if this will be only woman scene or man scene? Or if this would be fighting scene using material arts and actors get in real? I don't think so...knetz viewers also point that they feel uncomfortable watching this scene, so they feel that way before knowing that was not only acting.
  9. Finally I find some time and watch AYHT with subtitle So far I like it very much But I think I will be more impress if I didn't see a lot of this scene from episode in trailers... First I like when they show us some scene and they go back to show us explanation from another poin of view like they did with Nam Shin and Nam Shin III become wear the same clothes. When I was watching first I was little suprice seeing NMIII but I was thinking that it is just coinsidence, but I was wrong. They suprice me and I like it. They use that tricks a couple of time so I will be waiting for more Second Nam Shin III is like a superhero with his strenght, inteligence and disaster mode The scene where he rescue Sa Bong remind me of Spiderman who he saves Mary Jane... Someone watching? Nam Shin is also like a kid who still learn, and if you don't watching him he might to get big trouble. His "mother" treat him as a human even if there is a difficult situation and she needs him, she ask him for help her not order. So he can choose? And when he walk in Czech market, he looks like enjoy every second. Really interesting... But even if he looks like a human, walk, speak, smile, joke and even eat he is still a AI. Everything is in his program so how come he can fall in love someone? he has also Love mode? My biggest question is not how come Sa Bong become love NMIII (I don't mean fall in love because she might be don't know that he isn't human first and she fall for him) but how come we will believe that his love is true not artificial? Third Sa Bong become a bodygard for make money as a snicky photographer or she came up with idea after she take that job...She loves monez that much or she needs them. I dont know if this important but I like to know. She is violence, hot temper, liar and shameless girl. But of course is something more about her and we will find out soon. I cant wait as a Gong Seung Yeon big fan Nam Shin use Sa Bong and slap her on the public. I dont really cant blame NS use Sa Bong. She is not innocent at all, no one put the gun in her head to choose betray her boss and take a photos of him. She use to that before. He find out about her and he decided used for becoming free and finally see mom. after all she will be fire even if he dont do that. Is he really must slap her... he need something strong that make all public turn back from him. man slap woman is that strong. see what knetz react for that scene and this is only acting. but if he use that drastic metod to damage his image why his back feels easy... new ost trailer ps. someone watched Ex Machina... great movie about AI
  10. I wait for subtitles but I saw scene with SY. I think she was great Her character is so fun! Respect! Respect!
  11. I watched some scene but for full version I wait for translation I hope everyone spend good time watching AYHT and talk only a good way about this project But I have some news about drama...
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