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  1. that's interesting but I think since the title is hell is other people. so this story tells how other people (boss, neighbors) they all stressing you and making you miserable.
  2. I'm sorry but I'm not too satisfied with siwan's acting here. maybe I'm way too compared his character with the webtoon. for example when he eats meat, thats like one of the interesting scene (in the webtoon the character really histerical) but siwan just sit and lee dong wook doing all the creepy job to make the scene interesting. also the stressing level of siwan's character didn't looked too intense. hope next episodes siwan's character will improved. but other casts really do a good job. sorry to say this.. and I'm also sad that lee hyun wook character died to soon. "Viewers are curious to find out why Seo Moon Jo is continuously observing Yoon Jong Woo. " I think this is because the dentist see the tempramental sides of jong woo and wanted to see how far he could become when he's under pressure. and I'm very curious about the army past, what's the story behind that.
  3. spoiler for webtoon ending, block the words : sad to tell you to that the ending in the webtoon exactly like you've said. he turns crazy and still thinks that one of the psychos he'd killed still alive.
  4. hi everyone.. I like park seo joon from the movies beauty's within, and kill me heal me. I think he is very hot, he makes every romance scene looks so hot. actually there's a guy near my house that looks like him, with the similar hair cut as well.
  5. eps 13 great ending with brian back and GG as new ceo but heartbreaking preview, I'm afraid for tonight eps.. curious for the ending, will barro surpassed unicon and where will tammy be? at barro or unicon?
  6. anyone know the game music's title? that song used at the end of eps 12 gives the dramatic effect to the scene, pyo joon soo even danced to it lol. I also like other instrumental music in the drama. I know pyo joon soo is a bad guy but I think he is funny, his scenes always refreshing and funny, the youtuber girl also gives fresh vibes.
  7. this is so interesting, cant wait.. the piano teacher and morgan is indeed very compatible, have a lot in common like you said in music and marriage, and their appearance itself also very compatible (both tall, handsome and pretty, young) dont get me wrong, I'm still rooting for tammy and morgan as a couple though.
  8. ji hwan (as the actor) in real life he's only 21 years old, 13 years younger than scarlett, its amazing seeing how the actress in this drama looks so young (tammy said this is a rude comment). I also like the scene where ost part 3 play as the background, when each of them are alone (in the train etc).
  9. agree ladies.. this is also another daebak episode, the story is so developing and each scenes are very interesting. also the actor's dog is so cute so the unicon's confrences, ga gyeong's purpose is to make tammy or the blue house scandal to be the trending? and how that will make her disappear? sure she wants to make unicon's up again (seeing how barro's catching up) and give problems to barro but to make brian resigns.. anyway, when they're watching movies, when GG said to her husband you can date anyone else, I was kind of hope that GG's husband would answer I only want to date you to create romance scene between them lol.
  10. my reaction after watching eps 8 is the same as scarlett when she is watching her drama, "daebak, this drama is so much fun" from morgan's new style and how tammy's reaction to that, barro's sticker, no one comes to the ceo's dinner, ga gyeong and her husband, the affairs guy and how they solve the problem, really having fun watching all of it. hope this drama would be more popular. I also understand very well about tammy, she is not being in power or toying with morgan, her purpose and morgan's very different, she didn't want morgan to waste his time with her while he is in the right time to pursuing his purpose which is married but on the other hands they are very attracted to each other, in terms of physical, enjoying each other's company, keep thinking of each other and missing each other a lot. its kind of relatable with people's nowadays where there are some people chose not to married. I also don't understand about fish tank, thought I was the only one. about the preview, its sad hearing ga gyeong keep saying she wants to dissappear.
  11. thanks! I also love this song. haven't found the english translation to this song's lyrics though, curious what the song's meanings yeah I also think this drama is a bit american-drama-ish where the other supporting characters also have their own interesting stories, great fashion tammy is so straightforward lol
  12. actually I already feel sad everytime I saw SJK's pic attending wedding alone and they never uploaded picture together, so sad when this really happening I feel aches, I hope her to move on happily, happy with works and surrounded by friends and family who love her, and I hope people would not too judging and not hurt them more..
  13. Hi, this drama is my new addiction since Encounter ended, I think it also has quite the same tone colour as Encounter. Btw to me this drama is like a whole package, great and interesting characters, nice cinematography, interesting stories, its not boring and predictable, the romance also always heart fluttering (romance between adults who are in the age for getting married) I really love that they take it slow with the romance but the guy's so passionate to the female), all the casts seems to have good chemistry. and also, ahjussi lee sun kyun's wife is so pretty, I dont know her so I googled, turns out she is lee sun kyun's wife, at first I thought she looks like gong hyo jin. and isn't brian is the dream boss? and barro is the dream office (maybe a bit similar with google's office)? I also love the ost, the jazzy korean song and the instrumental song
  14. I come here because of the drama ost, I especially love the ost with lyrics seasons they change.. cant wait for the official ost about age, I remember ji ho mention he's got in college at 2004. and I think han ji min's hair bangs very pretty
  15. so lee dong wook is not the psycho neighbour's role (lee hyun wook took the role), actually the room 302 guy is like the role lead so I think lee dong wook would play the role but maybe that's too risky for a big star like him. but who knows what's his character, since the dentist is not in the webtoon. @Friendly kitty I haven't read until the background part, its not yet revealed, but I think no child abuse because the psycho guy's mother (the building's owner) also a psycho, they killed people together.
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