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  1. Welcome @Falah Haziqto the happiest place for Jichangwook lover! Hope to hear from you too! I agree try reading from page 1, and you'll get more excited about him! Welcome again! wow thank you for sharing these pics here...you are making the Russian fans really happy. I just wanted to say, JCW is the brightest that day, it was really HIS day!
  2. I am happy our couple is back to instagramming of any sort hahaha.... I want to scream, yesterday they both post on almost the same timeline...and the other day both of them almost simultaneously updated in Weibo for Wooks and IG for Minyoung.... My heart is really beating fast for this two....
  3. hello dearie @youngatheartof course who can surely give that delicious meal other than our girl....??? welcome back to our selfie king... It's been a while I have not dropped by here...( i forgot my PW, just now that I have the time to recover hihi) Hello everyone low-key changminers....
  4. yippee a new drama for the come backing king of selfie! The drama has the Capt America vibes (minus the super power I guess). Just now, I am already loving it. Fighting Wookie-yah
  5. thanks @cherkell for keeping this thread super alive and the others of course. I agree with you @vladlola06I wanted him to have a heavy melo someday...he is very very effective in melodrama. But for now I really just wanted to see him again in my little screen in whatever genre hahaha...who needs a genre when Wookie is right there in front of you??? and yes the nervousness makes him more adorbs and the unshaven makes him more natural and human hahaha.... Oh I missed this beautiful place on earth...haven for Wookie lover....
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