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  1. I dont know why it is rather heartbreaking to see Nam Sin turn to this destructive path. As much as i hate what he has done and absolutely do not agree with him, it is like watching someone you know go down the wrong path, knowing that he is going to self destruct and there is nothing you can do about it. Psychologically and emotionally he needs help. I am not sure if the accident has also caused some kind of physiological imbalance that cause him to react in such a manner. Im not trying to justify his actions but to see him go down this path and hurting so many others. The fact that he controlled Nam Sim 3 to inflict hurt on others is a big red flag to me. Yes you have the typical jerks in korean drama but when you intentionally cause hurt to others then that is a very big issue. I wonder when he set Nam Sin 3 to hurt So Bong, at which point would he have stopped and said that is enough. If Nam Sin 3 had not 'regained his consciousness', would Human Nam Sin just let it be. To what extent would he go? Because so far, Nam Sin 3 stopped his actions based on his own accord. It is quite chilling to think how it would have ended up if Nam Sin 3 didnt stop.
  2. I think I will leave it at this because like I said we will end up repeating the same things over again. You with your views about So Bong and 'interpreting' her actions according to what you deem to be a hypocrite and a dumb person while I and maybe others who will interpret her actions in a totally different direction. That is one of the premise of Are you Human isnt it? To what standards do we judge another human? Why do we accept the actions of others and not the other? I am wondering if So Bong will also end up being blamed for Nam Sin turning robot Nam Sin into psycho mode because she 'antagonised' him. I guess throughout this whole drama it seems to me there seem to be no or very little redeeming quality about So Bong in your eyes. Im basing this on your comments thus far because majority of your comments seem to be about her unless Im mistaken. Even the fact that she went on a date with Nam Sin was an issue at first. I guess this why people are quite perplexed. Then again a question that we should all ask ourselves do we attach emotions to the face as well as the character. Are you able to disassociate the face or the figure that you know and love and just focus on character. Call me a hypocrite but if someone I love (let's remove the robot equation) has a change of face i will question myself if i will still be able to love that person? Even though the personality or attitude is the same? Will i be able to love a metal robot with no face attached? So Bong loved Nam Sin 3 because she views him as a 'human'. The face in itself lends Nam Sin 3 that element of humanity. Anyway, i think there are bigger things to debate on rather than focusing solely on one character. I find the other characters in the drama just as flawed or even more flawed
  3. Hmm... how is Ji an outsider when he has been with Nam Sin for so long? Ji understands Nam Sin very well so it is understandable if he empathises with him. These are people who have been with him for so long. Nam Sin 3 also knows him well because he was built as a replacement. Which episode was it that So Bong got to know about Nam Sin's story? The one about the grandfather etc? I must have missed that out.So Bong had no interaction with Nam Sin besides the initial episode and the last few episodes and you expect her to show the same amount of sensitivity to Nam Sin as others? Maybe with the mum, if you told me she should have been more sympathetic then that i would agree Hmm.. i hope you are not justifying Yena's and Nam Sin's condescending attitude. I mean on both parts both parties were rude. Can you cite examples of So Bong being rude to Yena without provocation? The downside or upside to So Bong's character is she is reactive. Reactive to how people treat her. She loves Nam Sin 3 because he treated her well. Wont you love someone who treats you well. In fact she chose to stick to him even though she knows Nam sin 3 will end up with nothing in the end so i dont think the motivation is power/ money. And i dont think she knows about Grandpa's plan yet. So Bong has no clue about the grandfather. Sure she could have waited for the grandfather to do something about the killswitch but she chose to act because she thought it was urgent. Again she has no knowledge of grandpa. How is this hypocrisy? Maybe impulsive, full of emotions yes. Call it idiotic if you may. But why is she a hypocrite for wanting to help? She should have told Nam Sin about the killswitch but it seems to me earlier on she was also chastised for telling the robot too much? Damn if she does and damn if she does not? I dont think im the only one who seems quite perplexed by all this. So Bong is definitely a flawed character but it seems to me she is condemned from the get go. By the way, this is not about me being a fangirl of any character, because that is what someone who tried to speak up for So Bong is accused of. Heck I will even speak up for Yena or Nam Sin if there is a need to. Anyway this will go back and forth. I have already had my say.
  4. I have been a lurker in this section for quite a bit. It is really interesting when I read the many takes on issues that arise from this drama. The back and forth discussions and agreeing and disagreeing of things. I guess this is what I THINK the drama wants us to think about. Basically.... 1) Humans are essentially too intricate. The rationale behind our actions and feelings are influenced by so many factors. It is difficult to draw a clear line between right and wrong in certain things. Why do some people justify the use of violence and others dont? Why do we try to understand the reasons for certain actions because we feel for that person but when it comes to another, we simply cant accept it? Case in point, the So Bong vs Nam Sin debate. 2) There are many things that influence our thoughts. Our biasness and prejudices can cloud our judgement and thinking. Be it So Bong toward Nam Sin or vice versa. Or how the 'poor' view the rich and how the rich view the 'poor'. Or how a woman or man should behave. The double standards that we put on others. 3) It also got me thinking of about how society will view or accept someone that is different or a 'thing' that goes against the basic 'principles of how a human should be like. Can we accept an AI? In reality, are we open to that idea? Can society accept someone like Nam Sin 3? People questioned why Laura can be so cold to Nam Sin 3. We have a question of Robot Son Vs Human Son. Some were irritated with So Bong for not warming up to Nam Sin 3 immediately. Then again, how would you react if you meet someone like Nam Sin 3, if we ignore his god like handsome look? Can you blame Nam Sin for being resentful toward Nam Sin 3? Just like how locals grow resentful when you have 'foreign' talents coming in to 'take away your jobs or livelihood. So if we have an AI that can replace you as a human, what will be our place in society then? 4) What is family to you? I am perturbed at the way Nam Sin's Grandpa treated him and his mother. They are rich but they are really poor in showing affection, care and love to one another. The members of this family are smart and intelligent but somehow ruthless in their pursuit of their goals. Then we have the rough and uncouth So Bong and her equally rough around the edges dad. The kind of family who acts and says things on impulse. Probably their actions are driven by emotions. Are they worse off for being 'less intelligent' and far too emotional? Could have So Bong and her dad have been more caring toward each other? Could So Bong have shown more care toward her dad and vice versa? But at the end, what I see is a father and daughter team who will be willing to go out of their way for their loved ones. I really dont know how this drama will end. One thing that I like is the human characters in this drama are not at all perfect.
