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  1. Is this drama so far more bloody than Bad Detective/Less Than Evil?
  2. I wonder why I still can't find the english sub of ep.9 and 10 in the 3 streaming and downloading sites that I frequent? Not even the raw ones. Usually they are quick.
  3. Haaaa??? The grandma's dead?? She's the only one who likes & supports the empress... So the latter will be left alone and then will find an ally in CWB?
  4. Too bad the gangsters' boss wasn't caught by the police. He continues being a bad guy in The Last Empress.
  5. Yes, true..., there are some things left untold and nothing tell us too how Yang & Jang know each other. Thanks.
  6. Perhaps I missed a scene or conversation in the drama, but until the end I didn't know what the relationship between Yang and LSY? How come she was kind to him and understood him whereas other people, even her husband, didn't know anything about LSY in the first place?
  7. Thanks but unfortunately viki is not available in my country. Happily I've streamed it just now from other site.
  8. After delaying for quite some time in watching the last two episodes because of the spoilers I read in this forum, I finally braved myself to do it. And I found the ending quite amusing although no wedding scenes for our lovely couple. Love this drama a lot. Please tell me, how many years of separation they had before reuniting?
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