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  1. In addition to my comment#4795, there are important things that should have been shown to avid watchers like me. Seemingly, they run out of time again just like MY Princess wherein a wedding is expected. They should have extended it for one episode just to polish the ending. I am not satisfied with the way the ending turned out to be.

    1. They should have shown the rescue scene of LYS and where did he goes afterwards. Did he stayed in the same house bought by his "father" and still living in a lavish way. Who took care of him. I didn't see any scene or hint that his mother or KIM NANA took care of him.

    2. The ring which he planned to give to KIM NANA. They should have shown it giving it to her as symbol of fulfillment to his promise.

    I wish I could complain to the director by sending him a mail. Is it OK to send it to SBS?

    Ok .. Agreed all above!!!! Where is the ring ?? And so many things not settle ... So please season 2 wl be better .

  2. Wow! Do you have the link to the preview? 

    Wonder what else is gonna happen.

    this is what i saw and they translate and wrote there saying all those .. so i am not too sure whether is it correct for CH ep 19?? maybe someone know korean can help to translate it ..

    윤성의 얼굴을 보게된 영주, 두 사람은 잠시 치열한 시선을 교환하고 그러다 갑자기 영주는 윤성에게 가라고 소리 친다. 영주의 의도를 알 수 없는 윤성은 일단 그 자리를 벗어난다. 한편, 천재만이 도주를 하게되고 전국 수배령이 떨어지게된다. 영주는 검찰 내부에 배후 세력이 있음을 확신하는데...

    this is the link .. Ep 19 Prev Script ???

    credits: PMY baidu

  3. no.. if you use the link I posted, you'll automatically watch SBS/KBC channel...

    we still have to wait for the CF to be done before CH starts..

    10 minutes to go I guess..

    PS: DL first TVU player... :)

    tks gal. i already dl the player.. but still black screen saying connecting .... on 1/4 of it .. haizz

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