  5. Not letting them work it out? What would they have worked out? It seems to me the kill switch was the initial plan. And even David supported So Bong... whether his intentions were pure or not ... im not sure. It was only later on the mum gave the blessing for her to take care of the robot. Grandpa only revealed the intention to get Nam Sin 3 to be the heir later on. So basically with Nam Sin waking up, Nam Sin 3 needs to be out of the equation. It is true , she is an outsider. This family I believe is basically screwed, after finding out what the Grandpa did. The concept of Nam Sin's family is already not normal. Something that someone like her can't comprehend and I for one cannot comprehend too. How can a grandfather do that to his own grandchild, how can Yena's dad disown her due to greed, how come Yena is willing to work against her father, why is Laura willing to 'destroy' Nam Sin 3, her son for the past 20 years. Why is Human Nam Sin venting his anger on his innocent cousin? If your own family member dont or cant even comfort you or be there for you when you are down, what more So Bong who doesnt understand or know the backstory. I guess in a way, So Bong feels too much. She can be impulsive. There are Some things that she did, i may not have agreed with. Maybe She should have just walked away and not bother about what would have happened to Nam Sin 3. Maybe She should have turned down the secretary and decline the offer to be Human Nam Sin's bodyguard again. Maybe she should not have treated or viewed Nam Sin 3 like a human? So many what ifs. In fact i dont think she was the only one to aggravate Human Nam Shin. Nam Shin's grandpa and even his secretary have expressed in not so many words the difference between him and the robot and at times how much they prefer the robot version She is rude to Yena? Hmmm...if i remember correctly, Yena did a couple of things that were rude too. What about I give you So Bong's number so that you can play with her part. As a fellow woman? How can you agree to let another woman be a play thing to a man? The incident at the Wedding Shop? Nam Sin's arrogant... either you kneel or you sit so that I dont have to look up to you. These further perpetuates certain stereotypes of how the rich look down on people. Anyway, we agree to disagree. It is your opinion. It is interesting to read your take on So Bong. I may not agree with some of the things you say but there are certain points that you bring up that made me question certain things. It brings forth interesting discussions on how we perceive how a certain someone should react or behave.
  6. Then in your opinion, what would have been the best response that she could have given to Nam Sin? Based on her actual response, what would be the negative impact that you forsee? Since she is the main villain besides the grandfather, what negative consequences do you forsee like you said, happening in the near future based on her 'dumb' actions.
  7. I agree with you. This drama is interesting because it brings the concept of 'lesser being'. Essentially the mum and JYH see him as a robot. The thought of the robot being capable of 'feelings' and expressing his wants make us ponder if Namshin 3 is any less of a being just based on the fact that he is artificially created. And If SB develops feelings for him, it will definitely be a lot of inner struggle on her part. Are we capable of loving a 'robot'. And it is interesting that some of you bring up the point that NamShin 3 will turn rouge. Possible. But i also see him as wanting to claim his 'rightful place' and be considered just as important. He is starting to express his feelings and starting to rebel. It would be interesting how this works out.
  8. That is a very interesting perspective. Imagine creating AI that is capable of feeling and thinking for itself. And i believe the 2 of them, Namshin 3 and So Bong will be each others saviour. And the mum, when it comes to making that decision, im sure she will choose her real son but will it be a very difficult decision for her? Does she have any feelings for Nam Shin 3 or he is just a tool? We may develop affection for the robot but is the same applied to the rest of the characters? Do they 'feel'for him? Or to them he is just a robot/a tool?
  9. Thanks for giving a different perspective to the story. I think the issue is, people feel strongly for the robot Namshin that they forgot So Bong doesnt know that. People said she is shameless and horrible for not being grateful to Namshin for saving her. I do agree she should have been more appreciative but i think the reason why she wanted to help the director was the need to find out what is the deal with Nam Shin. She doesnt know the director had intentions to harm Nam Shim. Some people said she has no redeeming qualities but you forgot, she actually risked her life to make sure others are saved from the fire. She was also genuinely concerned of Nam Shin when she saw him in the pool. I think people are protective toward robot Namshin and I do agree he has a special place in my heart. So Bong on the other hand is the anti heroine character. She is rough and greedy but beneath that surface, she is actually craving for affection which she didnt get from her dad. It was quite sad when her dad told her she should have just died although i know he didnt mean it. I guess i can see where So Bong roughness comes from. So when Namshin3 treats her well, she doesnt trust him because she is not used to people treating her kindly. So in a way, this story shows how a robot is actually able to show her the affection and love that she craves from 'humans'
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