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  1. Chapter 1 of a new SPARTACE fanfic is up! https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1399937/1/the-wedding
  2. new spartace story! https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1399937/loving-you-is-hard
  3. chapter 2 of my spartace fanfic on aff is officially up! thank you for the support! spartace fighting! https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1397420/3/your-pride
  4. hello! the first chapter for my spartace story is officially up! I hope reading my story can help your spartace love going strong! as always, I hope for good news soon but again, whoever they may be with, we gotta support! again, thank you for choosing to read my story and supporting! https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1397420/2/the-goddess I haven't seen the newest episode of RM yet but I did see a few scenes! What I love noticing is Jae Suk's reaction toward spartace and how different it is toward other loveliness! hehe!
  5. HELLO! I don’t know if anybody remembers me! But I wrote a fanfic on asianfanfics “Emergency Doctors” that received so much love and support! I went MIA for a little of 2 years and i apologize! I still support Raeshin! And occasionally watch Doctors moments over and over again! I am back to writing now! So i hope you enjoy this new story i have! RAESHIN is one of the main couples in the story! Please support! https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1397420
  6. HI EVERYBODY! I don’t know if anybody remembers me but I’m back! I used to write fanfics about SPARTACE and went MIA for a while due to personal reasons. aside from that, I’ve been watching RM regularly again and let me just say WOW ALL THESE SPARTACE MOMENTS! At first, i didn’t like it due to liking their little moments off camera more. The center of attention makes it feel too much but nowadays, I’m glad SPARTACE is getting more attention! Im sorry for being gone for so long! As an apology, i finally started writing again! And have written a new fanfic! Only the foreword is up at the moment but it is mainly spartace! Hopefully you guys enjoy and support! https://www.asianfanfics.com/story/view/1397420 P.S: Big Picture Season 3 will be coming soon! FIGHTING SPARTACE!!!
  7. the ghost detective was obviously a different and thrilling drama from the beginning. slowly, it turned into more of a more repetitive “evil always win” and tbh the romance, it could’ve need more work. if if it wasn’t for the chemistry between Daniel & Eun Bin, i don’t think i would’ve stayed watching this show as much. not to mention, Lee Ji Ah’s drama comeback as this evil, heartless woman is amazing. maybe one day, we’ll see a reunion between the main leads in another drama one day. it’s so common for actors to work with each other more and more now. It’ll be a waste of a chemistry of Daniel & Eun Bin to not work together again. I remember a user somewhere complained how Daniel should venture out and choose dramas outside of KBS. Since it seems like, Daniel keeps getting screwed with lack of development on his characters. He’s part of the KBS radio team since 2013, so i think that’s why he’s loyally choosing KBS for a while now. I’m getting sidetracked! Anyways, here’s to another week of waiting for the FINAL episode! Hopefully, the Ghost Detective ends well! And again, no matter the ending - let’s watch it well! And support the cast/crew for their hard work over these months!
  8. It looks as though Ghost Detective cast & crew are having their wrap up party atm. I’m looking through the arrival pictures, they’re all so happy. Choi Daniel actually does have an injury from the pictures. It looks as if he had hurt his finger on his right hand somehow. Anyways, no matter the ending, let’s applaud the cast and crew for their hard work for these past months! Acting always on point! Hopefully maybe we’ll get to see Daniel & Eun Bin in another drama together soon!
  9. I really wished we didn’t have that one skip episode that week so that the finale would’ve actually been tonight ))): now we we have to wait another week for the final episode. it hurts to say that we may just get a reunion or something episode between DI & YW. If we get a hug, we’ll be lucky.
  10. I’m finishing up tonight’s episode as I type this. There are many things i liked and a few things i noticed that could’ve been better. to maybe assure people when SWH’s scene @ the bathroom, you could see the black jacket on top of the stall as she probably stole another clothing again to change. She is always on the run with the cops. Things I liked: i actually liked the flow of this episode. It’s subtle and feels like it’s leading to something. Ofc we know that LDI is always off planning on his own solo missions and obviously something big will happen probably tomorrow’s episode and we’ll be in despair for another week LOL THE ROMANCE: as you guys, i wish we could have the skinship we want but i can see it’s unlikely. Since the beginning, their romance has been slow churning. The subtle touches and gazing with the eyes still makes my heart go crazy tho!!!! Their feelings are very obvious for each other but bigger things are ahead. LDI doesnr want to advance or say anything to give hope to YW because he considers himself as “dead”. Even with his body found, he’s more focused on killing SWH than returning to his body to be 100% human again. Even if he returns, he still wants to use his body as a tool to get her. He doesn’t want SWH to be around people he loves and cares about. As for YW, she has showcased her feelings a bit to him but holds back because she knows that it’s also very important to handle the big mission. And i i was thinking this myself, i don’t know if any of you will agree. But when LDI and CW were talking alone about the possession of bodies from third party. we all assume that he wants to SWH to possess his body so he can try to use his own power within himself to kill her. Which obviously results on him killing himself. But what if LDI ends up possessing over YW’s body? And he uses her body to kill SWH bc at the end, only YW is able to officially kill SWH. I mean, it’s a far fetched theory of mine but I couldn’t help but think of it when that scene showed up between LDI & CW. They were aiming for the obvious but i was thinking of another version in my head LOL. Because even if he NEEDS to return to his body before he really dies, he’s willing to sacrifice himself. Sorry for the long post, I’m going to finish the last 10 mins and return to read the pages of the thread I’ve missed! (: EDIT: i just finished the episode AND MY THEORY JUST WENT DOWN THE DRAIN bc i just remembered that CW said if a spirit possesses YW’s body, she’ll slowly die herself. SCRATCH MY THEROY HAHAHA. Sorry!
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