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  1. LH shock face may because SN in great danger.. She cant be there.. She will punish to just being in there.. The door should not be open by anyone.. (somehow i wonder who got the absolute access.) But the intruder got there first . Means he/she also in the same room when Yoon announce he will open the door. By bet is on Nanny also.. The flower actually already fall when Yoon encounter the LH earlier.. Someone must have pick it up to frame LH up as he/she drop in even before strangulate Yoon.. LH will totally being accused. But now the flower in SN hand.. (however, this is my speculation, as i know how the writer able to twist the story 360')
  2. I just have to post my thought for tonight episode, or i will burst.. What an episode tonight. I usually didn't watch the episode until the substitle came out. But today is exception. Idont understand korean, but somehow i understand by body language. I'm not rooting for LH-SN ship.. But i also cant see any WB-SN in future.. As a wife myself, i just got a feeling, SN will somehow forgive LH. How bad your husband is, how cruel he is, but, if he show repentance and truely repent, her heart will accept/help him.. They may not being together, he may got his punishment, but he will have SN over his back to support him (if he alive).. Simple thought, its either WB or LH, one of the (or both) may die to save SN..
  3. Sunny really have courageous.. She initially want to retreat because of her family. The death of Ms Hong give her courage and determination to continue her revenge. Not for her, but for Empress So Hyun, grandmother dowager, Ms Hong, and even NaWang Shik's mother. I afraid of her family now.. But i think she knows she has support, she will use it to the fullest.. The princess Ari is really the turnover.. She really want Sunny to be her mother as she is the richest of all.. Now she still has the title of the empress, she has all the treasure..
  4. I just notice, in the scene where Ms. Hong serve Grandmother Empress Dowager Sunny dish, they do zoom in to the servant behind the Grandmother. It must be something. It may the servant know there is something wrong with the dish/dish has been put poison in it orthe dish isto pretty and yummy and the servant is hungry .
  5. I'm now more worried about the nanny.. She got the upper hand.. If the imperial family failed, she still got the prime minister.. She well full covered compared to MYR. I cant stop think the emperor is schizophrenic man.. He is in distress since child. He pressured to be the best in every aspect but beaten by his brother, Yoon who is carefree and brilliant. LH is the original crown prince, but the late emperor saw something in LH that he change the crown prince title to Yoon instead. I totally can see why, Yoon is compose, brilliant, and wise. Yoon know the empress dowager involve in the late empress death. He even giving hint to his mother in the hotel and threatened the emperor. he is in dilemma, he love his family but hate the corruption in the the family. Instead of standing tall , he is running away. He dont have enough evidence but sure he know alot. I think he will help Sunny. The man who WB chase, i think its him. Its grandmother empress dowager chamber. He missed his grandmother and want to see her. How grandmother killed is still in mystery.. It can be by the hair pin/ food. The food is prepaired by Sunny. Sunny will be accused as the killer either way. The bluish discolouration is the livor mortis. Means grandmother died in about 1-2 hours or more.
  6. Wow, what a thrilling episodes.. I love it when Sunny stand up right and face to face against the emperor.. She totally lost respect to the emperor as she called him with the name, Lee Hyuk, but not the title.. As far i know, in korean during the monarchy time, the korean people didn't allow to even say the emperor name (even a character of the name) in their daily conversation, thats why their name is short and sometime, they even hide their true name.. But seing Sunny said his name right in front his face, is satisfying for me.. Cant wait what more Sunny will reveal and show to public. I'm putting my trust in Sunny's word, she will strip down the emperor and she will go out of the palace head high. Somehow, i got the feeling, its not gonna be happy ending.
  7. The Nanny is like MYR. Both fighting for the same goal, to be the Empress for power and money. The previous empress was just like Sunny, being betrayed and killed (but Sunny will fight and win the war). In my opinion, the mummy they found is the late empress, as the autopsy done found she was pregnant with the twin. I think somehow the nanny making the scheme and frame the late empress as she was having affair with (presume) the prev guard who died also 7 years ago ( i cant remember his name) and said pregnant with other man instead, causing the crazy emperor LH went berserk. I just want to wait and see who killed the late empress. But i know for sure, even the emperor is angry/hate the late empress, she is the one in his heart.
  8. Hi, i have being silent reader until now.. Just to share my thought. I think Sunny will understand what Grandmother Empress tell her, "to be as wise as a fox and as powerful as a lion". I think, that what she will become in the future episodes. Just as side topic, you can listen to Lenka ; everything at once. All the idiom is there.
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