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  1. How would I explain instructions for a board game? My game's like a combination of Pictionary and Charades.

    Need help translating these:

    - "step 1, step 2, step 3" etc

    - guidelines/rules

    - not sure if there's a word for it in English, but I mean those deck of game cards (?) from board games like Pictionary where there are words/phrases written on them. Would just refer to those as カード?

    - any way to say something like "player 2 is given one minute to act out the drawing from player 1"

    If anyone has any board game instructions in Japanese that could be scanned, it'd be sooo helpful for me!

    Thank you so much!

  2. I have Question.

    When you don't have any guy-friends. Let alone any BF.

    Do you tend to fall to any guy easier? (assuming that he's a "good" guy)

    I mean, obviously you are lonely and bored (Let's assume that way)

    And this random d00d just comes into your life.

    By standard he's boring, but to you he's not, coz obviously he made you talk/less bored.

    But In reality, he's fairly boring, doesn't even joke around, all he talk about is drama, music, boring shiz.

    What do you guys think, would you tend to fall in love easier or not?

    I say yes. My opinion is Yes.

    What do you girls think?

    Thank you.

    For me, no. I don't have guy friends--not ones that I often talk to and chill with anyway.

    See, it depends on how desperate the girl is.

  3. ^LOL Dementium, I honestly have to say that I was really chickened to play the actual just by myself during night. I remember one time, I had my DS over at a house party.. and we all (like 6 people?) huddled around the DS while one person was playing it with lights off and everything xD It was kinda intense .. and the fact that we actually got scared (come on, DS screens are so small) was hilarious :lol:

  4. destroy ur card on purpose n go ask for another one =D

    :o You mean "c. The University shall replace defective or heavy wear YU-cards at no charge when you turn in your old YU-card." under the card agreement? lol they'd be like "wtf you're not even in our school yet and it's already defective.."

  5. ^


    Oh mine was actually kinda different from yours. Well, I'm in fine arts, so I went to a different place. I signed in and registered account. Ah man, I shouldn't have gone to take photo for my ID... 'cause I looked nasty that morning... barely slept and woke up late T_T but on the other hand.. now I'm officially a York student =O

  6. ^No, my appointment's this Thursday. So.. could you still tell me how the appointment was like?

    :o Maybe we can chill! I chose Winters as my first choice (single room). Kinda a bummer when someone ^ mentioned that there's not AC.. but it's summer, just go outside! Pretty campus + greenery <3 Or bring a small electric fan in your room?

    Aw, don't worry about it (non-art major); art kids are usually nice and chill :D Besides, I'm sure there are other people like you that are going to Winters too :b


  7. Tokimeki Memorial ...........SO FREAKING ADDICTIVE !!!!!!! After reading through the recent posts, I decided to try it. Omg, I played non-stop for 8 hours straight and finished it LOOOOL I ended up sleeping at 7:20am and woke up 10:10am to go to school.

    Which guys did you all go for? XD I love Kei's voice!!!!!!! But I thought he was too hard to get.. so I went for Mihara <333 *sigh* I didn't successfully get a full heart with him though.. I'm gonna try again xD

    Studying Japanese for the past few years totally paid off :wub: The game was like a practice to me. I love that the characters say almost everything.

  8. I just came back from enrolling in 09/10 courses at LAPS (woot~)

    But now I'm troubled about dorming again -___-;;

    Personally, I just want to go to the dorm that's going to have most of the people from the program I'm in (EastAsianStudies) but I looked at the buildings and the floor plan and..

    ..I really dislike long hallways. LOL. I was going to go to Founders but then after I saw like ONE article about the past attacking or whatever I decided to stay away from it (the long hallways option was a bonus) but now that brings me to decide between Winters and Vanier (which I'm also unsure about but better than the long hallways?).

    Which do you guys think is better? I like the Winters floor plan (do I sound foolish, or what?) since its compact-looking and all but I'm not too sure about going to another college/dorm =/?

    Also, I haven't actually visited inside any other dorm than Pond (during March Getaway week) so just asking, are the other dorms very similar to the Pond rooms? (cuz I liked the Pond res ^^)

    LOL I didn't visit any res at all and I just applied this past weekend. All I did was look for photos online :P

    I chose Winters 'cause the rooms I saw in the photos looked pretty decent, I like the floor plan, and it's affiliated with fine arts (I'm going into graphic design). I just really hope I don't get stuck in a room where my window view is a wall ... >_>

    Now that I've read what you said about Founders, I think I'm glad that I chose Tatham as my 2nd choice xD

    I was about to choose Vanier though. Wasn't Vanier the one where the rape incident occurred at?

    Pond.. Pond is really nice. The building so new *_* Facilities too. Why does it have to be sooo expensive?!?! If it weren't that expensive, I'd totally wanna live there.

    There's Calumet; suite style with 5 br (4 single 1 double I think?), 2 washrooms, a lounge, and a kitchen. I think this is more suitable for later years 'cause you could get a few friends to get the suite together.

    Oh yeah, what did you do, specifically, at the enrollment meeting/appointment? Mine's next Thursday.. the day of my prom =_= I didn't realize until a few weeks after I confirmed.

  9. What the heck, man. Why must it always be like this? Back and forth and back and forth. Aren't you done with going in a circle? I know I'm fed up. All I wanted was just friendly talks and hangouts.. not a date, k? Now that you realize that I'm not interested in you anymore, you're like the you from a few months ago.

    Whatever. I hope it stays that way if this could be the end of it.

  10. I'm curious, is anyone else really cautious when taking photos with their Lomo or Holga? I feel like if I make a mistake, it'd be such a waste of film... I know I know, I'm supposed to just go with it but I can't resist thinking about the cost of film D:

  11. ^??? MicroSD? how many gigs? You can get that at Future Shop or something. If not, try Canada Computers. It's so cheap! Well, I got a 2gb one at the one at Pacific Mall for $5. Transcend brand or something but works just fine. I use it for my DS :D

    Location: Toronto

    Price Range: Doesn't matter.

    Item Name: Black Pencil Case

    This is extremely random, but does anyone know where I would be able to find a simple pencil case like this?

    I've tried Curry's and LeSerre's, along with most office supply stores and dollar stores. All I've found is plastic containers or large boxes. Any help is appreciated :)


    YES! I saw it at Sephora. Lol not pencil case but you could use it as one. It's exactly like that except there's a little engraved writing "Sephora" on one side :lol: Dunno if you want that. Oh I think it was like ~$15ish? ...I know :sweatingbullets:

  12. If I were to get a dress custom made, do you guys know places that can get the job done? Or where do you guys get your prom dresses in Toronto?

    Dayum I'm so behind, so many ppl I know have their dresses already and frankly I'm at a loss...T_T

    YEEEEEEEH I wanna see you in your dress :w00t:

    (lol I didn't start looking yet)

    I think it's called Cynthia's Dresses, or something like that. I got my prom dress made there! =)

    If you don't mind me asking, how much was it?

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