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    Couldn't resist and ended up watching the last episodes without subs.  I'm so sad the drama is over.  Every so often, I think we need a good tragedy and cry.  I'll miss the cast, too.  I hope they get more lead roles in the future.  CXX is an awesome antihero - it's too bad the director/writing softened his character.  I'd like to see him play the villain/antagonist in another drama.


    The last episodes were pretty much expected, but I thought the big reveal scene with Sese was a little anti-climatic.


    When LCY revealed to Sese his true feelings, I really thought he would be cold and caculating.  But, I was kinda disappointed he looked somewhat remorseful during her sad reaction to him.  Also, I think Sese cried more when she found out about that pregnant maid than in this last scene.  I was expecting this big reveal and emotional outburst, yet it was kinda "meh" and anti-climatic.  Gu Jian's last scene in episode 48 was so emotional and heartbreaking, and even though he wasn't my fave character, I cried so much.  Yet, Sese's big reveal scene didn't have that same impact where I didn't even feel sorry for her.



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  2. 3 hours ago, nuttyz said:

    Finally done catching up! Tonight's episodes have been very disappointing :tears:.... 


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    1. Editing was really messy causing disjointed sequences. I was really looking forward to those sweet moments (to hold on to) before we move on to the angst


    2. LCY's feelings towards SeSe kind of blurred today. In previous episodes, it was still somewhat clear that SeSe was just a tool and dispensable. Today when he pitied SeSe (and blamed himself for not being able to protect his woman) for being framed and kneeling for her/sending her food, was just a contradiction to his character. He didn't even bat an eyelash when he killed XF's grandfather knowing how much grief it will bring to XF but now he feels bad for SeSe??? It just makes XF's love for him really sad and pointless. At least in the novel, even after XF died LCY lived a sorrowful life. From how the drama is moving towards, he might as well be merry and happy with SeSe.


    Which brings to another point that I felt when I read the novel. Even if XF had forgiven and lived on, I don't really know if it will be a happy ever after for both of them considering he will still have his many wives and political hindrances. Maybe XF's death is the only way to really make LCY remember her with love and guilt and the woman "he could never have". 


    I'm hoping that this sudden change in LCY's character build up is just an editing issue, otherwise its a real pity considering the drama has been doing great up till today's episode. 


    It's late night here where I live, good night Chingus! 



    I have to agree with you.  I felt really annoyed after today's episodes (even though I couldn't understand a word they were saying!  Luckily there is great acting, so I can get an idea through body language and facial expressions.)


    I guess the writers wanted to soften LCY's character or something by making him somewhat pity for SeSe.  But, it just made his character worse.  If he's going to be an anti-hero, then they just need to stick with it.  By making him soften to Sese and that he somewhat cares for her, now he just looks like a two-timer too!  Argh...


    I was really confused with the last episodes for this week. What was the point of their plan to get rid of the empress and how XF got mixed up in it?  Was LCY supposed to get stabbed or did the plot go bad because of XF...? If it is all set up, I feel so bad for XF because she really thinks it is her fault.  


    @Andzek  LCY's jealous expression is really scary!  It's so chilling when he was watching XF and General Pei.   However, I'm looking forward to when his dark side comes out.  I think we'll see some really good acting!


    I'm kinda of sad about General Pei's situation.  I didn't really ship them as a couple, but I thought General Pei could be a good friend to XF.  Even though he is loyal to LCY, I really felt that he was trying to make life easier for XF without asking for anything in return.  I feel GJ is trying to make amends because he wants XF to fall in love with him again and taking advantage of her memory loss.


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  3. 18 minutes ago, nuttyz said:

    I've been so hooked and invested in this drama its driving me crazy with stunning leads, great acting and good storyline. I've read the novel before and speak mandarin, hope this can help shed some light!


    On 1

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     I would not say that he is insanely jealous of General Pei because he knew that General Pei was someone who would never dare cross the line of servant/master. He was more worried that XF would warm up to General Pei more than him, and this gives him discomfort. In the preview for Thursday, he mentioned this to XF and said that she should stay away from General Pei to which XF replied that she has nothing to hide. LCY said of course there's nothing, General Pei would never cross the boundaries.


    On the cliffhanger at the end of epi 36

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    This should be interpreted with the earlier scenes. Prime Minister Gao is already wary of LCY. He can already sense that LCY is not someone simple nor easy to control and that he is very worried that if LCY loves XF and joins forces with XF (whose family command significant influence over the western territories), the Gao family will be affected. He also mentioned that SeSe should be dealt with. In General Gao's mind, XF is a bigger threat than SeSe because of her family background. SeSe is just a nuisance to deal with since she is affiliated with the Zhao family.


    So when the queen summoned LCY and XF, the queens maid actually read out the testimony implying that XF was the one who poisoned the pregnant maid. XF tried to defend herself but being such a simple minded girl, all she could say was "It wasn't me". If LCY had stood up for XF, the queen could have just said that it was XF who instructed the maid to poison. So it was really a huge test for LCY to see who really mattered to him. LCY saw through the bluff and acted as if it didn't matter to him. This made the queen think that LCY did not care for XF and makes XF less of a threat (but actually LCY was really just deflecting the threat from XF). In fact, LCY even said the XF should be punished like any other people with no leniency. However, when the queen revealed the grand mastermind to be SeSe, the crown prince acted very worried and kept pleading with the queen, giving a false pretense that he loves SeSe much more than XF. That's why the queen hates SeSe even more.


    The last scene of him slapping XF is really just to show everyone that he really hates XF for supposedly wickedly manipulating the situation into her own advantage, when in fact he was just shielding her from the queen and the Gao family.


