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  1. If I put in my sim card and the roaming icon comes up, does that mean the phone is still locked? If so, how do I get it unlocked?

    I just got it as a present from my sister and she doesn't really know what's going on either.

    (this is probably asked before but I don't have time to read through every single page right now)

  2. ^wtf, that's sad :/ But then again, people (esp. women) should not be alone at night!!!

    okay thats it. i've made my decision, its impossible to meet a guy at york. PERIOD


    ._. that makes me feel worried lOL since I'm just starting out at York.

    does anyone wanna give me tips on how to approach this really hot guy who lives on my floor *goes to ask in L&R section too* LOL

  3. omg please don't take FACS 1900 if you're not required to, it was mandatory for me.

    As for general FACS courses, I'm not too sure but I looked into one that was based on just blogging and stuff..seemed really easy LOL dunno until fall semester kicks in.

    The typography class through YSDN? We never have anyone not majoring in design in any of our classes because it's about a 30-1 ratio in most of our classes and there's only about 120 of us in each year but good-luck

    did you take facs in first year? who was your prof?

  4. i don't own a macbook just yet.. but will soon :]

    just wondering... is 2gb ram okay or do i need to get 4gb?

    yeah as the person said above, 2gb is good enough for most people unless you're a hardcore gamer (lol?) or do tons of graphics and video editting all the time.

    w00t replaced 2.5 weeks old mac with a new one cuz of one dead pixel :D no more fingerprint stains on my keyboard teehee

    Some questions:

    1. Has anyone ordered keyboard protectors from DX? Possibly for 15"? :P So any info is appreciated.

    2. Is the keyboard size of 15" and 13" the same?


    Wtf? My caps lock green light indicator IS NOT LIGHTING UP! What's going on?! I just got this new replacement and I already found another problem?! Any tips on getting it to work? :( I'd hate to bring it back AGAIN T_T

    2nd edit:

    -__- called Apple Expert but in the end I gotta bring it back to the store.

  5. HELPPP D: (well, not really)

    There's a DEAD PIXEL on my screen about 3" down and 1" to the left from the center! I did a bit of Google and it seems that Apple doesn't do replacement unless it's 5+ dead pixels..?! WHAT DO I DO? Who should I call? The Apple retail store where I bought my MBP from? Or should I just go ahead and make a Genius Bar appointment? Man, I got this 2 days ago -_-

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