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  1. Now when NS human wake up I feel like story get a new start. I dont think NS human is a bad person he just have some scars in his heart like So Bong used to have, but his scars are bigger and more deeply than her. Maybe I am wrong but I think we might be watch NS human healing difficult road starting from next episode. I am curious what role get So Bong in his life now. He will be try get close to her? If he will try, that will be because curiosity or jelous or something else? NS3 friendly mode towards So Bong change to love mode? This is even possible? Even if is possible this is count like a real "feeling"? About kill switch I don't think it is over, I don't trust chairman at all. For now he might be need NS3 but things could be change...
  2. BTS from AYHT Seems that SY have really fun with co star while they filming https://www.vlive.tv/video/78926
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