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  1. Actually the MIL had that clause specifically in there due to the investment of the family into her father’s political career. Im sure part of it was due to the son as well but definitely the usefulness of the political connection too. Which in present day Korea is almost intertwined. In addition I feel as though WS and SH kept in continual albeit infrequent contact annually since the divorce. When he said in the first episode that he hadnt seen her in awhile, in korea there was no reference to how long it has been. Obviously she shows up to her ex MIL’s bday every year and most likely to other significant family events so they do see each other. I still root for WS so badly- I am terribly biased towards him!
  2. I read the articles as well and i think it depends on the interpretation of how you perceive it- i read somewhere that the intention of the script would take on a movie- like quality which I interpreted as “open ended” as most Korean movies are in my opinion. The quality of the actual dialogue is more in tune with korean movies which makes sense because i read somewhere the scriptwriter wrote for movies and not dramas (or not too much experience). Hence the high production value and the nuanced acting synonymous with korean movies. I also think that the way the drama is going is a social commentary and not trying to make a great point or another. More like- it points out an issue or observation on korean society as a whole and up to the audience to do something about it or not. Similar to the drama Miseng.
  3. I completely agree that this drama is addressing society’s prejudice and even misogyny in korean society but even so, I also look at Encounter as a coming of age story of SH and her journey to her own happiness. In a sense I find her romance with JH as a means to an end. As in this drama isnt about their romance but really about her alone. This said, i could have skimmed over this but how old is SH in this drama? Her ex husband is in his late 30s but for her, I gather she was at most only 34?
  4. It has been quite a long time since I have posted and actually been engaged so thoroughly to watch a k-drama but I also think this is my first time that my second lead syndrome is at its absolute worst and more interested in WooSeok the character than JinHyuk and i love PBG. Also, this imo is SHG’s best drama- she really nailed it and i am so pleasantly surprised. She infused this character with alot of grace and also humility. I find the back story behind SH and WS absolutely fascinating, enthralling, and heart breaking. I agree with what some posters said that there is an utter miscommunication but I am deeply interested in what drove WS to take such drastic (perhaps even lying about the cheating??) measures and always in the background watching SH. If he has been waiting for her to come back to him, why hasnt he taken a proactive and aggressive approach?? Obviously his mother doesnt have any objections to her as a daughter in law. Also I dont find the terms of the divorce agreement ridiculous for some reason, there have been real life examples of female celebrities (Go Hyeon Jung) who married into jaebol and as part of the divorce she couldnt see her kids. If anything, the MIL’s condition is quite mild.
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