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    wow that question has been asked a lot.


    Get the r4ds because it has:


    1) downloadable r4ds firmware or updates as you said


    2) All function listed listed in there website


    3) Very highly compatible with nds games, if not then they might come with another update to make that certain incompatible game become compatible.


    For example: older version of the r4ds wasn't compatible with Zelda phantom glass Japanese version because of the frozen screen at the start but the newer version of r4ds fixes that.


    4) I see most people in here has it



    has anyone tried trimming down their roms?



    wondering if it really makes any difference...



    like take five saids, it does make a difference, if you have massive memory stick like 4GB micro, a few 5MB won't make much of a difference but if your like me, still working on 1GB stick, it does make a differences. Most games are around 30-60MB after trim, other games can be around 120MB but if you think of it this way, 5MB *6 times = 1 additional game you can fit. Not all games can save you 5 MB after trim, some games can save you even more space after trimming.



    hey, i'm new to this

    and i backtrack a few pages but i don't really understand it all


    i got the drift tho


    so the R4 can only be order online?


    is there anywhere i can get it (as in a store)


    btw. is the pokemon game fun? i've never played it before


    i wasn't really into it either with the cartoon when i was little


    i don't want to buy a complicated game either, so is it worth the buy?



    check your local azn store to see if they carry it. Major retail stores like toyrus, CC, bestbuy, ets won't carry them.


    Its easier to find online but if you want to buy it offline, you need to do some researching, go to their official site, they have a list of certified sellers, but make sure to check their rating first before buying.


    pokemon is an okay game, the good thing about this one is you can play online but after you capture all 400+ pokemon (yea they're are 400+ now) , it gets boring but then that would prolly run you about 200+hrs into the game LOL. The Battle graphic IMO are kinda lame compared to the previous pokemon game, but it is definally more colorful.


    Its not complicated at all, as long as you know english and basic logic like fire melt ice , water dry fire , fire burns grass, then you should have no trouble winning =D

    yay... i got my r4 yesterday... i was lucky enough that there is a place that sells it around my area... so i got mine straight away... yay..

    saves me so much money on the games... heheheh ^^


    is $80 AUS dollar expensive for the r4 and the 1bg memory card??? coz thats how much i got mine for.... ^^,



    hmm i dont know the exchange rate from USD to AUS


    I got my r4ds for 40.98 USD and the 1GB memory stick for 9.99USD.


    1GB stick are usually cheap these days.





    hopefully my lumines psp umd would be effective


    *pray and pray and pray and kneeing*


    I really hope i dont have to buy another UMD, hopefully if it comes, its not overpriced like the lumines one, its sick, it went form 16.99 to 49.99, luckily i got mine for 16.99 hehe



    so i d/l'd gyakuten saiban 3, and theres a .rar file but it won't unzip??

    whenever i click on it, it gives me this prompt for approving the file directory and when i click ok it does nothing.


    someone know whats going on?


    im using winace right now, maybe i need to use another program?



    you should use winrar for rar file.


    If you have notice, some file doesn't extract rar file correctly using a rar alternative like alzip (decompress rar file too).



    Okay, so my cousin's just purchased a Nintendo DS Lite, a white one. Ever since she bought it, I had a urge to buy one. But my mom thinks it's a waste of my money since I'm going into high school next week (freshman -_-) She says I wouldn't have any time playing it. But I want it >_< Should I buy it? If yes, what colors do you recommend? ^_^




    yes you should buy it and buy the white one because thats original but get the black one because if it gets dirty , it won't be noticeable.




    dont worry man, play game on the subway or bus or during your breaktime. Everyone, well everyone that i know of, procrastinate in College and thats one key element that gets you through IMO since too much stress on studying is a nono so thus games relieve stress =D




    Thats my secret to success in college lol or high school if thats what your heading right now





    omg >_< I went to my mom's friend's house yesterday, and played on the little girl's DS






    and I got addicted T___T







    I played cooking mama for like hours O___O sooooooooooo funnnnnn. lolol







    I think I'm gonna get one :] my sister's like YOU'RE TOO OLD. but whateveeer~







    oh and for the R4/M3 stuff, the little girl that I know bought hers for like $100 at Chinatown o_o







    isn't that overpriced D:?







    Would you guys suggest rather buying it online?







    Thanks <3







    she got rip off since the R4 cart alone is only $40 at most +shipping



    What are fun games to play?





    Reccomendations, please ?







    someone asked that question before.




    Check the first page, play the one that I have fc on cuz those are the one thats worth playing and it has wifi play too except FF3.




    Jump Ultimate Star is largely played now, i usually have a 4 way wifi-battle once in a while. Its like super smash brother but even better cuz its with anime character







    the r4ds is not 100% compatible, but it has a high compatibility rate.




    For a list of compatible nds game compatible to the r4ds check r4ds official website.




    A newer r4ds update will give better compatibility from my experience. For example: the game zelda doesnt work on the old r4ds version but under the new r4ds, it works since the screen doesnt go blank



    Hi all, I've just got a question for all DS lite users. I'm seriously considering getting a DS lite myself however on the condition of how the DS lite is powered by. I've just gotten sick of buying batteries for my old mp3 player. I instantly got the Ipod Nano once I heard that it recharges by the USB port. So tell me, how does the DS lite power itself?

    (Sorry if my english is crappy. It's 3 am and I'm deadbeat)







    it charge by ac power. It comes with recharable battery pack


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