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    I can't believe some people here don't know issues that face Asians.




    Look all over soompi and around you...here's some.




    Whites and Asians (Interracial - Why out of all races are there more Asians with Whites, rather than Blacks or Latinos with Whites?)







    Model Minority (All Asians are seen to be "smart")




    Affirmative Action (Hurts Asians because due to model minority image and our grades we are rejected from Ivy Leagues and top tier colleges/universities because of their race quotas)







    Stereotypes of Asians/Portrayal in the Media (Men all know kung fu, asexual, possessive, don't know how to approach women, have small penises ---- Women all are shy, sex objects, have small richard simmons, submissive, love white people not Asian men)




    Have you ever been CHING CHANG CHONGED at? ...that's another issue right there (ALL ASIANS ARE THE SAME and have the same weird language)




    I hate and I am DISGUSTED about how some Asians in this topic that responded are so indifferent - "I don't care - im not american" and are sarcastic and don't care about Asian American issues.











    Think of it this way...these are Asian issues in a Western world. I'm sure these stereotypes of Asians with small penises and submissive women are seen in Canada as well. American media is spread throughout the world, spreading such stereotypes of Asians.











    You don't see Blacks and Latinos ashamed as their culture and history as much as Asians are and I find it pathetic. As Asians we need to empower ourselves. Learn about our history and address these issues affecting the whole Asian community











    Now I know most of the kids here on soompi are very young...tweens, early teens...The older people here on Soompi will know what I'm talking about. It might not seem to be an issue to the teenyboppers, but once you grow up and go to high school, college, and above you'll learn more and experience it more.







    ahh the ching chonged thing, its even on the news.




    Where do these western and other race get the "ching chong" thing from?, Seriously it doesnt mean anything. It just goes to show that they imitate something they have no idea of. They should at least imitate chinese language or whatever this language is correctly.






    Errr ripping is one thing ,getting them to work is another. Look at what happened to the 360s. Flashing and whatnot that only work on specific models of the 360.




    Besides, you're either gonna enjoy dl'ing xx gigs for the BR games, streaming / xferring to the ps3 hd (if that's possible) or buying a BR writer+discs. The encryption / secur content isn't as easy as ppl make it out to be.







    if its transferably to the ps3 hd then ill be sooooo happy considering that i dont have to waste any bdroms.







    Currently Playing:




    Monster Hunter Freedom








    Megaman Maverick Hunter X ...damm this game is all out in my area




    SFA3 Max ...also quite hard to find in my area


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