    There's been many debate on Weibo saying how LCY could have done things differently and how everyone has a love-hate relationship with LCY. If LCY had been kinder to XF, she would have been the first on the chopping board given her simple nature. What I can say is that they met each other at an unfortunate period and circumstances.... 


    Wow... such a complicated situation!  I think if LCY just let XF on his plans, maybe misunderstandings could have been prevented.  

    But, if he wanted to show people that he loves SeSe more than XF, why does he eventually spend the night with XF?  (It looks like on multiple occasions in the next TV episodes)?  


    Does he spend time with her because it is ordered by the empress or because he actually wants her to like him (before she likes anyone else)?  It seems he was putting so much effort in distancing himself from XF, but now all of a sudden he is staying over at her palace.


    I really love all the twists in this storyline!  Such a roller coaster ride!

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  4. 3 hours ago, furu.vu217 said:


    I want to explain it to you clearly but my English is limited. So I'll talk a little bit, hoping to help you.


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    The maids talked about the close relationship between XF and GP. They asked SE (LCY's personal attendant) if XF and GP had known each other since Western State. SE told LCY again and he was angry. He is jealous but only that, because he knows GP is very loyal to him. Ep 34 he came and said he wanted to sleep with XF. LCY asked he is her husband, he has children with other but why XF is not angry. LCY angry in this situation is so cute.

    In the novel, the author also implies that GP has a crush for XF, so like the drama.


    LCY slapped XF because Xu Niang miscarriage. The queen plotted to blame Se Se. LCY slapped XF because he thought  she done this but wanted to blame Se Se. It's his acting to protect XF.



    New preview Ep 37-40 is out




    Thanks so much for your explanation.  I really appreciate your help - especially for us viewers in the "no sub" club.  :D

    The next episodes look much happier for our couple.  Looking forward to the calm before the storm.


    I really like XF's character.  She is really kind and considerate.  Despite how LCY treats her, she tries not to interfere with LCY and Sese believing that they truly love each other.  However, after she regains her memory, does she still stay that way?  Or will she be more revengeful?  Sometimes, I want XF to toughen up so she won't be betrayed again, but at the same time, I like her innocent character.


    1 hour ago, furu.vu217 said:


    In the novel


      Reveal hidden contents

    All are LCY's plans.



    Please tell me that LCY did not do this to make XF fall in love with him.  I really want to ship LCY and XF, but LCY's schemes are making it really hard for me to do so. Even when he tries to protect XF, he's scheming.   Is there another reason why he planned this attempt?


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  5. I couldn't wait for Viki, so I watched the latest eps. unsubbed.  

    For those who are watching unsubbed episodes or know the storyline, I wanted to know if LCY is jealous of General Pei?  Or is it just me misunderstanding because there are no subs...


    For example, at the end of ep 33...


    It seems the maids were gossiping of General Pei and XF.  What were they saying?

    When the Eunuch told LCY what he heard, LCY got really mad - even the Eunuch was scared.  What were they saying about XF and General Pei?


    Also, do you think the drama (not the novel) is trying to emphasize that General Pei has feelings for XF?  I thought it was really cute when XF made him that bracelet, and when LCY saw it, General Pei hid it behind his back.  Was he afraid LCY was going to take it (like he tried with Luoxi's handkerchief?)  And then, it was funny when General Pei wore it in front of GJ.  Almost like he wanted to show it off in front of GJ.  Or was he just messing with GJ since he knows that GJ likes XF?


    And what a cliffhanger at the end of ep 36...


    Why did LCY slap XF?  What exactly did she do to make him mad?  It looked like she was trying to help him in front of the queen and pleading on Sese's behalf...


    I'm so confused... If someone could shed some light, that would be most helpful. Thanks!

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  6. 16 hours ago, XxchinesedramacrazexX said:

    Oh my god...I am going to cry buckets of tears. I dont want no palace maid....  I hate this drama and its plot as much as I love it. The struggle is too real


    I"m like you... I don't like when dramas turn into harem battle dramas.  At first I didn't think SeSe was so bad, but now she's getting petty.  I guess I welcome the palace maid if it makes SeSe mad.  Hopefully, when the palace maid comes in, XF won't be completely in love with LCY yet and it won't affect her as much...  XF can just let SeSe and the palace maid battle it out.



    7 hours ago, ElleSor said:

    So, my English subs are till at epi 20 and I'm curious if there ever was any undercurrents of romantic  bromance between Li Yan and the Crown Prince? I've had this weird feeling that they care too much for each other to be just cousin bros. 


    Anyway, I've been reading a lot of the spoilers and I know that this won't ever end happily but I still look forward to finishing this drama. I think I prefer that I watch this with my eyes open (figuratively and literally) knowing that tragedy awaits the OTP. Should I even call them the OTP? Oh well, onwards!!


    I got the same vibes from Li Yan and the crown prince too... 

    For me, I've never cared whether the ending of a drama was happy or sad.  I always focused more on the progression of the story rather than the end game.  If the story gets boring or draggy, I end up dropping the drama and the ending won't matter anyways.  But, if this drama is a tragedy, then I hope it gives me a good cry.  That can be a therapeutic way to get rid of stress.


    Based on the spoilers, I feel this storyline is going to be a wild up and down emotional roller coaster! I looking forward to the ride!

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  7. 2 hours ago, XxchinesedramacrazexX said:

    Binged watch ep 21 to 28 without eng subs...so confused on what is going on LOL but I love seeing LCY and XF interactions...sigh...although he treats her badly in front of other ppl, at least it is obvious he cares a lot for her


    I also watched without subs - just can't wait for the episodes on Viki.  I really want to ship LCY and XF even after all that happened, but watching LCY and SeSe scenes doesn't help his case (even though we know he doesn't have real affection for her).  


