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  1. Hahahaha, I thought it was because Korean's don't really pronounce the letter F well.... eg/ In "30 but 17/Still 17" the cute dog's name is Fang but they pronounce it "Peng", and the running joke on the name of the drama "Oh My Venus" Either way it's quite funny, made me laugh too!
  2. Initially I thought like that too, but at the end of the sequence I think the emphasis was on the fact that he didn't want his first love to forget him because he loved her - remember if he gets the marble back it also wipes her memory. He wanted to live happily with her. He finally let his first love go and was going to get the marble back from her but it was too late. That's why he has tried his best not to be attached to anyone else since until he met Dam.
  3. I will try and answer your questions, but these are my opinions from watching kdramas for the past years so please correct me if I'm wrong! 1) The controversy is that in Korea netizens and "fans" tend to have very unrealistic expectations about idols and celebrities they like. They are not allowed to date, they have to not have anything at all that might taint their image (ie/background education, family connections). So to find out after all these years that WJ and IH were in the same agency and they probably dated, they draw the conclusion that 1) WJ left the agency and dumped
  4. Hi there!! My thoughts and observations on Episode 6 : - Dam and Dan's Mum was really cool. I was dead scared of her (and for Dam) but she turned out to be the coolest Kdrama Mum, even openly supporting OTP lol. - That blind date was so ... *face-palm* I am happy Oroshin magicked the chair on him, but would've loved to see Dam snap back at his arrogant unpleasant condescending rudeness for herself, I'm not used to Dam NOT speaking her mind! - The "co-incidence" of Dam's top with the words "Forget-Me-Not" right after we saw our Gumiho deciding to make her forget him after
  5. I have loved 12 episodes of this drama. Ep 13 still cute but tainted with sadness. First time I feel depressed watching a preview for this drama though Hope we get over the inevitable "bump on the road" quickly and not too stupidly!
  6. OK I have finished all 16 episodes Really enjoyed the story. Nicely paced being 16 episodes long, no unnecessary separation and fillers just for the story to be dragged out! Would love to see ML in other projects. He did brooding but smitten Lee very well!
  7. I am up to Episode 13. I really like the drama. It's not perfect but I forgive it because the ML is so swoony hahahaha. The pacing in the first part is excellent in delivering the back story interwoven with the present day happenings. I did get a bit frustrated a bit in the middle few episodes where the annoying trope of the ML "protecting the FL by not telling her anything". But the drama is only 16 episodes so things drag out a lot less than the other 24, 36 or even 40 episode cdramas. He knows her . Theoretically he was known as "Lee" to her back then, and his
  8. Glad I'm not the only one that fees this way! To be honest he creeps me out the way he hovers over her. As an actor I think he was very dashing, but very hard to compare to Lin Yi in this drama! I am looking forward to the next episodes! Hopefully things move along a bit more soon! I am also hoping they still do some in-game scenes even after they get together. I missed those towards the second half of Love O2O.
  9. Up to Episode 12. Last 2 episodes have been fun! Anyway I still love their online and off line interactions. The upcoming previews up to ep 18 on WeTV Taiwan's YouTube channel is showing us a very jealous ML and it looks quite fun. Although honestly this is the last drama I can imagine having a Second Lead Syndrome for. Second ML feels too much like "uncle" ......
  10. I am up to episode 8 and I loooooove this show. So far it's keeping me engaged and the two leads are adorable! FL reminds me a bit of Chong Song Yi from My Love from the Stars, but different. ML reminds me of Yang Yang in Love O2O, but different. Both are more relatable. Hope someone is watching this also!!!
  11. I think the number one suspect for wrecking the costume has to be Xia Xue Ling. I'm sure someone else as the culprit is possible, butI think Show has been pretty formulaic with the usual tropes so far This is the Zhang Han we all know and love hahaha!! OK the following is a big spoiler for tonight's episode, open at your own risk
  12. @NYXbaby I think that is her boyfriend that she doesn't think is good enough for her. I feel like she uses him, and isn't he the one on the motorcycle that nearly ran her over, and ML hugged the FL to get her out of the way? @minglanfan2 As always if they communicated better with each other their relationship would have moved on faster, but hey then you won't get the yearning and tugging-at-your-heartstrings scenes. And honestly in real life people are probably just as bad at communicating, just easier for us to see as drama watchers, since we get to see the evil mechinations
  13. I had a look on Baidu and it looks like Wallace and Diddi were both voiced dubbed but not the others. Probably because Wallace was born in HK and lived in Taiwan so his accent is not the one they want for this. Not sure about Diddi's voice
  14. OK I am watching this, up to end of ep 10 and ..... I really like it! Admittedly I have a lot of left over love for Zhang Han from Boss and Me, but he does play the smitten but conflicted CEO well! I like that FL is not the "TOO" stupid type, she has dreams, ambition, and isn't the damsel in distress. In fact every time ML and SML want to go and rescue her she tends to tell them to buzz off cos she can fix it herself and I like that! The disappointing bit is the cookie-cutter evil characters - "girl who works with ML who is waiting to marry him", the "mother of ML who wants the
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