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  1. Up to Episode 14. She is very pretty as Lui Li and I like the ML. I have my usual gripe about how much eye make up and lipstick they still plonk on her when she is dressed up as a man. (I think I had the same complaint with "In a Class of Her Own". She is quite crafty and clever at times but then she is so dumb and acts so rashly I feel like smacking her (the number of times she put herself in danger of exposing her past!) The evil step mum and half sister are formulaic annoying villains. I am waiting patiently for the romance I hope it's good!
  2. Oooh I haven't seen the trailer. I know i've said that I am getting bored and frustrated, but I hope he has to work triple hard to win her after what he has put her through. 18 more episodes to go, it's already been really slow and draggy, I hope they haven't just bulked it up with fillers!
  3. I like Hu Yi Tian but the characterisation of the ML is so bad here. I am up to episode 20. He is hanging out with the ex ( I presume in his attempt to stay way from LZ) but then mopes about but it is HE who has wronged her. He kept giving her mixed signals and when he puts a distance between them he doesn't even have the guts to say something about that. LZ has many monologues in the last few episodes and talks about how she has coped with her one sided love and it's really quite poetic. At least by the end of the episode he's saying that he wished he knew LZ back in high sch
  4. Haha I always thought he looked like baby Song Joong Ki!! The clothing is not quite the "young and trendy" that we're used to, but probably because this is a lot more low budget than some of the other dramas he's been in. Chinese fashion can be very... interesting. I'm watching "By Stealth Like You" on YouTube and the FL wears a jumper that has these little cartoon hands that sits at over the back of her hands, looks so funny but strange (It's a super short 10 minute episode college drama as well, something I'm watching whilst I wait for new eps here!)
  5. @Table122000 I'm so glad you're enjoying it. I don't speak mandarin but I do understand cantonese. I feel fortunate that between listening and reading what I can of the chinese subtitles I understand about 90% of what is going on. Am really enjoying it and I'm up to ep 14 and it does get a bit more interesting but I really want the ML to take the step now. There's a lot of misunderstood actions and I need them to communicate better already! I am looking forward to the episodes to come!
  6. This is my favourite CDRAMA of this year (I know it's only January hahahaa) The story is so good, no crazy noble idiocy - I don't count her leaving for 2 years as noble idiocy as she's fulfilling her promise to her mum and she didn't break up with him and kept up their long distance relationship (I'm looking at you, Kdrama "More than Friends") I love that there was only ever each other for them, despite second leads that interfere. Most of all I love that they both look like good looking but normal people. FL was beautiful without being plastic, ML is that good looking (bu
  7. Anyone watching this? I'm really liking it. I'm glad Li Ge Yang will finally get the girl, he's played too may second leads!
  8. I'm watching this new one! And I've watched the older one on Netflix. Up to Ep 15. I loved the older version on Netflix. I found the FL's acting amazing in that one, hidden passion with a restrained poignancy that really fit the heroine of the story. I am embarassed to say but the actor in that one didn't meet my expectations of a ML that the FL would be so enamoured with for so many years. The new one I have mixed feelings about. Hu Yi Tian is a good SHN, and I am enjoying the slow burn. FL does a good job but the FL in the netflix version has left a deep impres
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