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    i brought mine off from amazon just now with 6 bdvd, 1 remote, 60GB ps3, wireless controller, and hdmi cable for 569.99 with free shipping and no tax. The hdmi and wireless controller are extra item i added.





    You Are A: Groundhog!


    Groundhogs are cuddly-looking and timid mammals that eat mostly grass, seeds, and other vegetation. As a groundhog you will rarely stray far from your burrow and will run in the face of danger, but you will defend their home fiercely from predators. Groundhogs are even given their own holiday in the US, during which a groundhog is said to predict how long winter weather will last!


    You were almost a: Chipmunk or a Monkey


    You are least like a: Duck or a Duckling


    But i dont like veggie



    i just got my DS Lite and I was wondering what kind of Micro SD card i should get.

    Any suggestions that I can buy from Circuit City, Costco or Best Buy?


    and this may stupid but what it looks like too? since there are sooo many sizes



    use slickdeal.com to search for the best price, they have a topic dedicated to buying the cheapest r4 with the cheapest microsd.


    1GB microsd should cost around $10 roughly, tthats how much i paided for mine. kingston too



    ^thanks, but torrents suck for me cos my upload speed is limited and my uploads count towards my usage.


    if you know how to use mIRC, you should use that instead. It is faster at getting new releases

    hey guys =]

    i wanna buy a chip for my ds to dl games to play but i was wondering which chip to buy...


    theres a bunch of different brands and shapes and w/e..


    so i was wondering, which chip should i get???



    r4ds all the way!!!


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