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  1. @rubie It is indeed sad that there weren't photo opportunities with Kyle, Gwan Soo, DoMi and others, since they are just as dear to Eugene. There were more than enough soldiers at the American legation to help them take pictures, but I guess that wasn't Writer-nim's focus. Also, it did puzzle me that there was not a single scene with all 5 leads together. I wonder if there will be such scenes in the director's cut. I guess this BTS of all 5 leads for the Netflix poster shoot is one of the best we can get. Credits to kim_giwoong Drawing of YYS/Goo Dong Mae...very impressive! Credits to jinju_smileart
  2. @rubie, I like how LBH sits right smack in the middle for the awards recipients photo. Captain Eugene Choi shines! He also misses his bros and likes to finger point them out in pictures, so cute! Here's a sketch of Kim Yong Ji/Hotaru bysihye0on.
  3. Fan artists are just so talented! Here are a couple of impressive ones of LBH/Eugene Choi and KTR/Go Ae Shin. Credit as shown on IG.
  4. Wow, CONGRATS to LBH and YYS!!! Thanks @rubie for sharing the live updates!!! Can't deny the bromance here!!! Thanks to sadgasna for sharing on IG and credits to FatCak TV.
  5. Lots of talented artists! That coloring book makes a nice addition to the Mr. Sunshine collection. This is an impressive watercolor portrait of Kim Min Jung/Kudo Hina by Eunji Hwang.
  6. @rubie Yes, the actors are so lucky to have such loving and dedicated fans!! All the gifts are so nicely crafted, and some are just too cute to be eaten!! BTS of Byun Yo Han/Kim Hee Sung Credit to his IG BTS clips provided by his agency Saram Entertainment. More clips under the spoiler tag
  7. Not sure if this has been shared yet. Credits to YeoNiverse - Yoo Yeon Seok IFC for the English subs of the BTS and YYS's short interview.
  8. This is so cool and am glad that Mr. Sunshine continues to shine through CFs!! (Borrowing your emoji, @rubie ) Hope to see more CF collaborations from the other cast members (especially Ba Deung Jjo, Ae Shin, Hina, and many more). The H&H parody is indeed adorable!! I'm also really impressed with the fan arts and animations. So cute!! Credit as shown on IG. Very impressive Gu Dong Mae figurine along with miniature detailed items that was gifted to YYS!! Thanks to soothing.yoo for combining the pictures from bluewashing and repost.
  9. Hi Sunshiners!! So excited to see this new CF of Eugene Choi and Kim Hee Sung in modern times!! They both look GREAT!!! Thanks to IG user yohan_taeri for sharing the clip.
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