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  1. Did they mention what is their game character's job class/roles? If we base it from their weapons, Zinu is an assassin, Dr. Cha is a monk, Emma who plays an instrument is a female bard/minstrel. I want Zinu to level up so he can talk to Emma. In games it's a good support character to a fighter. They can do buffs, raise HP and increase damage etc through their music. By the way monks have resurrection skills and that Dr. Cha keeps on coming back.
  2. There are many dramas that I liked but gave up watching 4 episodes before the finale. However no matter how I have become frustrated with this drama, I will not give up watching until I see Geum get his happy ending. Actually I love the fantasy and comedy in this drama. Wizard Park is so funny! Jeom Soon is so cute! Im not into BL but I look forward to her webnovel. The only chara I dislike is the creepy video guy but no prob coz I can skip him. However I cant skip Geum's scenes so I have to bear to watch him brokenhearted. It gets to me when he's hurting. At least he's beautiful when he's crying.(esp his eyes)
  3. So first of all, thank you TVN for all the great dramas of this quarter! My drama watching schedule is full. My most favorite among their dramas now is Encounter/Boyfriend. It's just so beautiful to watch! The lead actors are not my celebrity biases but after this drama they might be on the top of my list. I always thought that SHK is the most beautiful Korean actress (Autumn in my Heart is my first Korean drama. While watching that drama I remember my dad told me that he's ready to swim to Korea just to meet her lol) meanwhile I always liked PBG in Nodame Cantabile, Reply 1988 and Youth Over Flowers. CSH is my favorite role of SHK so far. KJH and Taekki for now are tie. I believe that there is more to KJH's character that they havent shown yet. Secondly, thank you for all the posts in this forum. I love reading the discussions here. My favorite character is CSH. In the latest eps, it was good to know that there are actually lots of people who cares for her. Mr. Nam and Sec. Jang are not just her employees but also close friends. However their protectiveness did not help CSH to get out of her loneliness. Although they insist on accompanying CSH, they let her be when she tells them that she's fine being alone. Contrary to KJH who knows that deep inside CSH gets too lonely when she's left alone and persisted to spend time with her. Came as a big surprise was the ex-husband. Shame that his mom is the worst MIL to CSH. Pity that his love is a burden/obstacle to CSH's happiness/freedom. Letting go of the one you love for her happiness is a brave thing to do but it brings misery to one's self. For years CSH and the people around her are stuck but soon their lives will be changed after CSH's encounter with KJH. I laughed when KJH wondered if CSH will think that he's a stalker. One chingu here said that after seeing her, he might have followed her that's why he was there in time to catch her when she almost fell. honestly that's what I thought too as well lol. They had a lot of fated encounters it's unbelievable. KJH is convinced that all these are not nothing. About the preview for next ep, KJH said "Will we ever meet again?" Does that mean that one of them is leaving? Separation so soon?
  4. Rewatched the episodes and I noticed lots of pretty paintings in SH's room and company. She has a hobby of collecting paintings? Maybe she does paint herself? That would be cool. She's also looking at one during the beginning of ep 1. How unique that JH takes black & white photos. Why do I feel that her mom is not her real mom? Maybe that's why she's only close to her dad? There seems to be a symbolism behind the swing in the playground -the one that is always shown in the preview and got a focus on ep 2. The one in the left that is always shown moving is where JH always sits. He said that he sits there whenever he's sad or happy. It got a focus after CSH dropped off the drunk JH. Maybe it represents JH's happiness coz they have gotten closer? This drama has taken over my life lol. Thankfully it's Wednesday again tomorrow.
  5. Is "Do you have any money?" the new pick up line to get a boyfriend? I was enticed to watch just for the pretty lead actors alone but thankfully it also has a beautiful story and the cinematography is just While thinking about dramas like Boys Before Flowers, I wished there's also a drama where the girl is the rich one while the boy is the poor one. For example a love story between a princess and her knight or an ojousama and her butler lol In here it's a heiress and younger man commoner. I like CSH. I think she's very cool. I was pissed when her mom said that there's no one who will fall in love with her. When the date photo leaked, I was worried for our 2 leads but I was also happy imagining the reactions of the mother and mother in law. I was like yeah take that, CSH can have a great time too too coz she's with a person who can make her laugh. About KJH the "future-boyfriend", I love his nice personality. It's cute that he's giddy like a fanboy whenever he's with CSH. I love the gender role reversal. This time the boy got the stuff toy from the girl lol. Im sure his life will never be as peaceful again as she got involved with CSH but I trust that he will not avoid her but in contrary will continue to be her friend. His friend also said that he's the stubborn type. Some complained that the drama is slow but I actually appreciate these types of dramas more. The leads' interactions are heart fluttering and I just found myself smiling watching them. PS. It seems that this is the third noona romance drama Im watching this year. What they all have in common is the nice and sweet but persistent younger male lead. Im so blessed.
