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  1. @thingskateknows totally agree on the Dong Chan comment! He gets his own storyline beyond just being Hanee's friend. I also don't think PD is his real father (my guess is his real father is the boss that the hiker-attacker claimed PD killed), as he asked at the temple if it was okay to tell DC everything now. I'm enjoying this side storyline more than any others, but also don't get the vibe that PD likes AJ in a romantic sense - I actually hope this becomes a friendship amongst single parents instead. Also PD's reason for rushing to the island to protect her was more supportable that the other second leads rushing to stop the male lead from confessing - guys, they still need to work together! you can't stop it for long! At least PD's scenes showed actual potential danger since someone attacked him. @chatterboX_1 oh! i totally didn't notice the ice point. where was it for DO? I need to rewatch ep 8 haha. And this time drunk DO's sad face said it all. It'll be hard for even AJ to try and laugh this off now. But at the end, I sort of understood her frustration. 14 years ago she gave up her producing dream to have HaNee, now that she's back on track to producing an actual movie, why does he not let her do her job and insists on interfering? And all the other guys imposing their ideas on her when for so long she was fine fending for herself and her mum+daughter. I do hope she's able to learn she can have both love and career, and for the guys to back off a bit so our movie can actually progress. @Nodame and yes the RJ confession was a total troll!
  2. waiting for ep 8 but lol that preview hahaha. they just HAD to put them all together in one place overnight, didn't they? Look forward to the awkwardness LOL.
  3. @Nodame Yes RyuJin is totally at the top of the list for fake-outs! His imagination... hahaha... can't trust too many of his "memories" in previews until the episiode is over. The haircuts are jumbling up the timeline in my mind (like I think it should be a certain order but the hair says otherwise LOL!) but you are right, previews can mislead, so I'm looking forward to the revelations. He's still so hard to read too, compared to DO who literally says everything, RJ is holding so much back on what happened 14 years ago. Please start spilling! (AJ you too!). @Samuel Yohanes Yeah, totally get what you mean. It was more like multiple storylines each taking 1 tiny step forward. And I don't think I can get on the Ms Song - RJ ship yet. It felt more like a deal was passed where he sold his future to her in exchange for the fame, but we shall see what else is unveiled! And its seems like she knows his past but doesn't know who the first love is (since she told RJ it was funny AJ said she knew him well) or maybe im misinterpreting.
  4. This bit gets me so confused! If that did happen, why is AJ still treating him like she idolizes him? If it was after DO already asked her out, then how were they still friendly to the point she could cry to him about her breakup? Wouldn't it be awkward that the 2 friends liked her? And from the preview, DO clearly never knew about it. Things are still ambiguous at this point! I think the scene is a red herring but we'll have to wait to see! Ep 7 - so many stories are moving bit by bit so I can't recollect all the scenes now. I loved the HaNee-DaeOh interaction, although I find it amusing he thinks his face is one that is single and cannot be a dad. Hahahaha. What kind of shock would that be if he turns out to be the father after all?? I love SookHee and her keeping HN to her promise to take responsibility for caring for the puppy - by actually charging her child support fees! LOL! And HyeJin as a side character I do have to say I adore (is she not aware that AJ is the woman in the story yet?). DO and YW fighting had me - how old are they both to be rolling around on the ground fighting! I'm excited for tomorrow's episode and look forward to more discussions later~
  5. Either that or she runs away again like she did at his first confession! Or was that parallel already used up when she took his hand at the end of ep 3 haha. I'm looking forward to ODO realising there's a misunderstanding just because he's been assuming only AJ is at fault for the past episodes. Would be fun to see how he deals with it. This 100%! Feels like AJ has only lasted so long because she has her mum and daughter. And all 3 are such positive people! Doesn't feel like anything puts them down. Yeah totally get the shock + healing part as mentioned by @partyon! Personally I'm hoping it's all out by ep 9-10 so we get room for AJ's relationship, family and career to properly develop rather than shoehorn a happy ending at the end.
  6. i'm late to the return party but the forums are back! I agree with everyone on how adorable ODO's and NAJ's first meeting was. SHJ is doing a stellar job so far with the acting - all the subtle actions or expressions, I actually find it hard not to root for ODO (although I know he has his faults). These 2 are definitely my favourite pairing now, although they have many more scenes than the others so its not really a fair fight yet. On the other hand, I'm not a fan of RJ (even his side story with his manager hyung I end up fastforwarding...). I'll rather have more of PD scenes because it feels like the dynamics/potential story there is more interesting. And I don't find JAR annoying actually; NAJ just caught her at a bad time and I can totally relate there are times when you just don't feel like talking to someone. She seemed shocked when NAJ fell and still offered her hand to her, so she doesn't seem all around bad (yet). It's ep 7-8 this week - when do you think we will find out who the real dad is??