    For those who watched the wedding scene:


    I may not have interpreted right because there were no subs.  When LCY entered her chamber and heard her with the knife, he stopped.  Was this because she was planning to kill him or herself?  I wasn't sure what her intention was.


    @dito @ohLIME @hellojustpassingby Thank you for all your insight about the novel and what may happen as the storyline progresses.  It's like torture waiting for the episodes to come out on Viki.


    A few comments / questions about later in the storyline:


    After XF metions Gu Xiaowu's name, does LCY's personality change?  It seems in the beginning (despite all that happened), he is pretty level-headed and doesn't act on impulse.  However, in the drama preview, his expression looks really dark whenever Gu Xiao Wu is mentioned.  


    Also, does XF ever realize that LCY actually loves her despite all of his betrayal?  It seems like after he killed her grandfather, she believed he pretended to love her for his plans (even though he tried to convince her his feelings were real).  And now in the palace, she sees that he always sides with SeSe.  Does she ever realize he is doing it to protect her?


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  8. Coming out of lurker mode for this drama...


    This is a great angsty drama to fill void of The Last Empress.  I love the pacing of the first 10 episodes... It's also nice to to see Shawn Wei again - I liked him in Prince of Lang Ling.


    @Rouzmary @dito @Miky88  Thank you for explaining the novel.

    After understanding the basic plot through spoiler posts, I was wondering if anyone could answer a few questions about what happens later in the story:


    1. It's obvious that LCY starts to like XF the second time while they are in the palace.  Was that his motivation to become crown prince, so he would be the one to marry her?  Or was it more for political survival?

    2. Also, when XF remembers everything, does she purposely mention Gu Xiaowu's  name to make LCY jealous?  Does she know that LGY likes her, so she does it for revenge to make him mad?


    Also, even though she gets her memory, does she still love him?

    3. When XF gets her memory back, does she also remember about Gu Jian's betrayal?  Does she ever forgive him?



    I tend to fast forward all the political stuff, so don't know if I accidentally missed content that may have addressed these questions.


    Also, does anyone know if anyone on the web is doing weekly recaps of this drama?  I'm watching on Viki, but only one episode a day is tough...  

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  9. 1 hour ago, kdramawriter said:

    I'm so sadden by the results of this election. It made me realize that I had rose colored glasses on about America. We still have to fix our embedded racism and sexism. We are deeply flawed. I have so much pain about this because it feels like most of America turned against it's most vulnerable citizens and it's not what the nation should be about. It's terrible. 


    November really is off to a lousy start.... I was already suffering from Scarlet Heart Ryeo withdrawal and now the election results...  With things like Brexit and this election, I fear that our world is getting more divided.  However, it's nice to know shows like Scarlet Heart Ryeo can bring fans from all around together.  Although the forum is not as active before, it's still nice to read messages from other members these days knowing that maybe people are feeling the same as me. 

    I love time travel and Goryeo era dramas - those are my two most favorite genres.  A few years ago, I was a die-hard "Faith" fan and since then, I've waited for another of the same type. And finally, after waiting 4 years, SCR came out this year.  So, it saddens me to think that maybe I won't watch another storyline like this for a long time.  :tears:

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  10. All I can say is I can finally get my life back... :P

    I'm in the minority, but I'm glad they didn't meet up in the future. To me, HS falling in love with WS's descendant or reincarnation or whatever is just not the same.  In the end, that future person is not WS.  I've watched a lot of time travel dramas and to me, that type of ending is just cliche and not original.

    Although it is cruel, I'm glad that HS remembered everything.  However, I wished she could look upon the memories fondly instead of something painful.  I guess the writer didn't want WS to be the only one crying alone. Now, HS is doing the same in the future.

    I'm glad that HS had a daughter and Jung was taking care of her outside of the palace. In my opinion, I think WS knew it was her daughter.  But it was so vague.  I wished the writers made it more obvious that he acknowledged her. It would have been nice to know that maybe knowing a part of HS still remained in his world could give WS some sort of comfort during the rest of his reign.

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  11. I haven't watched ep 19 subbed, but thought I'd comment on what I was able to grasp in the raw version.

    I have no criticism for HS leaving the palace.  Sure, she said things to WS like "I will never leave you." and can be called hypocritical.  However, sometimes in a person's life... enough is enough.  I mean this girl is dying and her life span gets shorter and shorter the longer she stays in the palace. I can't blame her for wanting to live her last years outside of the palace.  And even if she lives outside of the palace, she STILL can't live as herself... she is destined to spend her final years as Hae Soo, another person. 

    I think she tried her best to be with WS, but there is only so much pain a person can take.  I think one of the saddest scenes was in episode 18 when she put on that bride's dress the same time when WS and YH got married.  Who put that in there anyways?!  It's almost like a joke taunting her about what she can never have.  :tears: And then she is expected to stay there when YH and WS have babies?  That would even break someone made of steel...

    Of course it is sad in the end when WS says that HS left him.  However, I hope he doesn't resent her for it.  He is the one who ultimately wanted to be king.  And unfortunately, he accepted everything (like marrying YH) that came with it.  It was WS who mistakenly believed that the king can control everything.  And I don't blame him... perhaps he really didn't know how lonely it is to be king - after all, he spent most of his life outside of the palace.  People always tend to think the grass is greener on the other side.

    I think what makes this story so emotional is the audience knows how sweet the OTP can be, but we can't have it.  However, this is not a bad thing because it makes us feel something... whether it be frustration or happiness. :tears::wub:  We don't watch it passively... and I think that is a sign of a successful story. :)

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  12. Hi everyone!  Happy Friday!  Yay~!  I wanted to post about this week's episodes earlier, but something annoying called "my real life" got in the way of my SCR addiction this week. :P

    @akinahana89  First off, thanks so much for putting together the Scarlet Heart Ryeo Project!

