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  1. Maybelline Lash Stylist Waterproof.

    Woah, just woah. I had been using CoverGirl Lash Blash for a year and I thought that was good enough to make my lashes stay curled and full. But when I tried Maybelline Lash Stylist, I was so amazed with result. Doesn't smudge, easy to get off (better than CG lash blast), EASY APPLICATION WITH THIN COMB! Love it! I'm ditching my CG one now~

  2. tishuu - which level?

    Yeah I know all the basics already. I finished all levels of high school Japanese since grade 9. I'm taking JP2000. Just wondering if anyone here is in the 2:30 class? I'm dying to switch to the 4:30..but it's full T_T


    How do I say "Ahhhh so much homework!"

    I'm canto, so I'm really not positive. Just thought I could help you slightly before someone who is fluent can correct me.





    Mandarin: 啊!好多作业啊!



    In Cantonese, it's more likely that "好多" is used instead.

    guang3 dong1 xing3 zhong1 shan1 shi4 nan2 lang3 zhen4 jiao4 yu4 lu4 yi2 hao4 cheng2 dong1 hao2 ting2 hao2 jing3 ge2 yi2 dong4 308 fang2

    uhm I just used a dictionary..hope they're all right





    Yi2?! Shouldn't it yi1 :wacko:



    (And sheng3, as someone above corrected)






    So stuck trying to decide which Macbook Pro I should get! It's 6:18am right now and I haven't slept yet cuz of this :(



    I'm going to need it for university. I'm in graphic design (and photography as hobby) so I'm definitely working with PS, Illustrator, InDesign, Aperture etc on top of regular tasks. I'll be living on campus and the labs are often available so I can access the iMacs there easily. I don't always need to bring it around a lot, especially when most of my classes are practicums. Portability/small size isn't too much of my concern, though it'd be nice to bring it around for some lectures.



    I was thinking of getting the 15" 2.53ghz 4gb RAM one but I'm not sure if the extra $270CND justifies for a +2" screen size. Perhaps I could hook up a 13" 4gb 2.53ghz with an external display, keyboard, and mouse with that $270 (which monitor is another story but feel free to recommend me an affordable 19-22")? What do you think? 13" + monitor now or just 15" now and maybe monitor later?



    Any suggestions and recommendations are welcomed!












    Can someone tell me the name of this treat?



    The inside is filled with red bean (there's also custard).



    The outside is like a nice spongy cake.





    人形燒(にんぎょうやき/ningyouyaki)!!!! :w00t: I love those!! Famous treat from Asakusa Tokyo


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