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  1. so in ‘if the weather is nice, i’ll come to you’ (the title is a bit of a mouthful dont you think), is she a cellist or a painter? coz i saw some posts saying PMY is preparing for the new role by taking cello classes..
  2. i love Little Forest~ it was a simple story about finding yourself and letting go~ no artificial stress no villains whatsover~ it focused only on the characters.. if PMY’s new drama is anything like the movie, i reckon it will be a great one~
  3. hope this drama has good storylines.. cant wait for this one and itaewon class JTBC my body is readyyyh for you.. bring it on! #JTBCxPPC2020
  4. i think ive said this before but this scene is one of my fav scene in wwwsk~ i love how VP gently proposed to Miso in this scene.. someone mentioned this bfore i think.. yess in korean ver BTS, when they were rehearsing the script , PSJ held PMY’s hand on his inner thigh (her other hand was holding a script) in front of pdnim lol... i really envy pdnim he must had witnessed all PPC precious and sweet moments during filming hahah... PMY also casually put both her hands on his knee/thigh too when they were talking.. she really likes touching him lol
  5. i jst saw banso posted vids of PSJ and her in midnight runner on her ig story.. hehehe im glad to see PPC are getting along with each other’s friends~~
  6. so cute PSJ gave the cow doll to MY and she was super happy and hugged it tight like a child.. then staff said something (maybe they hv to give it back i dunno) and she looked upset (dissatisfied) but PSJ jst smiled hehe.. these two are so cute.. in commentary PMY said PSJ gave her cow doll he won from the machine.. maybe that was the one..
  7. sobss if he’s the last guest i guess no PMY then.. seriously i really hope to see PMY in cooking shows like soomi’s banchan.. must be fun to see her cooking or making kimchi with soomi..
  8. whattt omg you must be my soul sister!! i freakin love the show too... cant waittt for PSJ episode!
  9. whatttttttt is PSJ gonna be a guest in 3 meals a day!!????? whattt!!! my dream came true! ... i love 3MAD since the first season... yessss!!!!! i cant wait so excitedddd yesss
  10. she put her hand on his waist and his shoulder when he practiced landing on the bed.. and she touched his chest too when they were joking with each other~ owh and her legs were between his legs most of time during that scene.. so i hv come to this conclusion about PPC after watching DVD PSJ lovesss to tease her (teasing bulldozer) PMY lovesss to touch him (touching bulldozer)
  11. “KJW and PMY post something that made your ship falter?”~ miss lurker, 2019 wow i dont even know what he posted and apparently it ‘made my ship falter’? OMG IM SHOOK lolsssss
  12. PDnim: lips should be touching a bit. im looking forward to the next guys can we appoint pdnim as the president of PPC shipping club? ~ maybe he’ll share those 77 min with us lol~ (joke joke)
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