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  1. Next season will mainly be about Eun Seom and he is on his way to becoming the Sword that slays the world, hypeee! I'm also interested in what role the new female character in the preview will play in the final season, she seems to be a general of an army. And when will the other Neanthal kid that Ragaz and Asa Hon raised appear anyway?
  2. My personally thought, there were initially 5 survivors after the event in Atturad: Ragaz, Nunbyeol, Yiseuroobeu, Rottib and the other kid that Ragaz/Asa Hon saved. Ragaz died a long time ago, so now there are only 4 survivors left.
  3. The other Neanthal guy is Yiseuroobeu I think, he was also there at the meeting of Sanyeoks and Neanthals. Hence the other child that Asa Hon and Ragaz saved and raised still has not appeared yet.
  4. Sorry for bumping, I have watched this drama again for the last three days and the chemistry between these two still impresses me like the first time I watched more than a year ago. After watching the drama again and all the BTS I could find on Youtube, I just wanna say "God bless you two, just DATE!!!". They even have more chemistry in those BTS videos than in the actual drama, WOW
  5. HJ will meet JW eventually given that SJ can help him out as the developer of the game. But damn how much I hate open ending, at least give us a scene where HJ sees JW standing with a badass stance like that.
  6. Yes, games can do that, they have quests that can only be received when players reach a specific level.
  7. Now we have to wait a week, a week is like a month now TT.TT JW did lie to her for a long time though, so HJ can call him like that. But I’m glad she also realized that he was trying hard to find Seju too.
  8. Maybe when they fix the gamebug or whatever it is that makes him reappear, he will have more lines
  9. Well, Chanyeol just needs more screentime, but it depends on how long it takes them to find him. I wonder why City Hunter, great playerID choice btw lol, asks Jinu to train him in the preview.
  10. I really admire the passion for acting of Park Hoon, the actor that plays Hyeong Seok. Seriously, no lines, same clothes, same expression but he still delivers it.
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