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  1. Details: Chinese title: Xuan Men Dashi [玄门大师] English title: The Taoism Grandmaster Genre: Fantasy Episodes: 50 Directors: Huang Jun Wen, Huang Wei Ming Screenwriter: Sap Sam Chen Broadcast Period: 2017 Novel: Novel of the same name - Xuan Men Dashi Cast: Tong Meng Shi (Thomas) as Zhang Ling Wang Xiu Zhu as Dong Huang Fei Fei Pei Zi Tian (Tim) as Iron Wolf (Tie Lang) [Protagonist] Zhao Yue as Kun Lun [Lead Protagonist] Wang You Shuo as Yun Qi [Protagonist] Zhang Ya Zhuo as Jiu Wei Hu (Xiao Yu - Little Jade) [Protagonist] Li Dai Kun as Xiao Qian Qiu Yang Xuan Yi as Mei Kong Yun Chu Han as Wang Wei Liu Ze Wen as Ju Xiong Li Ji as You Bu Fan Wu Yu Tong as Long Ying'er Guo Jin as Han Shuang Zhang Ze as Han Gong Li Xin Zhe as Han Yu Wang Zi Chen as Zhang Feng Xu Hao as Zi Liu Li Synopsis: **Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet** [spoiler ]enter your spoiler here without the spaces inside the brackets[ /spoiler] Preview: OSTs: Coming soon... Additional Links: Original Novel Baidu Drama Weibo
  2. Details Currently airing Chinese Title: 刺客列传 English Title: Men with Sword Episodes: 30 Episode Length: 40 mins Network: Sohu TV Released: August 14, 2016 RAW Episodes Synopsis Cast (includes members of Taiwanese boy group SpeXial) Simon (SpeXial) as Qiu Zhen Ian (SpeXial) as Qi Zhi Kan Zhiwei (SpeXial) as Gong Sun Qian Dylan (SpeXial) as Zhong Kun Yi Cha Jie as Mu Rong Li Evan (SpeXial) as Jian Bin Huang Wei Jin as Yu Qing Zhu Jian as Zhi Ming Lu Yun Feng as Ling Guang Peng Yu Chang as Meng Zhang Character Relationship Map O_O...a love pentagon? this is the most complicated love-shape I have ever seen in a drama... Vassal State Profiles MVs
  3. As there are no 'Official' videos for this, unfortunately there will be no links. If you would like to watch this movie duo, please search YT using the Chinese title. The movies come with Eng subs direct from the production company. SYNOPSIS A web drama adapted from a novel of the same name authored by Lan Lin. The novel is also known by another name Force Majeure. MAIN CAST Wang Bowen as Shu Nian Meng Rui as Xie Yan WUDONG interviews - Masterlist (official order) Courtesy @Ayachou
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