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  1. Welcome @Falah Haziqto the happiest place for Jichangwook lover! Hope to hear from you too! I agree try reading from page 1, and you'll get more excited about him! Welcome again! wow thank you for sharing these pics here...you are making the Russian fans really happy. I just wanted to say, JCW is the brightest that day, it was really HIS day!
  2. I am happy our couple is back to instagramming of any sort hahaha.... I want to scream, yesterday they both post on almost the same timeline...and the other day both of them almost simultaneously updated in Weibo for Wooks and IG for Minyoung.... My heart is really beating fast for this two....
  3. hello dearie @youngatheartof course who can surely give that delicious meal other than our girl....??? welcome back to our selfie king... It's been a while I have not dropped by here...( i forgot my PW, just now that I have the time to recover hihi) Hello everyone low-key changminers....
  4. yippee a new drama for the come backing king of selfie! The drama has the Capt America vibes (minus the super power I guess). Just now, I am already loving it. Fighting Wookie-yah
  5. thanks @cherkell for keeping this thread super alive and the others of course. I agree with you @vladlola06I wanted him to have a heavy melo someday...he is very very effective in melodrama. But for now I really just wanted to see him again in my little screen in whatever genre hahaha...who needs a genre when Wookie is right there in front of you??? and yes the nervousness makes him more adorbs and the unshaven makes him more natural and human hahaha.... Oh I missed this beautiful place on earth...haven for Wookie lover....
  6. OMG hello peeps... so busy with RL... but I always lurk in other social media and always see our couple... Gosh they are in my country now and Cebu is like 580 kms from my place and with inter-islands .... I wish I am there. Thanks for all your posts, my heart is beating fast seeing them together and seeing them sitting side by side for at least 4 hrs flight to Cebu from SK, it's killing me...they could have talked so many things and, EW keeping her company alone and them together...it is just killing me, it's the best thing ever with my shipper's heart whoaaaaaaa. Just knowing they spent those times together is enough for now for my shipper heart hahaha...there is hope hihihi... I have talked to my friends who live in Cebu and they are so thrilled to see our couple. They prepare a welcoming party for them and yeah they have so many Filipino fans in Cebu, you can just see the screaming at the arrivals. Gosh and they say that EW is more than gorgeous, more that handsome, so surreal as well as SH, she is beyond pretty... gosh I envy my friends... Yeah I hope our couple and the rest of the cast will enjoy their stay in one of the most beautiful city south of the Phils. they are staying yeah in one of the most prestigious and new resort in Cebu JPark Resort... I am very happy, my shipper heart, just like everyone here is contented hahaha Laterz and happy weekend everyone...
  7. OMG I knew it CEW will bag the award and it's not just one but two! Congratulations sweet! I swear he is the next best thing in kdrama and I could not wait for his future projects. Gosh he deserves all the awards.' Yeah just like everyone, I am kinna sad for ISH not even a nominations she got. I hope for other awards she will be recognise soon. And about JWR (congrats for winning Star Awards, whatever that be!) and CEW sitting beside each other I guess it's the sitting arrangement but yeah I dont like seeing them together esp on special occasion such as this which should have been with ISH. Congrats again CEW!
  8. and if they get married hahaha we have saved a multi-verse hahaha....(this is what happened if we are terribly missing this awemazing drama and wonderful couple....) Hello everyone, been busy at work, but trust me in between I got to re-watch MIIGB, read many reviews, check on IG and twitter, watch bts on YT and a lot more, anything about MIIGB. I am so happy for ISH and CEW they are getting the deserved recognition, being on top of those many polling and awards poll. Our babies are getting more and more popular to our heart's delight. I hope ISH will have her next project too, she is one fine actress that Kdrama needs. CEW is everywhere, even now in NY for the IKON wow! just saw this in YT, gosh...CEW is so good in singing English...
  9. wow wow wow! @MyStarsthank you for making this thread alive and kicking. I have not been here for quiet sometimes now but trust me I have been stalking Actor Ji actively in IG and twitter. Going back, I love all the things you are writing here about our Actor Ji, especially his Military musical which is receiving so much love and praises, and of course your almost detailed review of Five Fingers. I love FF, it's compelling, moving, I always cried, i felt the angst of Wookie's character. I remember I am crying with the 3 of them, while watching a later episodes. It's a great acting vehicle for Wookie, it showcased his being a thespian. Anyway, i love this edit...love the smile of Wookie. I will be visiting here more often...btw Wookie in the military musical is something to be proud of. He has matured and his performance has richly improved. Proud fan here.
  10. oh em gee, I love how she projects in front of the camera. She is immensely beautiful. She is glowing inside and out. I hope to see her in another drama soon. Craving for this girl...hahaha
  11. OMG they are vacationing in my beautiful country whoa! But Cebu is like 1.5 hrs away from my place via air huhuhu been really contemplating to use my unused leaves at the office to have a vacay of my own as well. Gosh I really want to see them, even a glimpse of them... I am crazily stalking them hahaha. My weekend is spent in lurking here, watching their bts at YT, and of course re-watching again. Ep2 already and wow, so many beautiful things I am unearthing like how in the first eps DKS has this eye already for KMR (same gaze up until the last eps).
  12. hello everyone! So happy we are still here... Thank you for all the goodies, the interview trans @annie1234 yeah CEW is more matured than what we see him, he has grown up since he debuted in ASTRO. He actually is intellectual, he know how to put words, he is so polite and very responsible. That's why I love this guy very much. As well as ISH, gahh both of them are intelligent, smart and very sensitive and reasonable people. With regards to their pairing, in as much as I would like them into a relationship, (which is unlikely to happen yet), I really would like them to build their friendship that would be lasting. and when the time comes that they are both ready, I hope they will give their heart a chance hihihi...I only have one ship (Changmin couple), and if I will ship again it would be them DoRae. I have been replaying non-stop coz I missed them so much! Argh, my heart goes for this drama, my favourite this year.
  13. Just lurking here, I missed my beloved OTP! #becausethereislovetobelievein
  14. Hello OMG, i am here, I am an instant fan of this super lovely and pretty actress! I will be looking forward for her future projects, I hope she's got to be paired with those Hallyu stars and celebrities. She deserves it, she is a fantastic actress! Fighting ISH!
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