  6. So many things happened during the last 2 episodes but what brought the most impact to me was seeing SKJ cry whether as NS3 (in ep 13) or Human Shin (in ep 14). He looks so good with the tears lol. Maybe I like guys who cry in dramas?
  7. Thank you! Agree! This is his best role as of now. 2nd is Baek In Ho. Looks like he will have a cameo here coz I saw him playing a piano.
  8. Really!? Im in Twitter? Where? Oh I read that manga too and watched the TW drama version. Definitely sad ending About his hand, maybe he will pretend as NS again? His skin came off? Boxing sparring with SB or dad? lol Somebody commented about Season 2 (not sure) so will it be open ending? Season 1 is Are You Human Too? so could Season 2 be Are You Robot Too?
  9. Thanks! Oh yeah I forgot that activating the kill switch means blasting him off. That's a horrible thing to do to NS3. Anyway I honestly dont think we will get the best happy ending for NS3 and SB's love story. Vampires, zombies, ghosts, reapers have more chance of a happily ever after ending with their human love than a robot. But Im still hoping! Thanks!
  10. Hi! I love reading all your comments! Some of the endings I came up for this drama: 1. The baddies blasted RoboShin’s server. RoboShin and So Bong are trapped together in the burning building. X years later, Seoul is in danger coz of evil robots. A robot and a cyborg resembling RoboShin and So Bong were spotted fighting them. They are now Seoul’s last hope… Spoiler: The evil robots are actually led by Maibo and Roomba. They want revenge for what humans did to their chingu. 2. RoboShin and So Bong gets married. They lived together even until So Bong turned into a granny. They watch the sunset and reminisce about the past while they sit together. Suddenly Granny So Bong leans on Roboshin’s shoulder. She has fallen deep asleep. RoboShin kisses her forehead, also leaned at her and closed his eyes. He activates his kill switch. They sleep together peacefully. Spoiler: Granny So Bong woke up the next morning. 3. After Chairman Nam’s death and Jong Gil’s imprisonment, Human Shin became the CEO but later passed down the position to Young Hoon coz he wants to live a simple life with his mom and “brother” in CR. Dr. Oh and David got married and so were RoboShin and So Bong. RoboShin doesn’t want his bro to be lonely so he allowed him to thirdwheel between him and So Bong. RoboShin wishes the 3 of them to be together always and forever. Spoiler: While Roboshin is away, Human Shin would pretend to be him sometimes. One day So Bong is shocked to know that she’s pregnant! Meanwhile Young Hoon decided to get Shin back… And the reason Roboshin is always out is..!? 4. Human Shin and RoboShin are both in danger of falling down the building. So Bong is confused on who to save first. RoboShin tells her to save Human Shin first coz anyway he’s a robot that can be fixed unlike Human Shin who will lose his life so So Bong did as she was told. RoboShin is happy that they are safe but for some reason he “feels hurt”. He falls and break but was soon restored by Dr. Oh and David. BUT he’s no longer like the previous RoboShin and became an ordinary robot instead. So Bong did all she can to bring him back but failed. Dr. Oh scrapped RoboShin’s body and memory. She told So Bong that they should all move on. So Bong continued being Human Shin’s bodyguard although she doesn’t like him but is desperate to have a glimpse of RoboShin in him. One time So Bong gets badly hurt from protecting Shin. She’s not recovering coz she has lost the will to live. Then someone visits her in the hospital and it’s a robot who was sent to help her heal. Spoiler: He is a cybernetic doll called the “perfect boyfriend” who was designed to fulfill intimate relations with a woman. He needs to collect data about how women think and feel to help perfect future models. His first subject is So Bong. To be continued in the upcoming drama of Yeo Jin Goo lol 5. It’s all just Nam Shin’s dream! I hope I made you laugh
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