  7. He seems to have an AeJung radar going on now! He managed to find her after the movie where she still needs to take the bus home, she was at the same hotel as his meeting with Hollywood, etc. How did they miss each other for the past 14 years? Yes! I was so amused when it happened in Ep 4 too when he told her not to meet PaDo alone, esp at night, and she told him to keep quiet so she could take a photo LOL. This pairing actually sounds cute! But a little hard to imagine if he couldn't forget AJ for the past 14 years. Hoping he gets a happy ending though!
  8. Finished EP 5 on Netflix! More hints to start scrutinising! All 4 guys have met each other! Getting progress on the movie with the next casting, and little progress on the search-for-dad front. I loved the little meta scene they put in on SHJ's height amongst the 4 guys haha. Seeing ODO being happy to meet Hanee, and go in for tea when AJ's mum invited them - there doesn't seem to be a single suspicion in his mind that Hanee might be his? And I wonder if AJ's mum has ever met AJ's university boyfriend - I thought ODO might have met the mum before when he suddenly stood formally at her appearance, but didn't seem that way from her perspective. Side note - how funny to see all three guys bowing deeply to AJ's mum, esp PaDo! And how mean of them to leave HyeJin to go home on her own... AJ's reaction to meeting RyuJin after 14 years still convinces me Hanee can't be his - she's too happy and chill! I think its a red herring with the scene of RyuJin waking up the morning after the rainy night and AJ's note to forget what happened last night - either it was someone else who wrote it or she left way earlier and just wanted to tell him to forget her crying. I feel like that day is probably when she disappeared from both of them, so he never got to ask if anything did happen. I hope Hanee gets a chance to find out from her grandma/mum on her dad. Be open for once! The awkwardness every time she asks anything in relation to her dad is starting to get to me - there's only so many times I can watch the wide-eyed silence. And I could do without RyuJin's CEO...
  9. I have another theory! That the NAJ lookalike isn't his wife hahaha. I kinda feel like it was someone in his past that he was infatuated with / loved, but couldn't have - for eg. the flashback scenes always shows her dressed up and he's looking from afar or behind. He felt like a bodyguard to me, more than husband. So I'm theorizing that she was the wife/mistress of the gangster boss he used to follow, then maybe she was looking for an escape from the mafia life and died sometime in between?
  10. Agree! I loved this actress in all the roles I've seen her in so far (ok which is not a lot, but still!). I love the little 3-woman family unit. It's all like you don't need a man in your life to do well kinda feel. YW being there is cute for DO jealousy moments, but I hope we still get the scene (like the sauna) with just the 3 ladies. I wonder if the show is going to let HN feel that 2% / vibe with any of the male leads in the first half of the show... will it be too much of a giveaway now?
  11. Oh! I didn't know he could sing - the show I watched him on was Three Meals hahaha; I'll definitely have to check out his episode on RM. And just so I'm not veering off topic on my post haha - tbh I think the YW-HN similarity was a (weak) attempt to throw us off course. In my mind, there's a 0% chance it's YW. The dad is either DO or RJ, but it does feel weird to me that AJ isn't that against either of the guys knowing she has a kid? Bar the initial shock of meeting DO again, she isn't really avoiding them that much?
  12. Loving this show so far and thought I'll join in the fun here! Liked SJH and SHJ separately from their respective variety shows and came here more for SJH but surprised find that I kinda like them together so far! This is actually my first drama for SHJ, although I enjoyed watching his recent variety show. And I love Hanee and her classmate/best friend! I realised she has similar habits as her mum (like biting their thumbs when they are thinking) so I'm hoping the writers build in some habit/quirk to help us guess who her real father is too! I can't decide if HN or AJ's best friend is my favourite side character so far. I loved the interaction in ep 4 between them both during the bottle collection scene. Actually, it doesn't seem to me like AJ is purposely hiding HN from anyone. She even mentioned her kid to DO during their meeting (when she was upset at him about his remark on her life) - did he even know she had a kid before that? I agree with some comments that AJ was insensitive too during that conversation, but I lowkey admired her ability to see past their prior bad relationship when it came to recognizing his talent/passion as a director. I thought that was a mature moment. I'm excited for what is to come and definitely on the DO-is-the-dad camp.
  13. totally agree with you on the note! but looking at it altogether, sort of feel like his behaviour was somewhat uncalled for - at least confront her rather than just disappear!
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