    After last week's chaos with SBS's cancellation, leaked video, etc... and then reading one spoiler that WS left HS for 3 years in episode 16, I thought my sanity would not be able to take all the heartbreak, so I decided that maybe it would be better to just binge watch the last 4 episodes.  To take my mind off SCR last weekend, I even binged watched LJG's "2 Weeks" and SCR's rival drama "Moonlight Drawn By Clouds," but alas nothing can compare to SCR and I have no willpower against LJG.  So here I am again along with everyone else hanging from this week's cliffhanger. :sweatingbullets:

    After watching this week's episodes, I realized TWO things:

    1. LJG should really play a villain in his next drama.  Maybe like how Go Kyun Jung played Mi Shil in Queen Seon Deok.  I'm so used to seeing him as the hero (which is fine), but I think he could play a smexy wicked villain just as well.  If I cannot get cute OTP moments anymore, then let's see how wicked King Gwangjong can get.

    2. HS gets a lot of criticism, but I realized that she is a really good character after all.  A lot is thrown at the poor girl... not only all the palace politics, but even those crazy visions as well.  And even though she tries to do things with integrity and not hurt anyone, she always ends up with the short end of the stick. :(

    We all know that WS did so many things for HS (drinking poison, trying to protect her, etc.), but I also think that HS has done a lot for WS as well.  She helped him cover his scar, pronounced him king after WY died, etc...  So I think they are both equal contributors to the relationship.  But in the end, WS got what he wanted (king), but poor HS still hasn't got (and will never get) what she wants - to be married to the one she loves. :tears:

    On that note, it will make me really disappointed if WS pushes her away after he finds out about HS and WW's past relationship.  Some mentioned that she should have been honest to WS about WW earlier.  However, I feel that she was never dishonest to WS.  HS did tell WS that she loved someone else.  And in reality, she has no obligation to tell WS - especially when he first threatened to "kill" that person. :o  In addition, WS never told HS about the CP's daughter or YH.  HS always found out from a different source. Yet, when HS found out, she STILL did not abandon WS for this reason.  Therefore, I will be so sad if WS cannot be understanding of this as well.  When you choose to love someone, you should accept that person "as is" with their past and all.  If WS even THINKS of sleeping with YH just to hurt HS, that is crossing the line.:angry:

    In episode 18, I understand that CR's death was justified. But, I do think HS's initial anger with WS was justified as well.  I loved that even WS was startled by her anger as it showed him that even though he king, she won't just idly stand by his side no matter what. I think in the end HS understands CR needs to be punished, but she still stands behind her belief that no one should be subjected to cruel and unusual punishment. Sometimes, we wonder when a heroine falls in love, they lose their backbone.  But, I'm glad she showed her true feelings to WS here.

    Finally, if we can't have a happy ending for HS and WS, then I'm looking forward to next week when WS finds out HS has a way to leave him. When she's gone, only then he will fully understand the consequences of sacrificing her for the throne.  I think during his reign as king, he has started to take her for granted... always believing she will wait for him whether he comes to see her or not.  In the next preview, we see him telling her "I never want to see you again."  Well, buddy... be careful what you wish for.  I'm looking forward to WS's reaction when he finds out she has a hidden card to leave him - and in a way he could never have predicted.  Then, hopefully, he will truly regret caving in and marrying YH instead of his one true love. 

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  13. 18 minutes ago, berny said:


    My God !!!!!!!!!!! :angry:


    Me too.... when I read it.... :tears:  I hope that doesn't happen again...

    I'm wondering if the leaked episode will FORCE SBS to air both episodes tomorrow to compensate for this mess. It's one thing to cancel an episode, but it's another thing when that cancelled episode gets leaked and only a select group gets to watch it.  (People who pay for SCR streaming will definitely not be happy.)

    Do you think SBS will learn their lesson and NOT cancel SCR again for baseball next week?

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  14. 6 minutes ago, krysyuy said:

    Ahhhhhhh, true. She could just be like "I didn't want your hand to be forced", etc etc~ And knowing WS, I doubt he'd push her so that's how she'll keep quiet about her visions. :/

    Loving the leaked preview for Ep17, but at the same time, I'm extremely worried for HS. Everyone's going to be conspiring against her since she's the new king's greatest weakness. Angst, here we come!!! ;_____;

    Also - RME at Jung's face!! This doesn't give me much hope for his attitude tmrw during Eun's death. He's totally going to blame So.


    That's also what I thought when I saw the preview for episode 17 too!  I felt scared for HS because now she will be come a target. Also, when WW broke the bracelet, his face didn't look sad, it looked really bitter.  Maybe his dream of HS and being king is dead, but he is still alive enough to stir up trouble for WS.  I really hope whatever conflicts arise against HS, that WS will never abandon her.  :tears:  Even if she wants to leave the palace, he fights to make her stay.

    On a side note, I don't think it's too big of a deal of episode 17 preview came out.  On Dramafever, when "Cinderella and Four Knights" was airing, Dramafever would release previews for the next three episodes at a time on YouTube.  Not sure why they did that :huh: , but some people on Soompi mentioned it was because they wanted to generate some more interest in the drama. 

