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  1. In the teaser, Eunseom seems to be the one who lies on the bed instead of Saya, so something definitely has happened to Saya. Feeling they are going to pull "Because we are identical to each other, If I die, you can live in Arthdal using my identity"
  2. Karika said that Eunseom could come to her tribe if he ever wanted to escape, maybe foreshadowing that when everything is done, he will go to Momo tribe, the Wahan tribe has changed and most of them do not want to go back to Iark anymore.
  3. What if he is both and Inaishingi and Arum are actually the same person? Or he is still Aramun Haesulla, but the story of Inaishingi survived the trial just accidentally happened again to him. And Xabara with her tribe really have a lot of badass scenes lol.
  4. I hope she will find ES soon and support his conquest of Arthdal, ES has been suffering a lot since season 1 even though he is a soon-to-be god .
  5. I checked that account and watched the back story of Karika, she is such a strong woman. Her man and her family are gone, she has to take care of the child by herself while leading a tribe as the same time
  6. I want Eun Seom x Karika(Xabara), she is touched by his actions. Eun Seom’s harem is growing well, Tanya + Chae Eun + Karika
  7. I don't think he can go back to the parallel world anymore because he is out of coma now, that parallel world helped him realize what his true life goal is. Now he is back in the real world and he has to work his way up and turn that dream into reality.
  8. CYH will likely be SSK's doctor, what goes around comes around haha.
  9. His doctor told CYH it's like CYH's patients were slowly taking parts of his body and when CYH asked if his current condition was that bad, the doctor said no result yet, the doctor also told CYH to find someone that would stay beside him. That foreshadowing
  10. I agree with everything you all said about the prosecutor, I can't stand his POV for real. In the preview for next ep, there will be a contagious virus and SY gets the old man patient(Asa Ron niruha ) blood stuck to her mouth area. That may infect SY with the virus too, and that also means we may get an iconic scene which the male lead will take care of the female led on her sickbed
  11. Please don't let Chan Sung be a reincarnation of Go Chung Myung, Man Wol's first love, the reincarnation plot line is repetitive in K-DRAMA now imo. A descendent may fit the plot more since his dad was also be able to make the tree bloom.
  12. Next season will mainly be about Eun Seom and he is on his way to becoming the Sword that slays the world, hypeee! I'm also interested in what role the new female character in the preview will play in the final season, she seems to be a general of an army. And when will the other Neanthal kid that Ragaz and Asa Hon raised appear anyway?
  13. My personally thought, there were initially 5 survivors after the event in Atturad: Ragaz, Nunbyeol, Yiseuroobeu, Rottib and the other kid that Ragaz/Asa Hon saved. Ragaz died a long time ago, so now there are only 4 survivors left.
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