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  1. Hello ..Thai here :D

    Actually every number have a meaning for thai people and 9 is considering as a good luck number

    So I did some research on the internet and 99 flowers mean I will love you til I die 

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  2. 4 hours ago, dreadaeleonkvothe said:

    Does anyone know what they're saying? I was just curious is all ^_^


    I'm not sure if the last one has to do with the the other two since I don't know Thai :sweatingbullets: Actually I think he's responding to someone else lol


    Krist : your singing is so off-key but in a cute way 55555

    singto: This is such a shame of my life  #even my breath is off-key

    Krist: I'll will teach you tonight 5555


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  3. 8 hours ago, cadburygirl said:

    @franeb Did you happen to watch the video of these pics on Youtube (below)? Do you know what they were talking about? She? seems to be teasing them and they're so cute together. Krist actually kissed Singto. *dies* Thank you. <3 <3 <3


    Yep i have watched it . The interviewer is very famous in Thailand. It's quite hard to translate theirs conversation because they are playing a lot with thai words and kind of naughty jokes (which will be difficult to translate in English) ⊙﹏⊙ 

    Maybe when I'm not busy I'll translate some parts of the video.



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  4. I'll try to translate the most retwitted tweets from hashtag #ทีมพีรญา . Maybe you guys might curious what Thai fans are talking about .. right ?? 


    many discussions about uke and sema and from this video we have an answer by Krist ψ(`∇´)ψ

    Question: who do you THINK is seme or uke ?

    Krist: I'm probably the wife and you are the husband(Singto).

    Singto: woahhh.

    Krist: I'm very tsundere.


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  5. here the summary of the pink milk scene

    I did not rewatch the scene to translate so maybe it's not exactly this.

    so KP order minced pork omelette with rice while AT having Gapao ( chicken and basil stir fry) which is a spicy dish.

    AT : you order something kids would eat

    KP : that because I can't eat spicy

    then the waitress serve them their drinks (un)fortunately it's pink milk for AT -_-||

    KP : i didn't know you like pink milk

    AT: *try to deny and tell the waitress that it's not his drink but the waitress says AT order pink milk every time*

    AT was very embarrassing so he tease KP by give his Gapao rice with extra chillies to him before he leaves (´・_・`)

    But when KP asked for bills the waitress said AT already pay for them both ...(///▽///) what a cute tsundere senior lol 



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  6. 10 hours ago, lolalarue said:

    Can anyone tell me what Kong and the chubby gay senior were talking about at the photoshoot? I swear I heard him say Arthit's name. 


    I don't want to spoil this ... you should wait for eng sub butttt 

    spoil alert !! ヽ(`Д´)ノヽ(`Д´)ノ




    Arthit have a problem with teacher because of the girl who get sick on ep.2 .

    So ..... Arthit won't be the head of sotus team anymore  ( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)( ´_ゝ`)



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  7. HELLO~~ you can watch raw ep.3 on this website http://www.lakornhit.com/play/7917/Sotus-The-Series-พี่ว้ากตัวร้ายกับนายปีหนึ่ง-ep-3-วันที่-3-09-59.html


    2 hours ago, cadburygirl said:

    OMG!!!! I don't understand most of what he said except for "you like me" but the feeeeeeeelllllssss. *dies*



     //ok i will try to translate their dialogue 

    KP: I did nothing wrong .. but why did you punish me ?

    AT: What do you think then ?

    KP: I think ... you like me

    AT: .



         haa ? What did you say again ?

    KP: They say.. when you like someone you will find a way to tease them to get their attention ..and you like to tease(punish) me ..is that mean you are secretly in love with me ?

    AT: ... No ! i'm not !  *look at KP's friends*  What are you looking at !!?? Just go back already !

                                   *look at KP*   you too .

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  8. 23 hours ago, dreadaeleonkvothe said:

    Awee they're so cute x) I love looking through all the pictures of Krist and Singto :love: 

    Hey does anyone know what the actors' ship name is? Is it KristSingto or SingtoKrist? :huh:


    14 hours ago, lilymuuu said:


    Me too. Their skinships and them being touchy-feely. I always go through their pictures and videos eventhough i dont understand a thing. >_< 

    I dont know for sure but i think their ship name is KristSingto because there are a lot of fanpage with that name. ^_^


    actually their main ship name on twitter is #ทีมพีรญา (#teamperaya) Peraya is from Singto and Krist first name which are Prachaya (Singto) and Perawat (Krist) ;)


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    ok so i did some translate of an interview which Ngern will ask August question and August have to reply.
    I hope you guys will understand my English LOL.

    Ngern: What do you usually do before sleep?

    August: What kind of question is this !? usually before sleep i watch tv but if i'm not lazy I will do some push-up.

    Ngern: What sport do you like?

    August: tennis and snooker.

    Ngern: What do you like to do the most when you are at home ?

    August: Actually I don't like to stay home I prefer out door sport.
    I often go out to play tennis.

    Ngern: How about your favorite food?

    August: You ask this question because you want to cook for me ?
    i like rice with garlic chicken or basilic chicken+fried eggs.

    Ngern: Last question since we are friend what do you like about me?

    August: what do i like about you...? you are a good friend, extrovert, cute, kind to everyone ..
    Oh! and you are a gentleman.




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