    Also... must rant.... I really need to start boycotting SBS dramas!  This ALWAYS happens where they cancel episodes and then they troll us and air one episode this week.  I think it's really unfair that all the other countries enjoying this drama have to wait. So what if Korea is one episode behind the rest of the world?  They CHOSE baseball OVER Scarlet Heart Ryeo.  If the Korean audience doesn't like it, then they need to complain so SBS doesn't pull stuff like this again. :angry:

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  15. I have a million things for work to do for this week, but this thread is just as addicting as the drama itself!  I saw these posts and I have to play too!  :w00t:

    Favorite  WS/HS scene The Stargazing scene - when WS said it was "torture" for him... that really made my heart flutter.  Then it fluttered more when he tried to sneak kisses in and got scolded like a schoolboy. :wub: LOL
    Favorite WW/ HS scene Same as others - when WW secretly hugged her while she was working.  That just came out of nowhere - I was just as surprised as HS!  
    Favorite Scene involving a female character Right before Lady Oh died, she returned HS's line back to her - "I had something to protect and have no regrets."  I started crying non-stop.  The writer was genius using that line again!  
    Favorite Scene involving a male character The scene when HS protected and hugged the 14th prince in episode 4.  OMG... the looks on WW and WS's faces... PRICELESS! :P  They did all the work but Jung reaped the benefits!  HAHAHAHA!  :D To this day, it's one of my favorite prince scenes.
    The scene that made you fall/start rooting for WS/HS. The end of the first episode... when he saved her from falling in the river.  Yes.... this is as cliche as it gets when it comes to "prince" stories.  Yet... the little girl in me still swooned!  Then, it made me laugh when he dropped her like a sack of potatoes.  Very anti-cliche!  Loved it! :wub:
    Scene that made you question your love for WS/HS.  Nothing so far.
    Scene that made you fall for WW.  When he snickered at her when she was mixing the glue.  At that moment, I knew I liked KHN's 8th prince better than the original BBJX 8th prince.  
    Scene that made you question your love for WW  When becoming the king was more important to him.
    Favorite scene with the other Princes This one is a triple tie.  1st one - At Eun's birthday party.  2nd one - They all worked together to save HS from getting married. 3rd one - When the princes were trying to figure out HS's \^o^/ .
    Scene you can point at as the one that irrevocably made you obsessed with the drama.  When HS found herself in the bath with the princes.  I already love time travel and goryeo stories.  So, I knew from the beginning this would be my next crack (and that I would come out of lurker mode on SOOMPI again.)  ;)
    Your least liked scene.  Anything with the evil queen. I usually fast forward her parts.
    Scene that made you saddest.  Right before HS was going to be hanged and she was desperately looking for WW to save her.  My heart bled for this poor girl. :tears:
    Moist poignant scene. When HS showed WS his scar covered up with makeup for the first time.  He was finally free from the scar that plagued him so much.  It was a huge turning point in the story for his character.  And yet ironically it was edited out in the international version!  Are they freakin crazy?! Grrrrrr....!  :angry:
    Scene that made you think/analyze the most.  When HS looked at WS at the rain ceremony and we saw the future king.  At first, I was like WHAT THE.... !  What was that?!  Then, a million thoughts stormed into my mind.  Not only HS had a prediction of the future, WE as the AUDIENCE had one too (of future episodes)!  AWESOME PLOT DEVICE!  I'll say it again... THE WRITER IS GENIUS!
    Scene that made you anxious the most. When WW said to HS "I'll MAKE YOU come back."  So chilling....  What is he planning to do?!

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  16. 5 hours ago, maskros said:


    RX didn't 'deal' anything with Yu Tan. This is what happened in BBJX:

      Reveal hidden contents

    After witnessing many deaths following 4th's ascendance to the throne, RX tried to get YT away from the palace (still oblivious to the fact that YT was connected to 9th). 4th, now the emperor, agreed, but it was YT who insisted on staying, saying it's because she wanted to be with RX. She met no objection from RX.

    Now in the palace, YT started to cause a rift in the relationship between 4th and his son and between RX & 4th too. Of course, RX didn't know about this, and she actually didn't know about any of YT's shady practices until witnessing her death and got told by 4th about YT's betrayal. So basically she didn't have the opportunity to confront YT.


    @churasan: Well, in the original novel it was a little bit clearer about 14th's feelings toward RX. However, as his love was meant to be silent, the best undercover love in the whole novel, it became oblivious to RX, and since the story is told from RX's POV, it consequently became oblivious to many readers. The drama wasn't too clear on this front either and they omitted one key detail, that is 14th's retaining RX's hairpin after she risked her life to save him from the Emperor's wrath. If you don't mind a spoiler, here are the signs, which will be more obvious from the novel:

      Reveal hidden contents

    14th's feeling for RX wasn't straightforward and came with a lot of back and forth travelling.

    1) He first liked her (like, very impressed) during 10th's birthday where RX sang a song for 10th. It was him who told 8th about RX's singing and it was later these two men (8th & 14th) who asked RX to sing for them (14th asked her more than once, once after 10th's birthday and once near the time of her death), a sign that they were in love with her and wanted to be seen & treated as special by her. In other words, they both wanted to be in RX's spotlight. 14th later told the Mongolian princess that he first liked RX hearing her song. RX thought he was just making up the story to protect his cover, because she would never expect that he would actually harbour feelings for her, judging from how he had disagreed with her quite some times in the past.

    2) If you remember the first time when RX and Wulu met where she was sitting with 13th & Wulu and met 14th and his noble followers, you will notice that he quickly jumped to offer to take RX home. It was very obvious in the novel too and showed that he had this tendency of being protective and possessive in his love.

