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  1. I am betting on the crush for her forever (need to explain further? Best teamwork for 2018 so far), the admirer breaks my heart and it is a feeling I treasure (masochist forever lol ) and the fiance is for my happiness (I wanna see Hee Sung suffer, because he deserves for not respecting the arrangement for ten years lol. But I love the character if it would turn out that way and I also look forward on how he will break the shell of Ae Shin - aside from being with mysterious Eugene). How I decide on my ship right now for MS
  2. Cruelty of love began last week and still continuing.... Sorry Hee Sung deureunim.. But I am still looking forward for their bittersweet scenes. One of the best OTP scenes.. tension!
  3. One of the most interesting persona even from the highlight. Also i have a feeling that he might be the villain among the five as the story progresses. Though fresh and better, but has some good old days moves, I still see KESmight write her second leads as something gentle but brave (Lovers) and or a villain in the middle (Lovers in Paris).
  4. Can someone please sub the five interviews of the cast? huhu jebal please I really want to know what they think about their characters and others but I cant understand Hangul.
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