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  1. Epp 33 part 2 Epilogue Preview : OK will translate this before it disappears, the top says epilogue so that should prove we're getting one! XY : Wifey, if you don't wake up soon..... CY appears behind him smiling : if not wake up soon, then won't save the rice you? XY : The sky and the land can verify, the flowers and the grass can accompany, the two of us, enough. (head to head) This is husband and wife ritual greeting (like during a wedding ceremony) CY : what sort of ritual greeting is this? XY :
  2. Ooh I thought it was coming out later tonight so I was surprised to find the last 3 episodes available! Here we go : Ep 33 part 1 :
  3. Thank you @xiaoxf @suzy0604 @hmrhn @honeytime and everyone else who checked on me! We've had bad storms here so we've had problems with the electricity and water supply here. We keep getting brown-outs so wasn't sure if the electricity was going to be cut. We're okay now thank goodness! Oh yes that's the bit the Eunuch told XC about closing the gate to look for "the thing" but I didn't know it was referencing DS when I was translating it, my mandarin knowledge still has big holes in it oops, thanks!! I am now ready and looking forward to Eps 33 -35
  4. Ep 32 Part 2 Yikes I have to go sorry! @angelflower if you get a chance can you finish? Otherwise I'll come back tomorrow night after work and finish it off.
  5. Okay then, Ep 32 Part 1! Posting this first because I'm afraid we're going to lose power here....
  6. Thanks for your hard work! Finally had sometime to pop in here, since you're doing ep 32 I'll try and see if I can do some in ep 33-35 next week!! Such hard episodes to get through, thank you for your patience and time! This has been such a fun space to find other people who are watching SP too!
  7. Thank you!! I think I might do the same and skim through the main leads bits and then catch up after I watch the ending (next week!!) brooding and drunken XY sounds like what I need to de-stress right now!
  8. Hi everyone! Real life has been so hectic I am for the first time really behind in Sleepless Princess!! Just reading all your commentary now I'm not sure if I should wait till after the last episode before catching up? I don't want to be left hanging feeling sad until the next episodes!
  9. OH yes I was trying to get to bed so didn't go into as much detail! In Ep 26 also CY is under some sort of house arrest I think because the Emperor wants her to stay put so he can have her stone thing. So NX had been "helping her" get out - she mentions it a few time that she needs NX to help her leave her palace. Good luck with your move!
  10. Episode 27 Part 1 Episode 27 part 2 This will be shorter cos I really have to go to sleep i have to work tomorrow!
  11. Totally agree with this! CY has drawn the emotional short straw. Knowing CY though if she is here reading this she would justify that she was brought up as a princess despite not of royal birth and so she feels fortunate enough. Below is my next theory so I have popped it into a spoiler. Theory only! BTS Bath Scene Caption : XY's Day - Bath Scene Day Caption : Preparation before getting into the water Voice over : one, two, three.... counting his pushups Caption : Exercising ernestly. Level up exercise (lifting weight over hea
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