    3) His feeling for RX, however, wasn't consistent at first because it was frequently overshadowed by his absolute loyalty to 8th. Since he loved and cared for both of them, he started to aggressively ship them. A fan who noticed this called this 'emotional laundering'; that is, when you can't or don't want to admit to your true feeling for some reason, you start to ship/ tease the person you like with someone else as a form of denial. I don't know if everyone has seen this before but I have witnessed a fair share during my junior/ secondary school days.14th was doing this and at some point he genuinely thought it would be good for both RX and 8th to be together since he knew they had mutual feelings. Granted, men in those days don't care too much about what women think, so it was very natural that he took 8th's side and turned rather nasty to RX when her love with 8th ended.

    4) Now came the time when RX risked her life to protect 14th. When she won in the horse race against the Mongolian princess, she told the horsekeeper to throw away her bloodstained hairpin, but 14th told the servant to hand it to him, and he kept it until the end of her day. His retaining the hairpin wasn't shown in the drama, and we only knew its fate when Tong Hua revealed it in her epilogues, which were published much later. In it, 4th, after punishing 14th by keeping him under confinement, took away this hairpin and later left a letter to 14th after his (4th's) death, saying he gave 14th freedom (from both the confinement and from his love to RX) by taking the hairpin away with him to his grave.

    5) After the horse race, the Mongolian princess chased after RX jokingly and both 13th and 9th teasingly gave RX up to the princess. Only 14th stood out to block the princess when RX ran to hide behind his back. I would call 4 & 5 the time when his feeling finally ripen to love. This was after RX and 8th broke up and both wiped it clean (not really with 8th, but he told 14th to not disturb RX anymore after his angry outburst with her, so it implied that 14th took it to mean that 8th was also willing to let RX go). 14th's feeling now was no longer restrained by his loyalty to 8th and could fully blossom.

    6) Like a previous poster said, it was him to beg for RX when she was kneeling days on end in the rain. It was also him who asked the Emperor to grant RX to him THREE times when she was under punishment working as a laundry maid. 

    7) Then we've got the rain scene. In the novel, the rain scene was both meaningful and symbolic, not for 4th & RX, RX & 8th, but also for RX & 14th. 14th brought RX lotus cake. This wasn't made clear in the drama, but it followed RX's explanation to 10th, using candied sweet and lotus cake figuratively to persuade him to get over his infatuation for her (the past/the candied sweet) to come to appreciate his wife (the present/ the lotus cake). 14th bringing lotus to RX under the rain was symbolic in that the writer implied he would become RX's lotus cake, the one who is always there, the one she would rely on but also the one she took for granted while she was chasing a shadow, a love that could never be (4th). The Emperor, after hearing about RX's candied/lotus cake analogy, also asked her whether she would be able to see past what is impossible to appreciate what is closer and more attainable. The fact that 14th brought her lotus cake also suggested that he remembered her favourite treat even if the story she told 10th might have been pure figurative, and also suggested that he wished to be the one she would turn to acknowledge, just as she hoped 10th would turn and acknowledge the significance of his wife in his life.

    8) When RX was married to 14th, RX's personal maid had to wonder about 14th's knowledge of RX's very personal habits (of liking to have a bath with flower petals strewn in the bathtub & not having anyone close to her while she was bathing). In the drama, there was a similar scene where RX was having a bath alone with flower petals in her bathtub. Fans' guess is that since YT accompanied RX almost everywhere, she knew first hand about this, and since YT was very close to 9th who in turn had a connection with 8th gang (&14th too), 14th might have learned this from YT. Well, if he was merely a friend like 13th, there wouldn't be any reason for him to be so meticulous to her liking and very private habit would there?

    9) When RX stayed at 14th's manor, there were more than once that 14th got his hope up only to be dampened by RX's mentioning of 4th's name. This was also very suggestive of his quiet love for her.

    So yeah, 14th was there all along, but his love isn't meant to be made public. It is meant to be the lotus cake, the one taken for granted, the one quiet & subtle. Judging from how many fans (including me) have missed his tell-tale signs, Tong Hua was very successful in crafting his side of the love story. 

    It's simply the intention of the writer in Moon Lovers to make 14th's love more known.



    Thank you so much for taking the time to explain all of this time.  Wow!  That's a whole other love story that could give both the 8th and 4th princes a run for their money! :w00t: I never knew it ran that deep.  It's so sad that the dramas aren't long enough to develop it more.  Who says they can't have a main lead and 2 second leads? :P

    In my job, I need to think critically and creatively all the time.  So when I watch dramas, I just want to be entertained and not have to analyze things too deeply.  Of course, this makes me miss a lot of stuff such as subtle nuances, foreshadowing, and symbolism of things, etc.... like the whole thing with the 14th prince.  There are so many things with SCR that I would have never of guessed if it were not for what people write in these posts.  Like the whole prediction about HS being a beautician.  I thought "Oh, how nice - a typical career for women her age." I never would have guessed she was given that ability for the purpose of covering up WS's scar.  It wasn't until all the predictions from this forum that made me realize her job would play such an important role in the story.  But, one positive thing about just watching for entertainment value is that things like the music, editing, etc. don't bother me since I don't analyze what could be better or done differently.  They are what they are and moving past those things allow me to simply enjoy the story.

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  17. I came here to check out the reaction to today's episode since it won't be released with subs here for at least several more hours... After reading all the posts about HS, it definitely rained on my parade before I even had a chance to watch it.... :(

    At this point... no matter what HS does, the audience will never be satisfied.  There are so many posts criticizing her character for not trusting WS.  She already trusted a lot of people such as her ex-boyfriend, friend, WW and was burned in the end.  So, in reality, her cautiousness towards WS shows that she is trying to be more careful and indicates she is learning from her past misjudgements. 

    Also, there is the argument that "Hasn't WS proven himself to HS enough times already.  So why is she doubting him?"  Yes, this is true and a valid point.  But, I think what makes her hesitant is that she knows people's character and hearts change.  Both her ex-boyfriend and WW are proof of that.  Also, having visions of WS acting like a completely different person doesn't help her either, especially when her visions about the king and CP's deaths came true.  Therefore, this time, she is taking precautions with her relationship with WS.  Just a few episodes ago, people were criticizing her for being too trusting with WW.  And now, that she is actually being cautious and careful, people are criticizing her for being blind just because it's WS.  How do we (the audience) really know he won't turn on her either?!  Just like HS has misunderstandings about WS, there is a possibility WS might have some misunderstandings about HS later in the drama. Although we want to believe that won't happen, nothing is impossible at this point.  If that happens... will people start calling out WS for being blind too?  (For some reason, I doubt it...)

    Finally one last thought for Wang Eun - sorry to his fans, but I am not emotionally attached to his character at all.  Unlike the other characters in the story (good or bad ones), he has no ambition and no growth.  He still pouts when he doesn't get his way and runs / hides away in critical times.  He said he cared for HS, but when she was framed for poisoning, where was he?  It's like... well can't marry her, so why bother anymore?  Also, if any of his brothers were in trouble, do you think he would help them?  Nah... he would just stay away to save his own life. :angry: Therefore, I'll probably cry at his good bye scene because maybe it'll be the only time he tries to save his wife over himself, but it's just too late for me and I probably won't be missing his character.

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  18. 5 hours ago, qwenli said:

    well well, we always need a prince on standby. :D

    in the c version, it didnt feel so much a surprise. here they compact everything to 20 eps, so it can kinda feel forced... but I guess the hug that hs gave Jung in the bamboo forest after the fights with the bandits hinted at something...


    For me, I was so confused about the 14th prince's feelings for Ruoxi.  I knew it started with friendship, but couldn't really pinpoint when his feelings became more than that.  I like how in SCR it's spelled out for me.  Jung is definitely started to feel something more than before.  We all know Jung knows about HS and WW, but is he currently aware about HS and WS? 

    I feel unlike WW and WS who are so caught up in their own feelings and relationship with HS, Jung can observe HS as an outsider.  And by doing this, I think he is more perceptive about her feelings, emotions, hardships, etc.  Even though he would like if she did things only for him, he never expects it.  He simply cares for her well being and wants her to be happy.

    If the drama takes the BBJX route, I'm wondering how the 14th prince will get the power to take HS out of the palace.  Since WY and Jung are brothers, will he write an edict before he dies that gives Jung the right to HS?  Hmmm....

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  19. 1 hour ago, sadpluto said:



    I'm right there with you. I'm so ready for badass Su. We've been seeing her character transform from a caterpiller to a beautiful butterfly. I just want her to become a badass butterfly who can flap her wings and cause a goddamn hurricane. She's going to need to be strong to stand by So because s''t is about to go down.


    Hi everyone!  I thought I'd post my thoughts about episode 14 before the next one airs.  

    My first initial reaction was I was impressed with HS's character transformation too. I felt the "modern" side of her returned, but she was more reserved with her actions and expressions than in the past.  I also liked how she used things she learned about Goryeo to her advantage.  For example, when WS and the guards tried to barge into her room, she used the "unmarried woman" card to protect Jung.  As a modern woman, she could care less if a guy goes into her room, but I loved how she uses their customs to her advantage now. Nice play. ;)  And of course the hair pin to the neck was quite daring.

    In addition, I also think she handles her relationships better. She doesn't put men on "pedestals" anymore and sees herself as their equal now.  For example, she always put WW on a pedestal, thinking he was the perfect prince that could do no wrong.  She never really questioned his promises or actions (until the king died).  And even when he didn't save her, she still didn't question why.  However, with WS, she treats him as an equal in the relationship.  I loved when he demanded to know about Jung, she turned it around and demanded to know about his marriage. Kind of like "if you want me to talk, you talk too." In Goryeo, who is she to question a Prince?  But, her modern characteristics are coming through as in her time, everyone is equal in a relationship - it's give and take equally.

    Now... I hope this newfound character development can help her somehow survive and outsmart during WY's reign.  During the previous poisoning incident, she was left in the dark and waited to be saved.  However, hopefully she learned something from the last time and she'll take action to find out what happen and punish those involved in her own way. We all know WW is involved, and it'll be pretty cool if she could outsmart him because I think he still looks at her as this "cute" girl he could own.

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  20. 4 minutes ago, LyraYoo said:




    the happiest game ending for us haha


    Yay!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Ironically, now I can go to sleep (it is the wee hours of the morning here) knowing that episode 14 will be waiting when I wake up...  Geez... do we have to go through this next week?  Will I be forced to become a Korean baseball fan??? LOL....

    Well, I'm hoping for a very sweet OTP episode, the calm before the storm!  But, I really hope the stuff with WY goes fast.  No, offense to HJH fans, but I really want to see WS as king.  In HS's predictions, he was smexy!  :wub:   I think episode 14 will feature a very cute romance, but after he becomes king, I think it will be a more intense, passionate romance.  There is still a lot to look forward to.

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  21. 7 minutes ago, sooji28 said:

    Is it confirmed yet, that ONE Channel will still air eps 14  tonight? 

    Anyone who knows reliable source, please share with us here. 




    Help!  I am dying to know too....  I checked the Korean baseball site and if there is only one game going on, it says the score is 2 to 0 and they are in the 6th inning.  How many does baseball have if there is no tie?  8 or 9 innings?  I hope they just finish so we can watch SCR!  The world is waiting for it!!!!!  I don't know... I can't trust SBS to air two episodes in a row for some reason.  I watched the drama "I Have a Lover" and it always got cancelled due to baseball and they only aired on episode a week.  We are at the climax of SCR.

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  22. 9 hours ago, andy78 said:

    ‘Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo’ episode 14 & 15 predictions: Battle for the throne to continue; Hae Soo to accept Wang So’s heart

    Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo is a South Korean drama based on the Chinese novel Bu Bu Jing Xin by Tong Hua. (Photo : YouTube.com/DEVINKA TUBE)

    "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" episode 13 kept aficionados anxious as the fight for the throne among the princes continued with their father king gradually dying. With the upcoming episode 14 and 15, fans should expect seeing more of the battle as well as more on Hae Soo (IU) and Wang So (Lee Joon Gi).


    Eighth Prince Wang Wook (Kang Ha Neul) already indicated his desires and eventually cut ties with Soo. A central question has been whether or not Soo will give So a chance. Based on "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" episode 14 preview, this is very likely.

    In next week's episodes, Soo will no longer hide her feelings for So. The former could not fully accept the fourth Prince's sincerity before because she was blindly hanging on to Wook's promises. With Wook's greed and ambition evident now more than ever, Soo has come to the realization and she will finally accept So's heart.

    Besides the two going on lovely dates, Soo will eventually wear So's hairpin gift. Fans will be excited to see the development in the romance sphere, especially with Soo initiating a kiss. It is expected that So will as well say the magic words.

    Although Soo/So ship is already sailing, things are not right in the royal family. Just Soo, So and a few more are still loyal to the former Crown Prince Wang Mu (Kim San Ho) who is currently the King. However, with the king's longtime sickness and worsening health, So and his crew will have a difficult task of protecting his brother king and the much-admired seat.

    Fans will be excited to learn in "Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo" episode 14 that third Prince Wang Yo (Hong Jong Hyun) did not die. He survived the fall and he will return to take his vengeance on the people who frustrated his plans to claim the throne, including Wook.

    Based on Yo's transformed appearance in episode 14 teaser, avid fans should expect another time jump next week. In case this happens, all aspirants for the throne will possibly have determined and fortified their respective groups. As a result, there will be a longer, bloodier revolt.


    I liked reading your predictions - thank you for sharing! 

    I really hope that in next episode, HS accepts WS sooner than later.  Please let it happen in the beginning so we get more OTP moments and that HS's initiated kiss doesn't appear at the end as a cliffhanger for episode 14.  If there is a possibility that there's only one episode this week, I don't want to wait a week for WS's reaction to the kiss!  Grrr..... :angry:  I want to see cute puppy WS floating on Cloud 9!  :wub:

    In the original BBJX, if I recall correctly (since it has been a few years), I recall the 8th Prince being quite civil in the break-up between himself in Ruoxi. However, I don't see that happening with Wook here.  After their confrontation and what looked like the final break-up, he said to her "I'll make you come back to me."  That was just creeeeeepy and stalkerish to me!  :o  I agree that the throne is Wook's ultimate goal, but I think he really does want HS to come back to him.  But it's not love, it's because he doesn't want to lose to WS. 

    When, WS becomes king, WW of course is going to lose out.  However, I could definitely see him telling WS about their relationship just to ruin things between WS/HS or to get under WS's skin.  If he's not happy, than he'll make sure no one is either.  We haven't seen the bracelet yet again, right?  Maybe WS brings it as proof as his relationship with HS and in the end WS is the one that destroys the bracelet out of jealousy...?

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  23. 31 minutes ago, violet90 said:


    the problem is if SBS delay the eps OneTV also might do that due to the term 'simultaneously air with Korea'..

    it will effect all of the broadcasting.. but on lighter note nothing being confirm yet so we will wait and see... 


    It's possible that they might air Scarlet Heart Ryeo later and cancel the show after Scarlet Heart Ryeo (whatever it may be). I've seen that happen before.  It seems if Korea cancels it, it will cause inconveniences for international broadcasters and fans - which are big money for these production companies.

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  24. @Adnana   Thanks for the compilation of upcoming scenes.  I really hope we get to see those scenes in episode 14. I will totally be annoyed if the preview trolls us again.

    I think the next episode is a really a big turning point in the story, and I am curious what will happen once HS accepts WS.  In the last episodes, it was obvious that WS's biggest motivation to be king was to capture HS's heart.  However, if HS loves him now, will he lose motivation to become king? :huh: (Since he'll probably just want to live freely with her.)

    I think when WY returns, something will happen that may split HS and WS apart.  And I think HS's love will be like a drug to WS.  Once he's experienced it, he can't live without it anymore like an addiction.  This might even be a turning point in his character where he'll be willing to do everything and anything just to get her back again.  Hence, his motivation to be king.

    @SizzlerZ  I too am confused about how WW will fit in the story after betraying WY. :mellow:  If WY does come back, one would think that WY would want to revenge WW.  So, when WY becomes king, does this mean that WW and family loses power?  Perhaps this is why YH and WS gets married to join their power to beat WY.  YH wants to remain in the palace (and avoid marrying WY) and WS is willing to do anything to become king so he can get back with HS.  I can see WW going along with this because it might cause friction between HS and WS.  And if the plan fails, WS will be the one in danger the most.  But, then let's say they defeat WY... that still leaves WW and WS to battle it out?  Either way YH is in a good position because she's either the wife or sister of a king.  Hmm... what a sly girl!  :angry:

    And then there's Jung. :sweatingbullets:  His scene in the last episode kind of took me by surprise as I wasn't expecting to see a confession scene in the midst of all the WS and WW tension over HS.  WS and WW barely know about each others relationship with HS. They are so dense that I could totally see Jung coming out of nowhere and stealing HS right under their noses.  I doubt HS will ever love Jung romantically, but like in BBJX, she might just need him as her ticket out of the palace.

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